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Winkie Pratney Quote: “Every Christian a missionary; every non-Christian a mission-field.”

Winkie Pratney Quote: “Those that God used in the past were just ordinary people with an extraordinary Master. They were not all champions of great faith, but little people who saw their own need, and put their small faith in a great God.”

Winkie Pratney Quote: “God does not guide those who want to run their own life. He only guides those who admit their need of His direction and rely on His wisdom.”

Winkie Pratney Quote: “Many do not recognize the call of God simply because they have never taken the time to really talk with Him long enough to know what He is like.”

Winkie Pratney Quote: “A clear conscience is absolutely essential for distinguishing between the voice of God and the voice of the enemy. Unconfessed sin is a prime reason why many do not know God’s will.”

Winkie Pratney Quote: “God has guarded His Word so that only the pure in heart can see its secrets. All other efforts will fail.”

Winkie Pratney Quote: “God can use the jawbone of an ass!”

Winkie Pratney Quote: “Many say they can’t get God’s guidance, when they really mean they wish He would show them an easier way.”

Winkie Pratney Quote: “Faith is a record of great risks taken.”

Winkie Pratney Quote: “No matter how high the powers of reason, no matter how deep the intellect, no one can discover God’s secret messages without paying the cost of true discipleship.”

Winkie Pratney Quote: “Revival brings back a holy shock to apathy and carelessness.”
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