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Top 500 Yuval Noah Harari Quotes (2022 Update)
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Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “A good rule of thumb is ‘Biology enables, culture forbids.’ Biology is willing to tolerate a very wide spectrum of possibilities. It’s culture that obliges people to realise some possibilities while forbidding others.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The Scientific Revolution has not been a revolution of knowledge. It has been above all a revolution of ignorance. The great discovery that launched the Scientific Revolution was the discovery that humans do not know the answers to their most important questions. Premodern.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Silence isn’t neutrality; it is supporting the status-quo.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “In the twenty-first century our personal data is probably the most valuable resource most humans still have to offer, and we are giving it to the tech giants in exchange for email services and funny cat videos. From.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The Salviati World Map, 1525.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Social cooperation is our key for survival and reproduction.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The Buddha taught that the three basic realities of the universe are that everything is constantly changing, nothing has any enduring essence, and nothing is completely satisfying. You can explore the furthest reaches of the galaxy, of your body, or of your mind, but you will never encounter something that does not change, that has an eternal essence, and that completely satisfies you.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Cowry shells and dollars have value only in our common imagination. Their worth is not inherent in the chemical structure of the shells and paper, or their colour, or their shape. In other words, money isn’t a material reality – it is a psychological construct. It works by converting matter into mind.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Ever since the Cognitive Revolution, there hasn’t been a single natural way of life for Sapiens. There are only cultural choices, from among a bewildering palette of possibilities.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Humans vote with their feet.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Why is English so widespread today, and not Danish?”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “History isn’t a single narrative, but thousands of alternative narratives. Whenever we choose to tell one, we are also choosing to silence others. Human.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “A priest is not somebody who knows how to perform the rain dance and end the drought. A priest is somebody who knows how to justify why the rain dance failed, and why we must keep believing in our god even though he seems deaf to all our prayers.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Unlike the everlasting soul, the mind has many parts, it constantly changes, and there is no reason to think it is eternal.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “We study history not to know the future but to widen our horizons, to understand that our present situation is neither natural nor inevitable, and that we consequently have many more possibilities before us than we imagine.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Intelligence is the ability to solve problems. Consciousness is the ability to feel things such as pain, joy, love, and anger. We tend to confuse the two because in humans and other mammals intelligence goes hand in hand with consciousness. Mammals solve most problems by feeling things. Computers, however, solve problems in a very different way.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “In the long run, algorithms may learn how to compose entire tunes, playing on human emotions as if they were a piano keyboard. Using your biometric data, the algorithms could even produce personalized melodies, which you alone in the entire universe would appreciate.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Hierarchies serve an important function. They enable complete strangers to know how to treat one another without wasting the time and energy needed to become personally acquainted.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Justice demands not just a set of abstract values, but also an understanding of concrete cause-and-effect relations.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Sapiens can cooperate in extremely flexible ways with countless numbers of strangers. That’s why Sapiens rule the world, whereas ants eat our leftovers and chimps are locked up in zoos and research laboratories.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Philosophers are very patient people, but engineers are far less patient, and investors are the least patient of all.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Just as when two clashing musical notes played together force a piece of music forward, so discord in our thoughts, ideas and values compel us to think, re-evaluate and criticise. Consistency is the playground of dull minds.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The danger is that if we invest too much in developing AI and too little in developing human consciousness, the very sophisticated artificial intelligence of computers might only serve to empower the natural stupidity of humans.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “If the future of humanity is decided in your absence, because you are too busy feeding and clothing your kids, you and they will not be exempt from the consequences.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Unlike nuclear war – which is a future potential – climate change is a present reality.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “We did not domesticate wheat. It domesticated us.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “But the most important finding of all is that happiness does not really depend on objective conditions of either wealth, health or even community. Rather, it depends on the correlation between objective conditions and subjective expectations.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “First, if you want reliable information, pay good money for it. If you get your news for free, you might well be the product.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “In the past, censorship worked by blocking the flow of information. In the 21st century, censorship works by flooding people with irrelevant information. People just don’t know what to pay attention to, and they often spend their time investigating and debating side issues.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “At present, people are happy to give away their most valuable asset – their personal data – in exchange for free email services and funny cat videos. It’s a bit like African and Native American tribes who unwittingly sold entire countries to European imperialists in exchange for colorful beads and cheap trinkets.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Diogenes, the Greek philosopher who founded the Cynical school, lived in a barrel. When Alexander the Great once visited Diogenes as he was relaxing in the sun, and asked if there were anything he might do for him, the Cynic answered the all-powerful conqueror, ‘Yes, there is something you can do for me. Please move a little to the side. You are blocking the sunlight.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “You may not agree with the idea that organisms are algorithms, and that giraffes, tomatoes and human beings are just different methods for processing data. But you should know that this is current scientific dogma, and it is changing our world beyond recognition.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Which means that when designing their self-driving car, Toyota or Tesla will be transforming a theoretical problem in the philosophy of ethics into a practical problem of engineering.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “By 2050, not only the idea of a job for life but even that of a profession for life might seem antediluvian.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Yet since these triumphs actually result from mass cooperation, it is far less clear why they should make us revere individual humans.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The heated debates about Homo sapiens’ ‘natural way of life’ miss the main point. Ever since the Cognitive Revolution, there hasn’t been a single natural way of life for Sapiens. There are only cultural choices, from among a bewildering palette of possibilities.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The Cognitive Revolution is accordingly the point when history declared its independence from biology.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “For centuries humanism has been convincing us that we are the ultimate source of meaning, and that our free will is therefore the highest authority of all.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Each of these three problems – nuclear war, ecological collapse, and technological disruption – is enough to threaten the future of human civilization. But taken together, they add up to an unprecedented existential crisis, especially because they are likely to reinforce and compound one another.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Consequently, despite the appearance of many new human jobs, we might nevertheless witness the rise of a new useless class. We might actually get the worst of both worlds, suffering simultaneously from high unemployment and a shortage of skilled labor. Many people might share the fate not of nineteenth-century wagon drivers, who switched to driving taxis, but of nineteenth-century horses, who were increasingly pushed out of the job market altogether.15.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Consequently, people live ever more lonely lives in an ever more connected planet. Many of the social and political disruptions of our time can be traced back to this malaise.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Technology has changed everything by creating a set of global existential threats that no nation can solve on its own.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “We do not become satisfied by leading a peaceful and prosperous existence. Rather, we become satisfied when reality matches our expectations. The bad news is that as conditions improve, expectations balloon.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Large numbers of strangers can cooperate successfully by believing in common myths. Any large-scale human cooperation – whether a modern state, a medieval church, an ancient city or an archaic tribe – is rooted in common myths that exist only in people’s collective imagination.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “No investigation of our divine future can ignore our own animal past, or our relations with other animals – because the relationship between humans and animals is the best model we have for future relations between superhumans and humans. You.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Modern-day science is a unique tradition of knowledge, inasmuch as it openly admits collective ignorance regarding the most important questions.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Patriarchy has been the norm in almost all agricultural and industrial societies. It has tenaciously weathered political upheavals, social revolutions and economic transformations.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Religion can thus be defined as a system of human norms and values that is founded on a belief in a superhuman order.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Successful cultures are those that excel in reproducing their memes, irrespective of the costs and benefits to their human hosts.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Like the elite of ancient Egypt, most people in most cultures dedicate their lives to building pyramids. Only the names, shapes and sizes of these pyramids change from one culture to the other.”
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