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Top 500 Yuval Noah Harari Quotes (2022 Update)
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Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Russia has been following the schoolyard-bully principle: pick on the weakest kid, and don’t beat him up too much, lest the teacher intervene.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Alamogordo, 16 July 1945, 05:29:53. Eight seconds after the first atomic bomb was detonated. The nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer, upon seeing the explosion, quoted from the Bhagavad Gita: ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “In truth, so far modern medicine hasn’t extended our natural life span by a single year. Its great achievement has been to save us from premature death, and allow us to enjoy the full measure of our years.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Would the book of Genesis have declared that Neanderthals descend from Adam and Eve, would Jesus have died for the sins of the Denisovans, and would the Qur’an have reserved seats in heaven for all righteous humans, whatever their species?”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Famine, plague and war will probably continue to claim millions of victims in the coming decades. Yet they are no longer unavoidable tragedies beyond the understanding and control of a helpless humanity.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The earth of a hundred millennia ago was walked by at least six different species of man. It’s.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Does happiness really depend on self-delusion?”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Were the Australian extinction an isolated event, we could grant humans the benefit of the doubt. But the historical record makes Homo sapiens look like an ecological serial killer.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Of all human collective activities, the one most difficult to organise is violence.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The average person in Jericho of 8500 BC lived a harder life than the average person in Jericho of 9500 BC or 13,000 BC. But nobody realised what was happening. Every generation continued to live like the previous generation, making only small improvements here and there in the way things were done. Paradoxically, a series of ‘improvements’, each of which was meant to make life easier, added up to a millstone around the necks of these farmers.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The scientist who says her life is meaningful because she increases the store of human knowledge, the soldier who declares that his life is meaningful because he fights to defend his homeland, and the entrepreneur who finds meaning in building a new company are no less delusional than their medieval counterparts who found meaning in reading scriptures, going on a crusade or building a new cathedral.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “We might actually get the worst of both worlds, suffering simultaneously from high unemployment and a shortage of skilled labor.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Each year the US population spends more money on diets than the amount needed to feed all the hungry people in the rest of the world.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The big question facing humans isn’t “what is the meaning of life?” but rather “how do we stop suffering?”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The only sure way to stop global warming is to stop economic growth, which no government is willing to do.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “And what is ‘sensitivity’? It means two things. Firstly, paying attention to my sensations, emotions and thoughts. Secondly, allowing these sensations, emotions and thoughts to influence me.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Starving children have no liberties.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The Christian saints did not merely resemble the old polytheistic gods. Often they were these very same gods in disguise. For example, the chief goddess of Celtic Ireland prior to the coming of Christianity was Brigid. When Ireland was Christianised, Brigid too was baptised. She became St Brigit, who to this day is the most revered saint in Catholic Ireland. The.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “This is all the fault of evolution. For countless generations our biochemical system adapted to increasing our chances of survival and reproduction, not our happiness. The.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “We therefore have a good chance of overcoming the problem of resource scarcity. The real nemesis of the modern economy is ecological collapse. Both scientific progress and economic growth take place within a brittle biosphere, and as they gather steam, so the shock waves destabilise the ecology. In.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “The first step is to tone down the prophecies of doom, and switch from panic mode to bewilderment. Panic is a form of hubris. It comes from the smug feeling that I know exactly where the world is heading – down. Bewilderment is more humble, and therefore more clear-sighted. If you feel like running down the street crying ‘The apocalypse is upon us!’, try telling yourself ‘No, it’s not that. Truth is, I just don’t understand what’s going on in the world.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Homo sapiens is just not built for satisfaction. Human happiness depends less on objective conditions and more on our own expectations.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “A Christian may be a capitalist as easily as a socialist, and even though a few things Jesus said smack of downright communism, during the Cold War good American capitalists went on reading the Sermon on the Mount without taking much notice.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “If you want power, at some point you will have to spread fictions. If you want to know the truth about the world, at some point you will have to renounce power.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Do we enter the immigration debate with the assumption that all cultures are inherently equal, or do we think that some cultures might well be superior to others?”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Teachers allowed themselves to focus on shoving data while encouraging pupils ‘to think for themselves’. Due to their fear of authoritarianism, liberal schools had a particular horror of grand narratives. They assumed that as long as we give students lots of data and a modicum of freedom, the students will create their own picture of the world.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Merchants, conquerors and prophets were the first people who managed to transcend the binary evolutionary division, ‘us vs them’, and to foresee the potential unity of humankind.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “At the end of the Middle Ages, slavery was almost unknown in Christian Europe. During the early modern period, the rise of European capitalism went hand in hand with the rise of the Atlantic slave trade.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Donald Trump warned voters that the Mexicans and Chinese would take their jobs, and that they should therefore build a wall on the Mexican border.4 He never warned voters that algorithms would take their jobs, nor did he suggest building a firewall on the border with California.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “We need a new global identity because national institutions are incapable of handling a set of unprecedented global predicaments. We now have a global ecology, a global economy, and a global science – but we are still stuck with only national politics.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “So far, many of these giants seem to have adopted the business model of “attention merchants.”2 They capture our attention by providing us with free information, services, and entertainment, and they then resell our attention to advertisers.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “So why study history? Unlike physics or economics, history is not a means for making accurate predictions. We study history not to know the future but to widen our horizons, to understand that our present situation is neither natural nor inevitable, and that we consequently have many more possibilities before us than we can imagine.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Today, the society called New Zealand is composed of 4.5 million Sapiens and 50 million sheep.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “What is happening right now? What are today’s greatest challenges and most important choices? What should we pay attention to? What should we teach our kids?”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “We cannot search for the truth and for the way out of suffering without the freedom to think, investigate, and experiment.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “As Nietzsche put it, if you have a why to live, you can bear almost any how. A meaningful life can be extremely satisfying even in the midst of hardship, whereas a meaningless life is a terrible ordeal no matter how comfortable it is.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Terrorists are like a fly that tries to destroy a china shop. The fly is so weak that it cannot budge even a single teacup. So it finds a bull, gets inside its ear and starts buzzing.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “According to the Buddha, then, life has no meaning, and people don’t need to create any meaning. They just need to realise that there is no meaning, and thus be liberated from the suffering caused by our attachments and our identification with empty phenomena.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Archaic humans paid for their large brains in two ways. Firstly, they spent more time in search of food. Secondly, their muscles atrophied. Like a government diverting money from defence to education, humans diverted energy from biceps to neurons. It’s hardly a foregone conclusion that this is a good strategy for survival on the savannah. A chimpanzee can’t win an argument with a Homo sapiens, but the ape can rip the man apart like a rag doll.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Another possibility is that competition for resources flared up into violence and genocide. Tolerance is not a Sapiens trademark. In modern times, a small difference in skin colour, dialect or religion has been enough to prompt one group of Sapiens to set about exterminating another group. Would.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “A pirate who loots a Spanish treasure fleet and buries a chest full of glittering coins on the beach of some Caribbean island is not a capitalist.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “If this generation lacks a comprehensive view of the cosmos, the future of life will be decided at random.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “More Christians were killed by fellow Christians in those twenty-four hours than by the polytheistic Roman Empire throughout its entire existence.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Scholars throughout history have faced this dilemma: Do they serve power or truth? Should they aim to unite people by making sure everyone believes in the same story, or should they let people know the truth even at the price of disunity? The most powerful scholarly establishments – whether of Christian priests, Confucian mandarins, or Communist ideologues – placed unity above truth. That’s why they were so powerful.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Obesity is a double victory for consumerism. Instead of eating little, which will lead to economic contraction, people eat too much and then buy diet products – contributing to economic growth twice over.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Yet in truth the lives of most people have meaning only within the network of stories they tell one another.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Today many associate nationalism with anti-liberal forces, but at least during the nineteenth century nationalism was closely aligned with liberalism.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “Notwithstanding the danger of mass unemployment, what we should worry about even more is the shift in authority from humans to algorithms, which might destroy any remaining faith in the liberal story and open the way to the rise of digital dictatorships.”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “What do you do when nobody needs your cheap unskilled laborers and you don’t have the resources to build a good education system and teach them new skills?”
Yuval Noah Harari Quote: “It therefore makes absolutely no sense to credit Judaism and its Christian and Muslim offspring with the creation of human morality.”
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