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Z.A. Maxfield Quotes

Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “Tristan stuck his head around a corner and grinned. “But my parts? Wish you would get your parts in here. I have a can of whipped cream, and I’m not afraid to use it!”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “I could lose my uterus and appendix today and miss my appendix more.” – Kate.”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “Are you gay?” asked Michael with a sigh. “Is that your truth?” “Mmmhmm,” Tristan said into the night. “Yep. Totally gay. And I’m apparently a chick too, because here we are, talking instead of screwing.”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “My home has been your heart since the day I met you.”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “Make a memory with me so that when you’re half a world away I still feel it.”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “Rory is one part John the Baptist, one part John Holmes the porn star, and one part Elmo from Sesame Street.”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “But first, I want the pleasure of telling you that you are fired. I fire you. I fire you and all your relatives. I fire your ancestors and your descendants. I fire the very air you breathe and the ground you walk upon.”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “Damn straight” said Connor. ” So yeah, I look at you and I could suck start a leaf blower, or drill a Kevin-shaped body hole into the wall, like a cartoon.”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “But so far he’s stayed so deep in the closet, they’re going to crown him king of Narnia.”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “Experimenting with touch, he found he barely had to ripple a light fingertip over his sleeping lover, and Tristan would move, twisting until he was melted into Michael’s embrace. Stroking Tristan’s cheek got Michael a sleepy kiss. Touching Tristan’s back or sliding a hand down his spine earned Michael the satisfying squeeze of arms around him. And squeezing Tristan’s ass got him a fully awake and erect boy-toy looking for love.”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “Kelly closed his eyes and began to bargain with God.”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “I liked laughing, I found out, and music. I liked nice people, getting up early, and working hard. I liked simple pleasures, like my toes in the sand and someone to kiss.”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “We all suffer disappointments. Our job as Christians is to love one another and that includes people who disappoint us.”
Z.A. Maxfield Quote: “The stranger whipped around to face him, his long black hair flying in a whirlwind around his shoulder. The man had a temper, but he was beautiful. Nothing Rory said could have done him justice. He walked like a prince and dressed – well – like an artist.”
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