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Zach Condon Quotes

Zach Condon Quote: “I think that sonically, music speaks volumes more than words do, and I have always thought that and will continue to think that for the rest of my life.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I’m not an amazing trumpet player. It’s mostly smoke and mirrors. You shake the trumpet and it starts to vibrate in a ridiculous drunken way, or you flop notes at the right time and you don’t have to play stuff that would take seven years to learn.”
Zach Condon Quote: “You always know when a real inspiration is behind the melody, arrangements, even lyrics. And I know that’s really vague, but it’s true.”
Zach Condon Quote: “It was funny to just take a backseat and be like, ‘Wow, I might be in this crazy place, but maybe I don’t need to understand everything, maybe I don’t need to be someone else.’”
Zach Condon Quote: “I’m very flash and burn – the first thing that comes to mind is obviously the best idea, and that’s because it should come out of a natural place, and if you don’t do that then you’re writing someone else’s music, not your own.”
Zach Condon Quote: “The more I know, the more I realise I don’t know. And the more I realise I’ll never truly understand.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I think, if I had my choice, I would spend all my time in the studio writing, and creating music.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I feel like I’ve met most people I look up to musically. I just want to meet Chef.”
Zach Condon Quote: “Often when I find myself listening to music, at least 60 to 70% of it is foreign, so I don’t understand a word of it. Melody to me will always be a million times more important than words.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I tend to hear rhythm and melody, chord-progressions, long before I hear words.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I’d been living out of a suitcase since I was 17 years old, and it just got to the point where it was ridiculous. Besides, it was really hurting everything I was trying to do in music; to feel so consistently homeless was no way to endure touring and stress.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I spent my entire life working with the smallest budget I could get. Just working with old, junky, donated equipment. The only things I bought myself were the trumpet and the $9 ukulele.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I was a very good student until about sophomore year, and that’s when I just became so disillusioned with the whole thing that I just became an awful student. I was still making good grades. But I was cutting class three days a week and faking papers that I got off the internet.”
Zach Condon Quote: “It’s a natural tendency of mine to not even listen to lyrics.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I dropped out of high school and I tried to go to community college for a little while. I can’t be a student. I always hated that lifestyle.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I love the community and the entertainment too much. I’m used to it – it’s what I saw first.”
Zach Condon Quote: “As a teenager and a young adult, I never felt like my own story was interesting enough to tell, so I always wrote lyrics from someone else’s perspective – told someone else’s story.”
Zach Condon Quote: “In the age of the mp3, you gotta make the package special, something that’s worth owning.”
Zach Condon Quote: “There is a beauty to touring – to be honest, there’s a way that music connects and you really feel the actual reaction of people to the music that you’re making, and I feel like if I didn’t do that I just wouldn’t know, and I don’t think my music would be the same.”
Zach Condon Quote: “After so many years of whispery, DIY vocals, there’s this new generation of voices that are really starting to burst through the seams.”
Zach Condon Quote: “Raucous drunken trumpets and instrumentation tend to guide the way you think. They can give you a path to follow lyrically.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I could probably spend the next five years reworking an album from ten years ago, if given the chance, to make it better – make it best, so to speak.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I think that within the world of music that we work in, which is so not perfect, I think that you really do have to learn to accept your own mistakes as part of the beauty of music itself.”
Zach Condon Quote: “As much as I try to grow as a lyricist, I tend to laugh at even calling myself that, because I think that my actual talents lie more in arrangements than they do words.”
Zach Condon Quote: “My dad is obsessed with music, so I was raised around this guitar player that really wanted me to be a guitar player.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I want a song that raises the hair on the back of my neck when I sing it live and I want to feel it every time.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I think I spent more time on the mellotron than on any other instrument in the studio, and it got to the point where I was like, “Well, you can’t write an entire album on this instrument.” But maybe I would!”
Zach Condon Quote: “I’m swept along by larger forces out of my control.”
Zach Condon Quote: “When a city is unstimulating, you get pretty isolated.”
Zach Condon Quote: “In some ways, I feel like I’ve been such a dilettante for so many years, just picking up instruments and stretching myself so thin.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I like to think that location, travel, etc, is a launching point for purely imagining.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I just reached the point where I realised, I need to stop repeating myself if I’m ever actually going to enjoy the music I’m creating.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I do feel like my music, in some weird way, is probably better suited for cinema than for anything else – I can’t really explain, other than I think that music has been mostly inspired often by soundtracks.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I think it’s become much harder because I’m more afraid of every step I take. I’m more aware of its ramifications, I’m more aware of the less creative aspects of music – like the business-side of things for example.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I put myself in the studio and I really made sure to say, ‘Well, if I would normally reach for a trumpet, why don’t I reach for the next nearest instrument instead?’”
Zach Condon Quote: “I think that there’s a proliferation of music that is done entirely in the bedroom for an Internet audience, but there’s no way in hell that you could actually kill off a live show, and its importance in the creation of music – it’s just impossible.”
Zach Condon Quote: “I try to shut my brain down as much as possible. And let the melodies flow, if possible.”
Zach Condon Quote: “My thought with harmonies and melodies in general, is that if it doesn’t come right away then it’s never going to come at all.”
Zach Condon Quote: “When I came back to America, I realized that world music is no joke, it really has a lot to it.”
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