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Zak Bagans Quotes

Zak Bagans Quote: “The darkest time of anyone’s life is knowing you have a purpose, but not knowing what that purpose is.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “Talking to spirits is how you free them. Listening to them is how you help them crossover.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “My adventures are a constant struggle between fear and courage.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “Believing in demons is an admission that there are servants of hell and forces of darkness out there. Evil challenges our core beliefs in religion and forces people to admit there is not just a heaven and hell, but a judgment day and an almighty power that chooses which one we go to.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “The tricky part about EMF, though, is its interaction with the human brain. Electromagnetic fields affect our perception, as does infrasound and seismic activity.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “The road is a lonely, exhausting, invigorating, and living thing, but the wonder of seeing things we never would have dreamed of makes it worth the price we pay to leave the safety of home.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “We come here and communicate with the history. The history is not dead. The history is still alive in another form.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “Some would say this is pseudoscience, but I want to challenge that assertion. Why can’t the body be relied upon as a detector? Why is it so easy to dismiss goose bumps and chills as a product of the mind? Why do we discount the feeling that someone is watching us as the mind playing tricks on us?”
Zak Bagans Quote: “The solemn rite of exorcism that he sensed is no joke. It’s the highest level of antidemonic incantation in the Catholic Church and is reserved for only the worst of the worst demonic entities. It’s used only when a full possession has occurred and a place needs to be completely cleansed.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “Paranormal activity cannot be replicated in a laboratory environment and therefore cannot be studied as closely as a natural science, like chemistry or biology. So the inability to replicate the phenomena makes verification and categorization of paranormal events very difficult and erodes the credibility of the science. After all, if we could summon spirits of the departed consistently and reliably in order to study them, there would be a whole new market in trans-dimensional communications.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “For many people this is an uncomfortable topic. To believe in heaven you also have to accept the concept of hell and to believe in guardian angels, you have to accept the notion of nefarious demons as well. You really can’t believe in one without the other.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “Electromagnetism is defined as one of the four fundamental interactions of particles in nature. The other three are gravity, the strong interaction, and the weak interaction – also known as the strong and weak nuclear forces.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “We humans are explorers and pioneers, and we find our inner strength when the end state is the absolute unknown.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “Does the sanity of a person matter after death? If you were mentally ill in life, are you still mentally ill in death?”
Zak Bagans Quote: “I believe everything happens for a reason, but I don’t know how to interpret moments like these.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “The core of traditional science’s derision of the paranormal field is that it’s filled with amateurs armed only with off-the-shelf equipment who do not adhere to the “scientific method” of research, which has been shaped and reshaped over the course of human history.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “We can’t identify patterns and correlations. There’s no consortium on the findings. There’s no great library of paranormal evidence.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “The skeptic community doesn’t take the time to develop theories or take action to disprove the existence of spirits. They choose a passive approach of disbelief instead of scientific inquiry, which I would like to see change.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “According to the Catholic Church, an entity is either a demon or a human spirit, but not both. A human spirit cannot possess a living human. Demons are actually fallen angels with intelligence. At one time they were good, but for some reason they were sent back to Earth and turned dark. Demonic entities are not limited in their intensity, either. They don’t have special powers, but do not have to rest like we do either.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “Fallen angels, or demons, are able to “demonically possess” individuals without the victim’s knowledge or consent, so they are not responsible for their actions while being possessed. Possession can last for as little as a few minutes or as long as several months.”
Zak Bagans Quote: “It’s not in keeping with the scientific model to investigate a purportedly haunted location with the intent to prove that ghosts exist. The paranormal researcher should remain neutral and unbiased throughout the investigation and let the data prove a definitive conclusion, whether that’s the one they wanted or not. They should walk into an investigation thinking, “I will document what happens and then examine the data for conclusions.”
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