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Zen Cho Quotes

Zen Cho Quote: “It is a mother’s duty to teach her daughters about the uses of blood, particularly a magical daughter.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Shameless, impudent, meddling females, who presumed to set at naught the Society’s prohibition on women’s magic, and duped the common people with their potions and cantrips!”
Zen Cho Quote: “Love was like swallowing a cili padi whole.”
Zen Cho Quote: “You can’t ever tell people you think you are pretty. Even if you are pretty you have to flutter and be modest. Fortunately here nobody thinks I am pretty, so my thinking I am pretty is almost an act of defiance; it makes me feel quite noble.”
Zen Cho Quote: “I shall lay the path for you. There is no reason you should run into any trouble, provided you are sensible.” “It sounds perfectly straightforward,” said Sakti, who had never been sensible in her life.”
Zen Cho Quote: “It looked like all forest spirits – tall, pointy ears, big smile. It didn’t look male or female. Forest spirits don’t have this concept. They say male or female has no meaning. They don’t like to follow rules. Like I said, they are very lazy.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Rebirth entailed a true death, the severing of one’s memory and the loss of one’s self.”
Zen Cho Quote: “But a woman should not marry where there is no respect. Respect is the most important thing.”
Zen Cho Quote: “I felt like a fox backed into a corner, with the yelping of the hounds coming closer.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Siew Tsin had not given much thought to what happened in the afterlife until the afterlife happened to her.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Her opinion is that she did not struggle her way to the august age of forty-three only to have the dignity accorded to her years snatched away from her.”
Zen Cho Quote: “A female may be poor or delicate or a spinster, but it does seem ill-advised of Miss Liddiard to combine all three.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Whether I’m a good wife doesn’t have anything to do with what he was like.”
Zen Cho Quote: “He was a typical specimen of the younger son in avid pursuit of mediocrity with which the Theurgist’s teemed:.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Why, all the greatest magic comes down to blood,” said Mak Genggang. “And who knows blood better than a woman?”
Zen Cho Quote: “He would gaze at her with intrigued longan seed eyes.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Affection there had always been between them, whatever their disagreements – and there had been more of these than Zacharias had permitted Sir Stephen to know.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Resignation to unhappiness didn’t come naturally – she had to learn it.”
Zen Cho Quote: “What are acquaintance for, if not to supply the pleasures of gossip?”
Zen Cho Quote: “It was not a world Siew Tsin would have chosen to live in. But she did not want to be reborn, either, anymore than Junsheng did, anymore than all the other spirits showering gold and favours on hell officials so that they could stay where they were. Rebirth entailed a true death, the severing of one’s memory and the loss of one’s self.”
Zen Cho Quote: “She had still had the loved child’s belief that it would not be allowed for anything too bad to happen to her.”
Zen Cho Quote: “I might go anywhere and do any magic I pleased if I were Peter, not Prunella.”
Zen Cho Quote: “What a mother hen I am become!” he said soberly. “If I were my old self I should not start at every shadow, and be alarmed when you stumble, but one’s anxiety rises in proportion to one’s incapacity to do anything about it.”
Zen Cho Quote: “I should advise you not to stop there, but set fire to his house, too, and sell his children to pirates. That is the only way he will learn.”
Zen Cho Quote: “The aunts’ conception of the right to privacy went far enough to allow you to close the toilet door when you were peeing, but no further.”
Zen Cho Quote: “The tabloids wanted to know whether the dragon was receiving benefits. The gossip magazines claimed to have found a woman who was bearing the dragon’s baby. The fashion magazines did spreads on draconian style. This apparently consisted of gaunt models with sunken eyes, swathed in clouds of chiffon and arranged in awkwardly erotic positions on piles of gold coins.”
Zen Cho Quote: “The first time she saw the boy across the classroom, Ah Lee knew she was in love because she tasted durian on her tongue.”
Zen Cho Quote: “I am reading a terrible sententious book called The Wedding of Herbert Mimnaugh. Firstly, what sort of a name is Herbert and why would a parent with any trace of natural affection wish to afflict their child with such a name? Herbert’s parents do not feature prominently in the book when this choice alone makes it obvious that they are the most interesting people in it.”
Zen Cho Quote: “She has a passionate hunger for youth.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Since the decision to become a parent is invariably self-interested, it is my belief that a parent’s obligation is to the child, and the child’s obligation is to itself.”
Zen Cho Quote: “But that was the trouble with children, Sir Stephen reflected. They were confoundedly liable to pattern themselves upon one’s conduct, when one would rather they simply did what they were told.”
Zen Cho Quote: “For a celebrity he has an awful excess of sensibility, and is very anxious about one’s opinion of him. Perhaps it comes of being an artist.”
Zen Cho Quote: “The statement brought up the old anger and confusion, followed by the accustomed guilt, that he should be so ungrateful as to resent the man who had rescued him from bondage. And yet he did resent Sir Stephen, even now.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Zacharias’s study bore the marks of his predecessors, whose taste had run decidedly stoicheiotical. They had had a fondness for skulls with burning lights in their eye sockets, crystal balls in which mysterious shapes came and went, and dark velvet window curtains traced with obscure runes.”
Zen Cho Quote: “This time, let us hope you will get to be old,” she said. “It is a great suffering to know youth only.”
Zen Cho Quote: “She flung the door open with a flourish, revealing a scene of utter pandemonium.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Prunella took to the ballrooms of London in the spirit of ruthless calculation of a general entering a battlefield.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Zacharias, my dear, I do not believe I am misled by partiality when I say you are impossible to miss in this room,” said Lady Wythe.”
Zen Cho Quote: “My dear young lady!” This manner of address would have seemed impertinent in any other gentleman of Mr. Wythe’s youth and handsomeness. But his manner possessed such a splendid unconsciousness of these attributes – he spoke so much like a man who believed himself over the hill, and beyond all flirtations – that Prunella was overtaken by an irresistible fit of the giggles.”
Zen Cho Quote: “I can speak four dialects, but none of them is fairy language.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Magic ran in the family. Even her mother’s second cousin, who was adopted, did small spells on the side. She sold these from a stall in Kota Bharu. Her main wares were various types of fruit fried in batter, but if you bought five pisang or cempedak goreng, she threw in a jampi for free.”
Zen Cho Quote: “It is dreadful when people are good-looking and pay attention to you.”
Zen Cho Quote: “The damnable thing about Damerell, thought Zacharias, was that he never failed to observe precisely what you would conceal.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Your amoral ingenuity in the pursuit of your interest is perfectly shocking,” said Zacharias severely. “Yes, isn’t it?” said Prunella, pleased.”
Zen Cho Quote: “Hell was hot and full of unkind people in a hurry; there was far too much red tape; and the bureaucrats were all shockingly corrupt.”
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