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Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Quotes

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Quote: “Unworthiness, invisibility, loss of intimacy, isolation, neglected intuition, lack of love, intense fear, overwhelming distrust, and a loss of voice – all life-threatening symptoms of the disease of systemic oppression.”
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Quote: “Only when I dropped the notion that I was the creator of my own peace or oneness, or that I was powerful enough to change the world by acting to change others did I experience the way of tenderness.”
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Quote: “In her classic book “When Things Fall Apart,” Pema Chodron says that everyone and everything is always falling apart. At times we are benefited by personally and collectively ‘holding things together.’ Can falling apart be a liberating force in our lives?”
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Quote: “The sudden death of oak trees in where I live in Oakland is like a clear cry naturally emerging from nature, just as cries emerge from groups of people when they are ignored and mistreated.”
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Quote: “Everything we experience is because of the body. The body mediates our lives. We work to preserve the body even though we know we will eventually lose it. Our identities slip from one birth to the next. From birth to birth we end up embodying humanity. Yet we are often advised to let go of identifying with our personal embodiments for the sake of enlightenment. In.”
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Quote: “A society that is fearful of self-examination and exploration can’t believably say that it trusts in God. Nor can it believably say that it values every living being. We must trust the totality of our nature, in terms of both its multiplicity and its oneness.”
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Quote: “When we say ‘living without anything our hearts,’ we do not mean emptiness in the sense of zero, but rather that the heart remains clear of notions and ideas about others or about anything in life... Emptiness refers to an open and uncluttered heart with regard to nature or form.”
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Quote: “Creating and entering sanctuaries allows us as people of color to address the circumstances that are specific to who we have been born as, on our own terms, without interference. The desire of those who are not people of color to enter the spaces where people of color face these issues betrays a disregard for the uniqueness of the work that must be done within these cultural sanctuaries. It indicates an unjust sense of entitlement on their part.”
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Quote: “What happens to a hurt people? We forget that we are butterflies bearing up in the wild winds. We forget that we are tender from the suffering.”
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Quote: “There is nothing more powerful than looking out on nature and seeing the varied expressions of life, taking in its myriad forms that touch our hearts or that disturb them.”
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