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Zeyn Joukhadar Quotes

Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “Maybe, like Mama said, we are all born with a wound that needs fixing.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “You have to weave two stories together to tell them both right.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “Perhaps the story simply goes on and on. Time rises and falls like an ever-breathing lung. The road comes and goes and suffering with it. But the generations of men, some kind and some cruel, go on and on beneath the stars.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “I think to myself, It is terrifying to be visible, and then I think, I have been waiting all my life to be seen.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “But Baba used to say you should pray the most when you can’t see the good in the world. And I know I should say a prayer because, after all, God is God, and today is a day we should thank him. So I try to remember the prayers Baba used to whisper in our old apartment, and the prayers Mama said when she took me to Mass, and then I add my own because I know that God listens, even if you don’t get the words exactly right.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “Maybe she was right to burn my things, little wing. I love you once, and I love you still, but not all migrations end with a return home. Even memory begins to cut if you hold on to it too tight. I don’t know anymore if I believe in angels and signs. Perhaps we are the miraculous creatures my mother was looking for.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “You are the stories you tell yourself.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “The brain, like any organ in the body, knows wordless truths, knows health from sickness, knows how to recognize self from other. Maybe it’s true that the self is every artist’s first obsession, that every other subject – a plate of oranges, a mountain, a lover’s face – is just a recognition of the self in another form.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “But as long as you’re alive,′ she says, ’you have a voice. You’re the one who has to hear it.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “I listen to them talk in a language I’ve never heard before. I don’t have to understand everything. The blue-violet voices wind around me, protecting me from my fear. I am covered with a think rind of safety, like an orange.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “How many Polaroids are there of places that no longer exist?”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “Rent goes up and up and up. The family-owned boedgas keep on closing, replaced by artisanal cupcake shops and overpriced organic grocery stores whose customers hurry past the homeless and the flowers laid on street corners for Black boys shot by the cops. Some people go their whole lives in New York shutting their eyes to the fact that this city was built for the people who took this land from the Lenape.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “We watch the kites circling, and I imagine them setting fire to the way my life has been before this moment. I imagine the smoke reshaping me. I reimagine myself as my first work, the art that comes before all other art I might one day make, the work I fashion only for myself and for those who have the eyes to see it.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “Mama used to say stories were how Baba made sense of things. He had to untangle the world’s knots, she said. Now, thirty thousand feet above him, I am trying to untangle the knot he left in me. He said one day I’d tell our story back to him. But my words are wild country, and I don’t have a map.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “The sudden shock of safety makes me feel like I’m going to die from my heart hammering its relief into my chest.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “That wondrous journey fixed in my mind the idea of a wide world, full of dangers and beautiful things. I loved that world, in spite of its crushing vastness. I loved it in spite of the terrible weight of its hope.” An oasis with a fortified outpost appeared.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “Nobody can love the stars and hurt people. They just can’t.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “In one corner of the room are an array of small prints of the birds with gold foil laid painstakingly into individual feathers. This is not a room; it is a menagerie, and standing in the midst of it, I am one of its birds. Beside me at the door, Qamar is weeping, and I am trembling like a person in snow. One day, someone will try to explain us as they once tried to explain this, and they will not have the words.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “To the night, I am a body without a past or a future, a pillar that bends light. The night doesn’t know my name.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “We rarely know,′ Khaldun said, ‘when we try to do good, if the outcomes of our actions will actually be good.’ He laughed to himself. ‘Perhaps God plans it that way, to teach us the the planning is best left to him.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “We face each other, two candles flickering. Sami’s sweat smells of chamomile and musk. When we dance, I am a bird shaking loose the night from its wings. I kiss him, my hand behind his jaw, his hands in my hair. He gasps into my mouth and goes soft as water, our bodies molten glass that I am shaping with my kiss, and I wonder if it’s true that there is nothing on this earth that is not born of the sweet ache of flame.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “Maybe it’s true that we become what we love most, that we exalt the nameless by losing ourselves in it.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “I wouldn’t mind having more scars, if you could’ve had less.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “If an object can become sacred by placing it on a table and calling it an altar, then who is to say we cannot sanctify our own bodies? When I touched those eggs in the nest, I understood that to love something, even oneself, is its own terrifying act of faith.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “I’m not the only one, of course. The last time I saw one of my male classmates from art school, he consoled me about my artist’s block by telling me how few of the girls we studied with were painting anymore. It one one thing to have a body; it is another thing to struggle under the menacing weight of its meaning.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “Stones don’t have to be whole to be lovely.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “I’ve become just like the white boys at middle-school dances: the boys by the wall, earthbound boys, wing-severed boys with stiff bodies. There is nothing behind the door in my chest that should uncage the kind of feminine softness I should have, the kind you told me would settle into my chest and my hips. It never did.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “We’re made from clay, after all, aren’t we, and underground springs and threads of copper in our veins. When they ask me where I’m from, they aren’t asking for the city of my birth certificate, but whose earth is in my blood.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “In my experience,′ he said, ’it is a noble person who loves the stars.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “A person can be two things at the same time,′ Itto says. ‘The land where your parents were born will always be in you. Words survive. Borders are nothing to words and blood.”
Zeyn Joukhadar Quote: “I smile back in the tired way the living have of appeasing the dead. How are you supposed to smile at a ghost without feeling lonely?”
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