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Top 160 Ziggy Marley Quotes (2023 Update)

Ziggy Marley Quote: “If you keep hiding your true self, your life becomes like slow death. Once you become free from the lies and the hiding of yourself, then life becomes vibrant again.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “As a viewer, I love watching movies. There has to be an emotional connection.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “People love me everywhere I go.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “The long-term study of GMO foods is going on in real time and in real life. Not in a lab.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “God is like the sun. When the sun shines, it shines for everyone. God is for everyone.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “The present is what slips by us while we’re pondering the past and worrying about the future.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “There’s a rainbow in the sky, all the time, don’t be blind.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “The people who are teaching religion and not teaching love are missing the message.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I was born by myself but carry the spirit and blood of my father, mother and my ancestors. So I am really never alone. My identity is through that line.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Doing something that is productive is a great way to alleviate emotional stress. Get your mind doing something that is productive.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “The solution for mankind is of a spiritual nature. It is not a political or religious solution. It’s the ability to love each other. That’s the only solution I see.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “There’s more to life than physical and material.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “The revolution will come from the people and the willingness to work towards something better, to fight for a better living.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Each of us has some change within us, we cannot change the political or the social system of the world unless we change inside of us as individuals and that’s the direction I am in now which I call spiritual.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “In my songs, the sex is all subliminal. It’s subliminal, spiritual.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Reggae music is simple music – but it’s from the heart. Just as people need water to drink, people also need music. If it is true music, the people will be drawn to it.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Children are not a burden.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Reggae has a philosophy, you know? It’s not just entertainment. There’s an idea behind it, a way of life behind the music, which is a positive way of life, which is a progressive way of life for better people.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I believe we are all connected to other people. I am connected to people who are suffering. We all are.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “The last thing my father told me was: ‘On your way up, take me up. On your way down, don’t let me down.’ A father telling his son that puts some responsibility on my shoulders. He told me that, and I take it very seriously.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I don’t condemn and I don’t convert. I’ve been searching through books and bibles to find what this life is worth, and I’ve made up my mind: Love is my religion. You can take it or leave it, and you don’t have to believe it. Love is my religion.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Running is a part of my medicine. It’s what helps relieve my stress, and it’s what helps me get away from the concerns of business and anything else that’s going on in my life that I need to escape from at times – to find who I am. Running really helps me with that.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I learned from my father that music is from God and the message is from God.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I love running in nature. I don’t like running on the streets, I don’t like running in the city, I don’t like running on the concrete. I love running in nature, so Jamaica provides a lot of that for me.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Old music used to mean something. There is none of that today.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “No matter the bad things that happened in past time, let’s try to live the best we can now.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “The African-American community still needs to come together as one and stand up for rights of the people and of what’s happening in their culture, their community.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Nobody owns me or my music.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Growing up, music was an important part of my childhood. I see it being just as important in my children and all children’s growth and development, and in a parent’s connection with their children.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “How come “fat chance” and “slim chance” mean the same thing?”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I want people to get over the stigma about hemp. These seeds can’t make you high, but they will make you feel good.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I don’t have to wait to realize the good old days.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I’m digging Batman. I’m digging that balance, that duality. He’s always on the edge and trying to balance himself within the rules of what’s lawful and justice, and being Bruce Wayne and being Batman.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Love is cheering and sharing and compassion and giving and receiving. Love is an action thing more than a word thing, that brings comfort or joy or relief to anyone or anything.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Screaming, it’s not me. I tried it before! Action is more my thing. Not talking. It’s hard for me to have word fights, fighting with words. I’d rather just listen.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Record stores keep the human social contact alive it brings people together. Without the independent record stores the community breaks down with everyone sitting in front of their computers.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Last time I was in Jamaica I financed a teacher to teach in an orphanage.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I don’t care what you play, where you’re from, who you produce. It depends on what you’re doing when you’re with me. That’s what counts. I don’t pre-judge anything or anybody.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I’m a spiritual musician, I think there has been enough political musicians and I think everything that can be said has been said about political, social things, you know, and there’s still some more to be said but not much.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “When people come to Jamaica, we don’t want them to think about the problems of Jamaica. So let them come be in their paradise.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “My father was like the Old Testament. I am the New Testament. I am part of a new generation. In time, people will realize this.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Using political tools to change social conditions won’t work.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Jamaica has problems; America has problems; everywhere has problems.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I would look at a dog and when our eyes met, I realized that the dog and all creatures are my family. They’re like you and me.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Children are wonderful, and they add to my whole life.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I like doing nothing, actually. Doing nothing is better thing when I am not working.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “My father loved all different types of music. He wasn’t a snob. He wasn’t a purist.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “I want the people who listen to my music to feel the feeling that I feel, to cry the cry that I cry – justice. I want them to feel in their hearts the need for justice.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “Love is more than one thing.”
Ziggy Marley Quote: “There is a physical relationship with a woman that you don’t have with anybody else, but that’s not about love. Love is a spiritual thing.”
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