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Zoe Quinn Quotes

Zoe Quinn Quote: “Sometimes you need to burn a bridge while you’re still standing on it so they know you mean business.”
Zoe Quinn Quote: “Algorithms are not arbiters of objective truth and fairness simply because they’re math.”
Zoe Quinn Quote: “What they get wrong is precisely this false belief that online prejudice is easily compartmentalized or categorized into, say, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or ableism when really it flows freely between these various bigotries.”
Zoe Quinn Quote: “Every rose has its thorn, and every news story has its comments section.”
Zoe Quinn Quote: “Normal people don’t want me to honestly answer the question “What’s up?” Not many people are equipped to handle answers like “A fanatical juice salesman who thinks his semen is literally magic spent thousands of dollars to hire a private investigator to hang outside my old apartment and dig through my trash because he thinks he might find something to get me arrested.” And it remains incredible that that statement isn’t hyperbole.”
Zoe Quinn Quote: “I felt like if I could look at the worst humanity had to offer, I’d be prepared for anything and nothing could shock or scare me. I didn’t want to be pure; I wanted to go on adventures and roll around in the kind of filth that Oscar Wilde and Hunter S. Thompson had written about.”
Zoe Quinn Quote: “You cannot separate the concerns of a society from that society’s art.”
Zoe Quinn Quote: “The problem is that you fundamentally cannot shame someone who is proud of what they are doing.”
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