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Anne Lamott Quotes
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Anne Lamott Quote: “Writing involves seeing people suffer and, as Robert Stone once put it, finding some meaning therein. But you can’t do that if you’re not respectful. If you look at people and just see sloppy clothes or rich clothes, you’re going to get them wrong.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Looking back on the God my friend believed in, he seems a little erratic, not entirely unlike her father – God as borderline personality.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “God has smiled on me, He has set me free.” For us to acknowledge that we have been set free from toxic dependency, from crippling obsession or guilt, that we have been graced with the ability finally to forgive someone, is just plain astonishing.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “The problem with God – or at any rate, one of the top five most annoying things about God – is that he or she rarely answers right away.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “A friend of mine says that the first draft is the down draft – you just get it down. The second draft is the up draft – you fix it up. You try to say what you have to say more accurately. And the third draft is the dental draft, where you check every tooth, to see if it’s loose or cramped or decayed, or even, God help us, healthy.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “The basic formula for drama is setup, buildup, payoff – just like a joke. The.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “These days cry out, as never before, for us to pay attention, so we can move through them and get our joy and pride back.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “So I sit for a moment and then say a small prayer – please help me get out of the way so I can write what wants to be written.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Left to my own devices, my first inclination is to mess in other people’s lives. I secretly believe my whole family, and really the whole world, is my responsibility.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “You can tell if people are following Jesus, because they are fedding the poor, sharing their wealth, and trying to get everyone medical insurance.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Get to know your characters as well as you can let there be something at stake, and then let the chips fall where they may.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Frequently, as so many poets and psalmists and songwriters have said, the invisible shift happens through the broken places.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Astonishing material and revelation appear in our lives all the time. Let it be. Unto us, so much is given. We just have to be open for business.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I don’t have very sophisticated taste in music. I listen to a lot of folk music. I like reggae.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Dancing almost always turns out to be a good idea.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “But it was the singing that pulled me in and split me wide open.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I am skittish about relationships, as most of the marriages I’ve seen up close have been ruinous for one or both parties.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I sat down in the sand, breathless with shame and failure. God, I thought, some defender of the weak. Some freedom fighter: Joan of Arc in sunscreen.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “The real payoff is the writing itself, that a day when you have gotten your work done is a good day, that total dedication is the point.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I think that is why we stay close to our families, no matter how neurotic the members, how deeply annoying or dull- because when people have seen you at your worst, you don’t have to put on the mask as much.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Learning to love back is the hardest part of being alive.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I was raised with no religious training or influence. Except the influence was to be a moral and ethical person at the secular level. And to be a peace marcher, an activist for civil rights, peace and justice.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “My three prayers are variations on Help, Thanks, Wow. That’s all I’ll ever need, besides the silence, the pain, and the pause sufficient for me to stop, close my eyes, and turn inward.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I could become like that dyslexic agnostic in the old joke – the one who lies in bed and tries to figure out if his dog exists.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “It’s funny: I always imagined when I was a kid that adults had some kind of inner toolbox full of shiny tools: the saw of discernment, the hammer of wisdom, the sandpaper of patience. But then when I grew up I found that life handed you these rusty bent old tools – friendships, prayer, conscience, honesty – and said ‘do the best you can with these, they will have to do’. And mostly, against all odds, they do.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Your experiences will be yours alone. But truth and best friendship will rarely if ever disappoint you.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Frederick Buechner is one of my favorite writers. The Eyes of the Heart is beautiful and wise, full of insight, charm, and tenderness.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I have a lot of faith. But I am also afraid a lot, and have no real certainty about anything. I remembered something Father Tom had told me – that the opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty. Certainty is missing the point entirely. Faith includes noticing the mess, the emptiness and discomfort, and letting it be there until some light returns.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “The redwoods are like organ pipes, playing silent chords.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “You are lucky to be one of those people who wishes to build sand castles with words, who is willing to create a place where your imagination can wander.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I’m a terrible Christian and meditating is very hard for me, and I do it. I do it badly, like I do a lot of things. I believe in doing things badly.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “The best thing about being an artist, instead of a madman or someone who writes letters to the editor, is that you get to engage in satisfying work. Even if you never publish a word, you have something important to pour yourself into.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I’m drawn to almost any piece of writing with the words ‘divine love’ and ‘impeachment’ in the first sentence. But I know the word ‘divine’ makes many progressive people run screaming for their cute little lives, and so one hesitates to use it.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Vonnegut said, “When I write, I feel like an armless legless man with a crayon in his mouth.” So.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “This is our goal as writers, I think; to help others have this sense of – please forgive me – wonder, of seeing things anew, things that can catch us off guard, that break in on our small, bordered worlds.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Some people may have thought that this book was too personal, too confessional. But what these people think about me is none of my business.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I’d like to learn to meditate with more enthusiasm. I can sit down and get quiet for 20 minutes, but it just has not been a part of my Christianity at all.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “There is flow everywhere in nature – glaciers are just rivers that are moving really, really slowly – so how could there not be flow in each of.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “You simply keep putting down one damn word after the other, as you hear them, as they come to you. You can either set brick as a laborer or as an artist.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “My friend Terry says that when you need to make a decision, in your work or otherwise, and you don’t know what to do, just do one thing or the other, because the worst that can happen is that you will have made a terrible mistake.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I write everything as a wake-up call to myself and others, to anyone who may have gotten tired of hitting the snooze button.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “You weren’t born a person of cringe and contraction. You were born as energy, as life, made of the same stuff as stars, blossoms, breezes. You learned contraction to survive, but that was then. You have paid through the nose – paid but good. It is now your turn to reap.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Now she and I sit together in her room and eat chocolate, and I tell her that in a very long time when we both to go heaven, we should try to get chairs next to each other, close to the dessert table.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “This is who I want to be in the world. This is who I think we are supposed to be, people who help call forth human beings from deep inside hopelessness.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Evangelical Christians and I can sit down and talk one on one about how much we love Jesus, and yet I’m not carried in Christian bookstores.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “But where do we even start on the daily walk of restoration and awakening? We start where we are. We find God in our human lives, and that includes the suffering. I get thirsty people glasses of water, even if that thirsty person is just me.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I was waiting for the kind of solution where God reaches down and touches you with his magic wand and all of a sudden I would be fixed, like a broken toaster oven. But this was not the way it happened. Instead, I got one angstrom unit better, day by day.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “I’m not going to change the way people think about me, but I can say you know what? I’m not going to carry that in my backpack.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “So how on earth can I bring a child into the world, knowing that such sorrow lies ahead, that it is such a large part of what it means to be human? I’m not sure. That’s my answer: I’m not sure.”
Anne Lamott Quote: “Can you imagine the hopelessness of trying to live a spiritual life when you’re secretly looking up at the skies not for illumination or direction, but to gauge, miserably, the odds of rain?”
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