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Anton Chekhov Quote: “Dear, sweet, unforgettable childhood! Why does this irrevocable time, forever departed, seem brighter, more festive and richer than it actually was?”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “I don’t care for success. The ideas sitting in my head are annoyed by, and envious of, that which I’ve already written.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “If one wants to lead a good life, A HUMAN LIFE, one must work.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “I was oppressed with a sense of vague discontent and dissatisfaction with my own life, which was passing so quickly and uninterestingly, and I kept thinking it would be a good thing if I could tear my heart out of my breast, that heart which had grown so weary of life.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “We go to great pains to alter life for the happiness of our descendants and our descendants will say as usual: things used to be so much better, life today is worse than it used to be.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “I was so drunk the whole time that I took bottles for girls and girls for bottles.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “I have no will of my own. Never did. Limp and lily-livered, I always obey – is it possible that’s attractive to women?”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “If you look at anything long enough, say just that wall in front of you – it will come out of that wall.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “I’ve noticed that people who get married cease to be curious.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “In countries where there is a mild climate, less effort is expended on the struggle with nature and man is kinder and more gentle.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “All of life and human relations have become so incomprehensibly complex that, when you think about it, it becomes terrifying and your heart stands still.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “A woman is fascinated not by art but by the noise made by those in the field.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “People are far more sincere and good-humored at speeding their parting guests than on meeting them.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “You only have to start a job of work to realize how few decent, honest folk there are about.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Humankind has understood history as a series of battles because, to this day, it regards conflict as the central facet of life.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Even while lying, you’ll be believed if you speak with authority.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Happiness does not await us all. One needn’t be a prophet to say that there will be more grief and pain than serenity and money. That is why we must hang on to one another.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Nothing can be accomplished by logic and ethics.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “To make a face from marble means to remove from the slab everything that is not the face.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “I divide all literary works into two categories: Those I like and those I don’t like. No other criterion exists for me.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “The time has come for writers, especially those who are artists, to admit that in this world one cannot make anything out, just as Socrates once admitted it, just as Voltaire admitted it.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “An artist observes, selects, guesses, and synthesizes.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “It’s immoral to steal, but you can take things.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “When an actor has money he doesn’t send letters, he sends telegrams.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “It is easier to ask of the poor than of the rich.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “It is as acceptable now to love the wives of others as it is to smoke their cigars and read their books.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “We old bachelors smell like dogs, do we? So be it. But I must take issue with your claim that doctors who treat female illnesses are womanizers and cynics at heart. Gynecologists deal with savage prose the likes of which you have never dreamed of.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Write, write, write-till your fingers break.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “It’s worth living abroad to study up on genteel and delicate manners. The maid smiles continuously; she smiles like a duchess on a stage, while at the same time it is clear from her face that she is exhausted from overwork.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “I have in my head a whole army of people pleading to be let out and awaiting my commands.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Anna Petrovna: Never talk to women about your own good qualities. Let them find out for themselves.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “By poeticizing love, we imagine in those we love virtues that they often do not possess; this then becomes the source of constant mistakes and constant distress.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “When performing an autopsy, even the most inveterate spiritualist would have to question where the soul is.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Life is difficult for those who have the daring to first set out on an unknown road. The avant-garde always has a bad time of it.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “The wealthy are always surrounded by hangers-on; science and art are as well.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Probably nature itself gave man the ability to lie so that in difficult and tense moments he could protect his nest, just as do the vixen and wild duck.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Flies purify the air, and plays – the morals.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “When a person hasn’t in him that which is higher and stronger than all external influences, it is enough for him to catch a good cold in order to lose his equilibrium and begin to see an owl in every bird, to hear a dog’s bark in every sound.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “The world is a fine place. The only thing wrong with it is us. How little justice and humility there is in us, how poorly we understand patriotism!”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “What’s the use of talking? You can see for yourself that this is a barbarous country; the people have no morals; and the boredom!”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “It always seems to the brothers and the father that their brother or son didn’t marry the right person.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Despite your best efforts, you could not invent a better police force for literature than criticism and the author’s own conscience.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Isolation in creative work is an onerous thing. Better to have negative criticism than nothing at all.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “It is depressing to hear the unfortunate or dying man jest.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “You are right to demand that an artist engage his work consciously, but you confuse two different things: solving the problem and correctly posing the question.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “I think that it would be less difficult to live eternally than to be deprived of sleep throughout life.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “To live simply to die is by no means amusing, but to live with the knowledge that you will die before your time, that’s really is idiotic.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “That can not possibly be, because it could never possibly be.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “A writer is not a confectioner, a cosmetic dealer, or an entertainer.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Moscow is a city that has much suffering ahead of it.”
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