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Anton Chekhov Quotes
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Anton Chekhov Quote: “A grimy fly can soil the entire wall and a small, dirty little act can ruin the entire proceedings.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “The bourgeoisie loves so-called “positive” types and novels with happy endings since they lull one into thinking that it is fine to simultaneously acquire capital and maintain one’s innocence, to be a beast and still be happy.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “You only have to start a job of work to realize how few decent, honest folk there are about.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “The world is a fine place. The only thing wrong with it is us. How little justice and humility there is in us, how poorly we understand patriotism!”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Can words such as Orthodox, Jew, or Catholic really express some sort of exclusive personal virtues or merits?”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Despite your best efforts, you could not invent a better police force for literature than criticism and the author’s own conscience.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Not one of our mortal gauges is suitable for evaluating non-existence, for making judgments about that which is not a person.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “That can not possibly be, because it could never possibly be.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “An actress without talent, forty years old, ate a partridge for dinner, and I felt sorry for the partridge, for it occurred to me that in its life it had been more talented, more sensible, and more honest than the actress.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “A person loves to talk about his illnesses although that is the least interesting part of his life.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “No matter how corrupt and unjust a convict may be, he loves fairness more than anything else. If the people placed over him are unfair, from year to year he lapses into an embittered state characterized by an extreme lack of faith.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “In one-act pieces there should be only rubbish that is their strength.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “But if you had asked him what his work was, he would look candidly and openly at you with his large bright eyes through his gold pincenez, and would answer in a soft, velvety, lisping baritone: “My work is literature.””
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Even while lying, you’ll be believed if you speak with authority.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “You are right to demand that an artist engage his work consciously, but you confuse two different things: solving the problem and correctly posing the question.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “There are in life such confluences of circumstances that render the reproach that we are not Voltaires most inopportune.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “I think that it would be less difficult to live eternally than to be deprived of sleep throughout life.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “I’ve noticed that people who get married cease to be curious.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “It is as acceptable now to love the wives of others as it is to smoke their cigars and read their books.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “In short stories it is better to say not enough than to say too much, because, because – I don’t know why.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “The more simply we look at ticklish questions, the more placid will be our lives and relationships.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Country acquaintances are charming only in the country and only in the summer. In the city in winter they lose half of their appeal.”
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