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Anton Chekhov Quote: “This thirst for personal success, and this continual concentration of the mind in one direction, makes people cold, and.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “When a person expends the least possible amount of energy on a certain act, that is grace.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “And you know once a man has fished, or watched the thrushes hovering in flocks over the village in the bright, cool, autumn days, he can never really be a townsman, and to the day of his death he will be drawn to the country.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “I went to the Hotel of the Violet Hippopotamus and drank five glasses of good wine.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “But I write badly. The part of my brain in charge of writing ability refuses to work. My memory has weakened, my thoughts lack consistency, and each time I set them down on paper it seems to me that I’ve lost the intuition of their organic connection, the constructions are monotonous, the phrasing impoverished and timid.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Loud voices were heard from upstairs. “Madame Kushkin is in a fit, most likely, or else she has.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Purity and virtue scarcely differ from vice, if they’re not free of malice.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “So had begun and had ended a sincere effort to be of public service on the part of a well-intentioned but unreflecting and over-comfortable.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Such women imagine that they will be in love for ever, and abandon themselves with tragic intensity.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “And joy suddenly stirred in his soul, and he even stopped for a moment to catch his breath. The past, he thought, is connected with the present in an unbroken chain of events flowing one out of the other. And it seemed to him that he had just seen both ends of that chain: he touched one end, and the other moved.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “I shall renounce it all beforehand.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Though my fortune is not large, yet I am in a position to support a beloved being and children at my side.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Podtyagin considers whether to take offence or not – and decides to take offence.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “But when I walk by the peasants’ woods which I have saved from cutting down, or when I hear the rustling of the young copse planted by my own hands, I realise that the climate is to some extent in my power, and that if in a thousand years man is to be happy I too shall have had some small hand in it.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Don’t forget either, you unhappy man, that voluntary confinement is a great deal harder to bear than compulsory.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “There is something mystical in the proud man in the sense in which you use the words. You may be right from your point of view, but, if we look at it simple-mindedly, what room is there for pride? Is there any sense in it, when man is so poorly constructed from the physiological point of view, when the vast majority of us are so gross and stupid and profoundly unhappy? We must give up admiring ourselves. The only thing to do is to work.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “She was fond of her comfort.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “The humane studies of which you speak will only satisfy human thought when, as they advance, they meet the exact sciences and progress side by side with them. Whether they will meet under a new microscope, or in the new monologues of a new Hamlet, or in a new religion, I do not know, but I expect the Earth will be covered in a crust of ice before it comes to pass.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Though what is ‘Romeo and Juliet’ after all?” he added after a short pause. “The beauty of poetry and holiness of love are simply the roses under which they try to hide its rottenness. Romeo is just the same sort of animal as all the rest of us.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “You really need to be alone when you are travelling. It’s much more interesting to sit in a coach or in your room with your own thoughts than it is to be with people.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Knowledge and evidence. The consumptive and the scrofulous are recognized by their ailments, and the immoral and mad by their acts.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Except for two or three older writers, all modern literature seems to me not literature but some sort of handicraft, which exists only so as to be encouraged, though one is reluctant to use its products.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “He had a shaggy black dog whom he called Syntax.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “The hungry have a grievance against those who have enough, and those who have enough have a grievance against the hungry. Yes... hunger stupefies and maddens a man and makes him savage; hunger is not a potato. When a man is starving he uses bad language, and steals, and may do worse... One must realize that.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Without solitude true happiness was impossible. The fallen angel was faithless to God probably only because he longed for solitude, which angles knew not.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Cuando se piensa en comida, se nota un cierto alivio en el alma.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “It seems as though there is something going wrong with me,” she thought from time to time through.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “He did nothing and knew how to do nothing. He.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “He is barefooted.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “No one remembered Vladimir Semyonitch. He was utterly forgotten.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Don’t be ashamed of loving someone. You should know that someone who must be ashamed; actually that who does not know how to love someone even though know loved by someone.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “One is shy of asking men under sentence what they have been sentenced for; and in the same way it is awkward to ask very rich people what they want so much money for, why they make such a poor use of their wealth, why they don’t give it up, even when they see in it their unhappiness; and if they begin a conversation about it themselves, it is usually embarrassing, awkward, and long.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Only echoes answer me.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “And therefore I should be very desirous to be united in the bonds of Hymen.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “When you look for a long time into the deep sky, without taking your eyes away, your thoughts and soul merge for some reason in an awareness of loneliness. You begin to feel yourself irremediably alone, and all that you once considered close and dear becomes infinitely distant and devoid of value.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “For a crippled man like me, personal happiness was possible only in dreams.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “A man ought to be able to be carried away by his feelings, he ought to be able to be mad, to make mistakes, to suffer! A woman will forgive you audacity and insolence, but she will never forgive your reasonableness!”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “The brother and sister talked till midnight without understanding each other.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Like overfed boa constrictors, we noticed only the most glaring objects.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “He told lies with the same relish with which he ate herring and drank.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Why cannot you look calmly at a woman unless she is yours?”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “As a rule, however fine and deep a phrase may be, it only affects the indifferent, and cannot fully satisfy those who are happy or unhappy.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Love must be plucked out the moment it springs up in the heart.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “And in this way I have, during the years I have been regarded as grown up, lost nine situations, to the great mortification of my father, the architect of our town. I have served in various departments, but all these nine jobs have been as alike as one drop of water is to another: I had to sit, write, listen to rude or stupid observations, and go on doing so till I was dismissed.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Your insincerity is natural and in the order of things. If people agreed together and suddenly became sincere, everything would go to the devil.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Nobody asks her not to understand! It’s a lesson for these foreigners!”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Faith is a capacity of the spirit. It is like talent: you have to be born with it.”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “His cheeks, his eyes, his chest, his body, all of him was so well fed, so loathsome and repellent!”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “What is there flattering, amusing, or edifying in their carving your name on a tombstone, then time rubbing off the inscription together with the gilding?”
Anton Chekhov Quote: “Well, that’s not at all clerical!” thought Kunin, shrugging his shoulders contemptuously. “What is it, priestly greed or childishness?”
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