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Top 300 Audre Lorde Quotes (2022 Update)
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Audre Lorde Quote: “Women on trains have a life that is exactly livable the precision of days flashing past.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “But the question is a matter of the survival and the teaching. That’s what our work comes down to. No matter where we key into it, it’s the same work, just different pieces of ourselves doing it.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Difference is that raw and powerful connection from which our personal power is forged.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “What are the words you do not yet have? What do you need to say? What are the tyrannies you swallow day by day and attempt to make your own, until you will sicken and die of them, still in silence? Perhaps for some of you here today, I am the face of one of your fears. Because I am woman, because I am Black, because I am lesbian, because I am myself – a Black woman warrior poet doing my work – come to ask you, are you doing yours?”
Audre Lorde Quote: “I know the anger lies inside of me like I know the beat of my heart and the taste of my spit. It is easier to be furious than to be yearning. Easier to crucify myself in you than to take on the threatening universe of whiteness by admitting that we are worth wanting each other.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “What woman here is so enamored of her own oppression that she cannot see her heelprint upon another woman’s face? What woman’s terms of oppression have become precious and necessary to her as a ticket into the fold of the righteous, away from the cold winds of self-scrutiny?”
Audre Lorde Quote: “In other words, I would be giving in to a myth of sameness which I think can destroy us.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “We can learn to work and speak when we are afraid in the same way we have learned to work and speak when we are tired.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “To acknowledge privilege is the first step in making it available for wider use.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “I believe one of the hardest things you can do is conquer your fears, but if you have a goal, then it’s your job to open up and let it be real no matter how scary it seems.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Hopefully, we can learn from the 60s that we cannot afford to do our enemies work by destroying each other.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “I train myself for triumph by knowing it is mine no matter what.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “If you want us to change the world someday, we at least have to live long enough to grow up!′ shouts the child.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “The sixties were characterized by a heady belief in instantaneous solutions.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “You’d better name yourself, because, if you don’t others will do it for you.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Maybe that is all any bravery is, a stronger fear of not being brave.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “I respect the time I spend each day treating my body, and I consider it part of my political work. It is possible to have some conscious input into our physical processes–not expecting the impossible, but allowing for the unexpected–a kind of training in self-love and physical resistance.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “The white fathers told us: I think, therefore I am. The Black mother within each of us – the poet – whispers in our dreams: I feel, therefore I can be free. Poetry coins the language to express and charter this revolutionary demand, the implementation of that freedom.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “It’s difficult to talk about double messages without having a twin tongue.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “To acknowledge privilege is the first step in making it available for wider use. Each of us is blessed in some particular way, whether we recognize our blessings or not.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “One of the hardest things to accept is learning to live within uncertainty and neither deny it nor hide behind it. Most of all, to listen to the messages of uncertainty without allowing them to immobilize me, nor keep me from the certainties of those truths in which I believe. I turn away from any need to justify the future- to live in what has not yet been. Believing, working for what has not yet been while living fully in the present now.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “When we create out of our experiences, as feminists of color, women of color, we have to develop those structures that will present and circulate our culture.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “We have been raised to fear the yes within ourselves, our deepest cravings. For the demands of our released expectations lead us inevitably into actions which will help bring our lives into accordance with our needs, our knowledge, our desires. And the fear of our deepest cravings keeps them suspect, keeps us docile and loyal and obedient, and leads us to settle for or accept many facets of our oppression as women.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “As white women ignore their built-in privilege of whiteness and define woman in terms of their own experience alone, then women of Color become “other,” the outsider whose experience and tradition is too “alien” to comprehend.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “No woman is responsible for altering the psyche of her oppressor, even when that psyche is embodied in another woman.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “I cried to think of how lucky we both were to have found each other, since it was clear that we were the only ones in the world who could understand what we understood in the instantaneous manner in which we understood it.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “The true focus of revolutionary change is never merely the oppressive situations which we seek to escape, but that piece of the oppressor which is planted deep within each of us, and which knows only the oppressors’ tactics, the oppressors’ relationships.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Some problems we share as women, some we do not. You fear your children will grow up to join the patriarchy and testify against you; we fear our children will be dragged from a car and shot down in the street, and you will turn your backs on the reasons they are dying.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Those of us who stand outside the circle of this society’s definition of acceptable women; those of us who have been forged in the crucibles of difference – those of us who are poor, who are lesbians, who are black, who are older – know that survival is not an academic skill... For the master’s tools will not dismantle the master’s house. They will never allow us to bring about genuine change.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “When we admit and deal with difference; when we deal with the deep bitterness; when we deal with the horror of even our different nightmares; when we turn them and look at them, it’s like looking at death: hard but possible. If you look at it directly without embracing it, then there is much less that you can ever be made to fear.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “You do not have to be me in order for us to fight alongside each other.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “DeLois lived up the block on 142nd Street and never had her hair done, and all the neighbourhood women sucked their teeth as she walked by. Her crispy hair twinkled in the summer sun as her big proud stomach moved her on down the block while I watched, not caring whether or not she was a poem.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Despair and isolation are my greatest internal enemies. I need to remember I am not alone, even when it feels that way. Now more than ever it is time to put my solitary ways behind me, even while protecting my solitude.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Say what you have to say now! Don’t wait until you’re sending blips from the other side.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “We cannot settle for the pretenses of connection, or for the parodies of self-love.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Unless we develop some cohesive vision of that world in which we hope these children will participate, and some sense of our own responsibilities in the shaping of that world, we will only raise new performers in the master’s sorry drama.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “One pays a lot, we all pay a lot, for awareness.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “We cannot love ‘our people’ unless we love each of us ourselves, unless I love each piece of myself, those I wish to keep and those I wish to change – for survival is the ability to encompass difference, to encompass change without destruction.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change. Racism and homophobia are real conditions of all our lives in this place and time. I urge each one of us here to reach down into that deep place of knowledge inside herself and touch that terror and loathing of any difference that lives here. See whose face it wears. Then the personal as the political can begin to illuminate all our choices.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “It’s possible to take that as a personal metaphor and then multiply it to a people, a race, a sex, a time. If we can keep this thing going long enough, if we can survive and teach what we know, we’ll make it.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Each of us is called upon to take a stand. So in these days ahead, as we examine ourselves and each other, our works, our fears, our differences, our sisterhood and survivals, I urge you to tackle what is most difficult for us all, self-scrutiny of our complacencies, the idea that since each of us believes she is on the side of right, she need not examine her position.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “When we look away from the importance of the erotic in the development and sustenance of our power, or when we look away from ourselves as we satisfy our erotic needs in concert with others, we use each other as objects of satisfaction rather than share our joy in the satisfying, rather than make connection with our similarities and our differences.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Decisions to cut aid for the terminally ill, for the elderly, for dependent children, for food stamps, even school lunches, are being made by men with full stomachs who live in comfortable houses with two cars and umpteen tax shelters. None of them go hungry to bed at night.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “It does not pay to cherish symbols when the substance lies so close at hand.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Dark-bright fire lit eyes.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Yet anger, like guilt, is an incomplete form of human knowledge. More useful than hatred, but still limited. Anger is useful to help clarify our differences, but in the long run, strength that is bred by anger alone is a blind force which cannot create the future. It can only demolish the past. Such strength does not focus upon what lies ahead, but upon what lies behind, upon what created it – hatred. And hatred is a deathwish for the hated, not a lifewish for anything else.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “I cannot hide my anger to spare you guilt, nor hurt feelings, nor answering anger; for to do so insults and trivializes all our efforts. Guilt is not a response to anger; it is a response to one’s own actions or lack of action. If it leads to change then it can be useful, since it is then no longer guilt but the beginning of knowledge.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Battling racism and battling heterosexism and battling apartheid share the same urgency inside me as battling cancer. None of these struggles are ever easy, and even the smallest victory is never to be taken for granted. Each victory must be applauded, because it is so easy not to battle at all, to just accept and call that acceptance inevitable.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “Advocating the mere tolerance of difference between women is the grossest reformism. It is a total denial of the creative function of difference in our lives. Difference must be not merely tolerated, but seen as a fund of necessary polarities between which our creativity can spark like a dialectic.”
Audre Lorde Quote: “The fear of our desires keeps them suspect and indiscriminately powerful, for to suppress any truth is to give it strength beyond endurance.”
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