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Top 300 Ben Carson Quotes (2024 Update)
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Ben Carson Quote: “I think one of the keys to leadership is recognizing that everybody has gifts and talents. A good leader will learn how to harness those gifts toward the same goal.”
Ben Carson Quote: “God has given us more than fourteen billion cells and connections in our brain. Why would God give us such a complex organ system unless he expects us to use it?”
Ben Carson Quote: “Use PMA: Positive Mental Actitude.”
Ben Carson Quote: “It’s a failure only if you don’t get anything out of it, Thomas Edison said he knew 999 ways that a light bulb did not work; yet we have lights today.”
Ben Carson Quote: “You have yourself to blame.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Evolution and creationism both require faith. It’s just a matter of where you choose to place that faith.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Anyone with a normal brain can do almost anything.”
Ben Carson Quote: “We have much more in common with other people than we have apart.”
Ben Carson Quote: “If we would spend on education half the amount of money that we currently lavish on sports and entertainment, we could provide complete and free education for every student in this country.”
Ben Carson Quote: “If we commit ourselves to reading thus increasing our knowledge, only God limits how far we can go in this world.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Creativity is just learning to do something with a different perspective.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Every person is endowed with God-given abilities, and we must cultivate every ounce of talent we have in order to maintain our pinnacle position in the world.”
Ben Carson Quote: “The more I learn about the human body, our environment, and the universe, the more it increases my faith.”
Ben Carson Quote: “I do not want to get rid of the safety net, I want to get rid of dependency.”
Ben Carson Quote: “In my own personal life, God plays a great role in the risk, because I pray before I go into the operating room for every case, and I ask him to give me wisdom, to help me to know what to do – and not only for operating, but for everything.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Illogical thinkers throw names and slurs around because they have no arguments with which to rebut their opponents. Rational people have to keep hammering their points home.”
Ben Carson Quote: “As a pediatric neurosurgeon, I frequently faced life and death situations, and had to come up with the right diagnosis, the right plan, and execute that plan frequently with other colleagues.”
Ben Carson Quote: “It’s very important for people to know themselves and understand what their value system is, because if you don’t know what your value system is, then you don’t know what risks are worth taking and which ones are worth avoiding.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Over the years my mother’s steadfast faith in God has inspired me, particularly when I had to perform extremely difficult surgical procedures or when I found myself faced with my own medical scare.”
Ben Carson Quote: “We don’t know the end from the beginning the way that God does. So when a child dies, sure that is incredibly difficult, and when you are the parent, there is almost nothing anybody can say to you that makes any sense.”
Ben Carson Quote: “No knowledge is ever wasted.”
Ben Carson Quote: “We need to be on a war footing. We need to understand that our nation is in grave danger.”
Ben Carson Quote: “And I’ve always said, ‘If two people think the same thing about everything, one of them isn’t necessary.’ We need to be able to understand that if we’re going to make real progress.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Nobody can hinder you from doing what you want, if that’s what you set your mind to. You can always find a hook to hang excuses on, but they’re only excuses. You don’t have anyone to blame but yourself. Nobody else makes you fail.”
Ben Carson Quote: “When we are confronted by failure and mistakes, we can leave them behind and go on with our lives.”
Ben Carson Quote: “You have to try, you have to try everything you can.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Do what you have to do so that you can be what you want to be.”
Ben Carson Quote: “I hope we, the American people, can come to the understanding that we are not each other’s enemies. The enemies are those who are stoking the flames of division, trying to divide us into every category.”
Ben Carson Quote: “There’s a false narrative that only the political class has the wisdom and the ability to be commander-in- chief. But if you go back and you study the design of our country, it was really designed for the citizen statesman.”
Ben Carson Quote: “A great operation on the wrong patient is just as bad as a horrible operation on the right patient. So, you have to have all that together.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Beware the abuse of Power. Both by those we disagree with, as well as those we may agree with.”
Ben Carson Quote: “When I look at the human brain I’m still in awe of it.”
Ben Carson Quote: “There comes a time when people with values simply have to stand up. Think about Nazi, Germany. Most of those people did not believe in what Hitler was doing.”
Ben Carson Quote: “What if someone hit us with an EMP, cyber-attack, and dirty bomb all at once? That would be pretty bad.”
Ben Carson Quote: “It’s not what you do but that kind of job you do that makes the difference.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Through the use of books I had the whole world at my fee: could travel anywhere, meet anyone, and do anything.”
Ben Carson Quote: “If you hear how wonderful you are often enough, you begin to believe it, no matter how you try to resist it.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Doing the right thing when it is not popular or when it is not going to get everyone’s approval is not always easy, but I am convinced that if we truly care about other people, we will go ahead and take the risk anyway.”
Ben Carson Quote: “What is important, what I consider success, is that we make a contribution to our world.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Freedom cannot last long without education, because an uneducated populace is likely to be duped by tyrants. An educated populace cannot be easily manipulated and is the foundation of a strong society.”
Ben Carson Quote: “I don’t want my kids to grow up with no father like I did. I came to the conclusion a while ago that you can work until midnight and not be finished or you can work until 6 or 7 and not be finished. I decided I’d rather work until 6 or 7.”
Ben Carson Quote: “The key is to cut out the middleman and empower both doctor and patient with information about what things cost.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Just because somebody happens to disagree with you about something doesn’t mean that they become your mortal enemy and that you should try to destroy them and destroy their life and destroy their family.”
Ben Carson Quote: “You pray for yourself and just ask God to give you strength.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Intelligent people tend to talk about the facts. They don’t sit around and call each other names. That’s what you can find on a third grade playground.”
Ben Carson Quote: “My favorite subject was recess. Fortunately for me, I had a mother who believed I was smart.”
Ben Carson Quote: “The culture in which we live stresses looking out for number one. Without adopting such a self-centered value system, we can demand the best of ourselves while we are extending our hands to help others.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Kids have what I call a built-in hypocrisy antenna that comes up and blocks out what you’re saying when you’re being a hypocrite.”
Ben Carson Quote: “I always pray before any of the operation. I think God help me know what to do.”
Ben Carson Quote: “When we have done our best, we also have to learn that we still need to rely on God. Our best – no matter how good – is incomplete if we leave God out of the picture.”
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