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Ben Carson Quotes
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Ben Carson Quote: “We want to make decisions based on facts. Many people do not. They make their decisions based on what their momma says or what their daddy says or what their political party says – without engaging their brains.”
Ben Carson Quote: “When a government turns from following the will of its people to willing its people to follow – acting according to its own prerogatives – it ceases to be a representative government and instead has transformed into something else. One.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Abraham Lincoln once said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my mother.”
Ben Carson Quote: “They forbid the use of the word slavery by conservatives, the mention of Nazism by conservatives, or the mention of homosexuality in anything other than a positive context, to name a few of their rules.”
Ben Carson Quote: “What is the best thing that happens if we refuse to abide by the dictates of political correctness? I believe that we could return to a nation that truly cherishes freedom of speech and freedom of expression.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Then let’s use this incredible tool God has given us to assess the risks that we face every day. We have the means to analyze risks and decide which are worth taking and which should be avoided. Do you have a brain? Then use it. That’s the secret. That’s my simple but powerful prescription for life, love, and success in a dangerous world.”
Ben Carson Quote: “This is what we’re going to do. I asked God for wisdom, and this is the answer I got.”
Ben Carson Quote: “If you’re good, you’ll be recognized. Because people, even if they’re prejudiced, are going to want the best. You just have to make being the best your goal in life.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Some feel that it is fair for those with incomes under a certain dollar amount not to pay any federal tax. They say that these people are too poor and it would be a great burden to require them to contribute to the common pot. While I appreciate their compassion, serious problems arise when a person who pays nothing has the right to vote and determine what other people are paying.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Both parents came from big families: my mother had 23 siblings, and my father grew up with 13 brothers and sisters. They married when my father was 28 and my mother was 13. Many years later she confided that she was looking for a way to get out of a desperate home situation.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Capitalism is a system that works extremely well for someone who is highly motivated and very energetic, but it is not a great system for someone who is not interested in working hard or for someone who feels no need to contribute to the economic well-being of their community.”
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