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Ben Carson Quote: “Thinking Big means opening our horizons, reaching for new possibilities in our lives, being open to whatever God has in store for us on the road ahead. Thinking Big is another way of restating one of my mother’s favorite sayings: “You can do anything they can do – only you must try to do it better!” That’s Thinking Big.”
Ben Carson Quote: “We can help our nation quite a bit if we refrain from getting into our respective corners and throwing hand grenades at each other, and instead try to understand the other’s viewpoint, reject the stifling of political correctness, and engage in intelligent civil discussion.”
Ben Carson Quote: “I am asking the Congress, which represents the people, to declare a war on ISIS so that we can begin the process of excising that cancer and begin the healing process, and bring peace, prosperity, and safety back to America.”
Ben Carson Quote: “You know, I’m a physician. I like to diagnose things. And, you know, I’ve diagnosed some pretty, pretty significant issues that I think a lot of people resonate with.”
Ben Carson Quote: “To do his best, one needs a confidence that says, “I can do anything, and if I can’t do it, I know how to get help.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Political correctness has thrown a veil of silence over our important discussions. Rather than asking those with whom we disagree to clearly state their case, we set up rules of political correctness that mandate that their perspective must be the same as ours. We then demonize those with whom we disagree and as a result fail to reach any consensus that might solve our problems.”
Ben Carson Quote: “There’s one more serious risk for America that I want to mention here – the risk we have created by shouting down and shutting up any discussion of faith in the public square. It’s as if we’ve decided expressions or discussions of faith shouldn’t qualify as free speech. What’s even stranger is the way it has somehow been tied to the concept of separation of church and state, even though that concept has nothing to do with people living by or publicly discussing their faith.”
Ben Carson Quote: “We want to make decisions based on facts. Many people do not. They make their decisions based on what their momma says or what their daddy says or what their political party says – without engaging their brains.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Our schools too often want to shut people up so they can’t talk about real solutions. People who think differently tend to clam up because they think something is wrong with their ideas.”
Ben Carson Quote: “We have to take ISIS oil, shut down all of the mechanisms whereby they can disperse money because they go after disaffected individuals from all over the place, and they’re able to pay them.”
Ben Carson Quote: “We have much better policies than the Democrats do.”
Ben Carson Quote: “This power became addicting to many elected officials who, instead of going to Washington, DC, for a brief time to represent their constituency, wanted to hold their positions for extended periods of time – even for life. This growing power and the progressive intrusion of government into the lives of the people was so insidious that it went largely undetected.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Governmental programs are often faceless and unsustainable. Handouts create more dependency in the populace, decreasing overall societal productivity and depleting the resources of the agencies providing the handouts. The taxpayer base decreases, the dependent population increases, and taxpayer money runs out.”
Ben Carson Quote: “To saddle the next generation with unimaginable debt is not only callous, it is morally reprehensible.”
Ben Carson Quote: “Because he believed in my ability, I was able to believe in it as well.”
Ben Carson Quote: “I looked up through a scatter of fluttering leaves silhouetted against the rosy autumn sunset.”
Ben Carson Quote: “The first brush of violet painted the horizon.”
Ben Carson Quote: “My feet scuffed through the golden leaves carpeting the wide sidewalks. Sunlight and shadow danced on ivy-covered walls.”
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