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Top 70 Biz Stone Quotes (2023 Update)
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Biz Stone Quote: “I’d dropped out of college to start design thing.”
Biz Stone Quote: “I think of Twitter as a messaging system that you didn’t know you needed until you had it. Think about when cell phones first started coming out. People said, “Why would I carry my phone around?” And now you’ll drive back to your house thirty miles if you forget your cell phone.”
Biz Stone Quote: “I started out as an artist, and I continue to think of myself as an artist first, and a technologist and entrepreneur after that.”
Biz Stone Quote: “I think Twitter has brought something totally new to the table.”
Biz Stone Quote: “If people are passionate about your product, whether it’s because they’re hating or loving it, those are both good scenarios.”
Biz Stone Quote: “I never even graduated college. I never finished learning, as it were, and I have a psychological need to be in a learning environment at all times.”
Biz Stone Quote: “When I studied graphic design, I learned a valuable lesson: There’s no perfect answer to the puzzle, and creativity is a renewable resource.”
Biz Stone Quote: “I think we definitely want to focus on the simplicity aspect because it’s something that’s built into the culture even here at Twitter. Constraints inspire creativity.”
Biz Stone Quote: “Investors are employees you can never hire. We made sure to pick investors that thought like us.”
Biz Stone Quote: “Both my wife and I have a lot of compassion for animals in general.”
Biz Stone Quote: “The thing that excites me, and the thing that excited me about Twitter, is the idea of a flock of birds moving around an object in flight.”
Biz Stone Quote: “I got an idea: people like news why don’t we write the news down on a piece of paper, and we’ll gas them up and drive them to everyone’s house. I mean, if you were going to say that now, it doesn’t sound like a great idea, because there are other ways you can distribute the news.”
Biz Stone Quote: “I mean just look at haiku, the idea of it. We want to focus on that singularity, on that simplicity, but we still want to add features and add value, but we want to do it in a way that fits in with that mentality of simplicity. You have to spend a lot of time thinking about it.”
Biz Stone Quote: “I mean, even when it’s really simple, there’s so much amazing beautiful creativity that can come out of that.”
Biz Stone Quote: “You have to think for an email. What’s the subject? What’s it about? It takes two seconds to think about that. So you have to think, Is this a work thing or a social thing? Which? Then you get into a situation that you don’t want to be in, because then people are thinking about it too much.”
Biz Stone Quote: “The most rewarding thing for me has been this affirmation for me that people are basically good and smart, and if you give them a simple tool that allows them to exhibit that behavior, they’ll prove it to you every single day.”
Biz Stone Quote: “I was writing and developing software for alumnae to be able to connect and communicate.”
Biz Stone Quote: “We actually created Twitter and Odeo at the same time. When we realized we didn’t really want to be running Odeo anymore we looked around for anyone who wanted to buy Odeo, but not acquire us as a technology. But people aren’t as interested in that.”
Biz Stone Quote: “We did Twitter, and Twitter grew so fast, and in 2006 we spun it out into Twitter, Inc.”
Biz Stone Quote: “I thought I was going to stay at Google, because it was a great place to work.”
Biz Stone Quote: “We didn’t have anything before Twitter that allowed a group of people roaming around a city to communicate instantly, in real time, and in a coordinated way, in a group.”
Biz Stone Quote: “If we probe what’s behind our assumptions, what we find isn’t knowledge or wisdom. It’s fear. We’re afraid that other people’s ideas will make us look less than. We’re afraid that if we make a change, a product won’t come in on time.”
Biz Stone Quote: “Trust your instincts, know what you want, and believe in your ability to achieve it.”
Biz Stone Quote: “Creativity is a renewable resource. Challenge yourself every day. Be as creative as you like, as often as you want, because you can never run out.”
Biz Stone Quote: “We lacked something that is the key to a successful startup, and it was bigger than sound quality. It was emotional investment. If you don’t love what you’re building, if you’re not an avid user yourself, then you will most likely fail even if you’re doing everything else right.”
Biz Stone Quote: “Our promise was to deliver value before profit,...”
Biz Stone Quote: “Trust your instincts, know what you want, and believe in your ability to achieve it. Rules and conventions are important for schools, businesses, and society in general, but you should never follow them blindly.”
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