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Top 7 Caren Lissner Quotes (2023 Update)

Caren Lissner Quote: “Being smart doesn’t mean being skilled at social interaction. No one ever said being a genius was easy.”
Caren Lissner Quote: “The most amazing discovery in the world is someone who understands what you’re about without your having to go through your entire life history to explain it.”
Caren Lissner Quote: “But when ninety-five percent of out-of-bed activities hold the possibility of pain, to be pain-free is simply the most delicious feeling in the world.”
Caren Lissner Quote: “There are a great many things I would do a study on if I had the time, materials and funding. It bothers me that I can’t. I wonder if others are irked by this, this incessant drive to plumb a million things and the inability to delve adequately into any one of them.”
Caren Lissner Quote: “As I get close to the subway, a guy in a raincoat seethes at me, “Smile!” This makes me feel worse. I was lost in thought, minding my own business, and someone felt he had the right to disturb me anyway. Doesn’t he realize that by making me feel like I was doing something wrong, he only made me feel less like smiling? It actually had the reverse effect he intended. It’s like striking a bawling kid to stop him from crying, and we’ve all seen that done.”
Caren Lissner Quote: “Being lonely isn’t about wanting to be with other people – it’s about wanting to be with people who really care about you.”
Caren Lissner Quote: “I can spot an underemployed lazy intellectual anywhere.”
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