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Caroline Myss Quote: “Spirituality on the other hand, is a chosen path of developing intimate relationships with God. It’s chosen, it’s nurtured, and it’s optional.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “I think that the practice of medicine, the science of it, has become 50% pharmacological, so that doctors are like walking pharmacies.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Therefore, when you enter into anything, as a frightened being, that contract you make with another person out of fear, has to fall apart.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “In general, if a couple cannot expand their original rules and boundaries to accommodate personal growth, the relationship disintegrates.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Belief in oneself is required for healing.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Sometimes the elements of our life present us with a challenge that is an initiation in disguise, a fire walk that burns your lower nature right out of you so that you are able to adapt to a higher level of consciousness.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Yet the truth is that healing and change are one and the same thing. They are composed of the same energy, and we cannot seek to heal an illness without first looking into what behavioral patterns and attitudes need to be altered in our life. Once those characteristics are identified, we have to do something about those patterns. This requires taking action, and action brings about change.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “How can you live without knowing what your spirit is doing and what your spirit is saying to you?”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The strings to our past are burned because we need a new beginning.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “It’s two things: it’s totally impersonal and it’s totally personal, simultaneously. That’s the nature of the mystical experience of life. Everything about life is impersonal, but you have a personal experience. And the bridge between the personal and the impersonal is called prayer.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The women with high social pressure seem to be amongst the strongest carriers of the possibility of breast cancer.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “It doesn’t matter what you choose, what matters is the energy with which you choose it.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “I have come to believe that energy medicine is a practice of healing that is dependent upon the energy of time. Whereas allopathic medicine uses linear time as a fundamental healing measure. Energy medicine needs to understand the dynamic of chiros time, that is the time without time.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Healing comes from gathering wisdom from past actions and letting go of the pain that the education cost you.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Guidance requires action, but it does not guarantee safety.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “I can sense and feel this wretched compassion that I don’t want. But it’s there. It’s a very painful kind of compassion. It’s not one you look for. You don’t want this kind of compassion; it just happens.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Becoming adept at the process of self inquiry and symbolic insight is a vital spiritual task that leads to the growth of faith in oneself.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “We are reluctant to live outside tribal rules because we are afraid of getting kicked out of the tribe.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Energy Anatomy.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Human reasoning can never answer the mysteries of our lives.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The spiritual test inherent in all our lives is the challenge to discover what motivates us to make the choices we do, and whether we have faith in our fears or the Divine...”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The goal of the human experience is to transform ourselves from being who long to attain power in the physical world to beings who are empowered from within.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Dominant energy patterns that are contributing to the stress in a human being, are able to be picked up, if a person is open enough. And for me, as a medical intuitive, that’s where I focus my attention. That’s what the skill is all about.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Our lives are structured around power symbols: money, authority, title, beauty, security.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The amount of suffering you actually can feel, you want to be able to do something about it. You want to be able to attend to it, to change the system that is making this happen. Because you are so aware of how unnecessary it is, and therein lies the deeper pain.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “When you approach intuitive methods with respect, you become open to hearing from your interior channels.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “By learning to identify your energy patterns, you will be able to gain a much greater vision of the meaning and purpose of your many experiences and relationships.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Finding the right healing path requires all or nothing. Once you place conditions on healing, all you can achieve is conditional healing.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “And eternity does not mean everlasting time but a moment without time. Wittgenstein saw it clearly: “If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, eternal life belongs to those who live in the present.” So.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “I have yet to meet a person who has not felt betrayed.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Nothing exists without a purpose. And we humans are subject to the laws of nature just as everything else on earth is.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Of all the mind games you could play in life, the most important is this one: always tell the truth to others and to yourself.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The Mind, once enlightened, cannot again become dark.” THOMAS PAINE, Common Sense.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Learn to trust what you cannot see far more than what you can see.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “We all have to surrender our need for our world to be ordered according to our conceptions of justice, logic, and rational motives. Just as you must have realized by now that your world does not, in fact, revolve around you – that you have very little authority over your life and that even making it alive until sundown is not in your hands – you must reach the stage of spiritual maturity where you surrender to God.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Practice the healing power of the compassionate mind.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The journey of life is the unification of fragmentation. Fragments are units of power that are out of control. We make agreements to come and collect ourselves.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “As the Buddha taught, the cause of suffering is attachment; the end of attachment will mean the end of suffering.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Imagine what a focused human being could do in a day to make a difference in this world.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The lessons of truth you’ve acquired are your wisdom jewels. Wisdom is often hidden underneath our greatest hardships, and it is the Intellectual who understands that the search for wisdom is the true path to healing.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Living in harmony with truth means you are not harboring secrets or hiding behind old wounds, not betraying yourself or others.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Grace is the breath of God – an invisible essence beyond intellect that moves swiftly amongst us. It is not only possible to become a living conduit of this powerful force, grace is immediately accessible to us along with the courage to follow divine guidance.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “There isn’t anything in your life that cannot be changed.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “I grew to understand or really grasp a sense of what the power of being humble is – that becomes a practice. Otherwise you’ll be crushed by your fear of being humiliated. It’ll control you the rest of your life. I really understood that. I haven’t mastered it, I haven’t come close to it.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Each of us has a dark side, along with our own grace and light. The extent to which we can acknowledge the former while maximizing the latter may determine how we choose to fulfill the terms of our Contract. When the shadow side takes over even one person, the consequences are tragically felt by many.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Spiritual transformation results when you move from seeing things strictly in physical, material terms to seeing that there are reasons why things happen as they do – that there is a greater plan behind them.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Of great significance to me was the realization that “healing” does not always mean that the physical body recovers from an illness. Healing can also mean that one’s spirit has released long-held fears and negative thoughts towards oneself or others. This kind of spiritual release and healing can occur even though one’s body may be dying physically.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The lesson for the Intellectual is never to invest so much of yourself in any situation that you are willing to compromise your integrity in order to maintain the illusion. Once that cycle begins, it is nearly impossible to release yourself from it. The Intellectual frees herself from the shadow by knowing who she is at all times and living from her truth.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “She was thoroughly entrenched in her wounds, so much so that she had converted her wounds into a type of social currency.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The common ingredient in every single dysfunction is an issue of power.”
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