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Caroline Myss Quote: “Living in harmony with truth means you are not harboring secrets or hiding behind old wounds, not betraying yourself or others.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The lesson for the Intellectual is never to invest so much of yourself in any situation that you are willing to compromise your integrity in order to maintain the illusion. Once that cycle begins, it is nearly impossible to release yourself from it. The Intellectual frees herself from the shadow by knowing who she is at all times and living from her truth.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “We all have to surrender our need for our world to be ordered according to our conceptions of justice, logic, and rational motives. Just as you must have realized by now that your world does not, in fact, revolve around you – that you have very little authority over your life and that even making it alive until sundown is not in your hands – you must reach the stage of spiritual maturity where you surrender to God.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Practice the healing power of the compassionate mind.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Spiritual transformation results when you move from seeing things strictly in physical, material terms to seeing that there are reasons why things happen as they do – that there is a greater plan behind them.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Of great significance to me was the realization that “healing” does not always mean that the physical body recovers from an illness. Healing can also mean that one’s spirit has released long-held fears and negative thoughts towards oneself or others. This kind of spiritual release and healing can occur even though one’s body may be dying physically.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “A great paradox of contemporary therapy is that it cracks open so many crises of the mind that can’t be healed with the mind.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “How does the grace of wisdom serve the Intellectual? Wisdom calls you to think twice before doing harm to another person. It is that voice inside you that in the midst of emotional conflict whispers, “Are you sure you want to say that? Because if you do your relationship may change forever.” Wisdom inspires you to consider the consequences of your choices – their effect on your life and the lives of others.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The lessons of truth you’ve acquired are your wisdom jewels. Wisdom is often hidden underneath our greatest hardships, and it is the Intellectual who understands that the search for wisdom is the true path to healing.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The common ingredient in every single dysfunction is an issue of power.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “She was thoroughly entrenched in her wounds, so much so that she had converted her wounds into a type of social currency.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Each of us has a dark side, along with our own grace and light. The extent to which we can acknowledge the former while maximizing the latter may determine how we choose to fulfill the terms of our Contract. When the shadow side takes over even one person, the consequences are tragically felt by many.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The chakra system is an archetypal depiction of individual maturation through seven distinct stages. The chakras are vertically aligned, running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, suggesting that we ascend toward the Divine by gradually mastering the seductive pull of the physical world. At each stage we gain a more refined understanding of personal and spiritual power, since each chakra represents a spiritual life-lesson or challenge common to all human beings.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “For me the information has to remain incredibly neutral. It’s what I would call ‘ice-like’ information. I receive very rapid impressions. I don’t have to sit there and concentrate. Because, if I start to really focus, my conscious mind begins to apply data, which is not accurate.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “You can pretend to be something other than who you are but eventually you will run out of energy to continue because that’s not authentically you.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “You change the rules or you are going under.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Those who are in a spiritual crisis, however, have a feeling that something is trying to wake up inside them. They just don’t know how to see it.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Always, a shift in awareness includes a period of isolation and loneliness as one gets accustomed to the new level of truth. And then always, new companions are found. No one is left alone for long.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The word deserve causes immeasurable pain.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “That which serves our spirits enhances our bodies. That which diminishes our spirits diminishes our bodies.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The wounded child sees the Divine as operating a reward and punishment system, with humanly logical explanations for all painful experiences. The wounded child does not understand that within all experiences, no matter how painful, lie spiritual insights. So long as we think like a wounded child, we will love conditionally and with great fear of loss.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The most effective way to break the controlling force of a myth is to recognize that you personally believe it, and that while you may share this belief with others, it is a belief and not necessarily a fact.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “As long as you remain present, everything you need is.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “I don’t want to ever, ever give that kind of pain to one living mortal. And I will not give that thought power in my life. That’s my practice.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “We are not designed to be critical of others or ourselves; we think ill of others only out of fear.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “We need never feel either that we have too far to travel or that we have already arrived and can stop practicing the everyday virtues of compassion and mindfulness.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “The expression “If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else” is commonplace. Yet for many people loving oneself remains a vague notion.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “A common trait shared by people who have healed is that they cease being unreasonable in ways that no longer matter in the greater scheme of life.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “To heal the past you have to “time travel” with the genuine intention of seeking and breaking repetitious patterns and gaining insights into what you need to learn in this lifetime.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “If you sincerely believe that God loves you, then you’re not a victim of anything anymore. It’s happening to open up opportunities for us to become more aligned with our higher purpose. I.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Forgiveness is your release from the hell of wanting to know what cannot be known and from wanting to see others suffer because they have hurt you.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “For reasons having largely to do with conflicting political agendas and fourteen centuries of animosity between Muslims, Christians, and Jews, we also have a distorted impression of the teachings of Islam. The fact is that Islamic teachings are based on the same moral and ethical principles that lie at the heart of both Judaism and Christianity.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “What an inspiring book. Thank heaven Lee Thornton decided to share her remarkable life story with us. Lee’s book is a blessing as well as a terrific read.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Our individual souls hum actively within a kind of global soul comprising all life on the planet. Our words, thoughts, deeds, and visions influence our individual health just as they affect the health of everyone around us. As a vital part of a larger, universal spirit, we each have been put here on earth to fulfill a Sacred Contract that enhances our personal spiritual growth while contributing to the evolution of the entire global soul.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “With you, God, all things are possible, including my healing.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “I have since become convinced that when we define ourselves by our wounds, we burden and lose our physical and spiritual energy and open ourselves to the risk of illness.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “Remaining obsessively angry makes you more likely to develop a disease because the energy consequence of a negative obsession is powerlessness.”
Caroline Myss Quote: “After all, who are you that the world should make sense to you?”
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