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Christopher Hitchens Quotes
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Christopher Hitchens Quote: “There are two clocks ticking in Iran. One is the democracy movement clock which is ticking now faster than it was but it’s got a lot of catching up to do. And then there’s the clock that’s ticking towards a nuclear weaponry.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I think that there is no supernatural dimension. The natural world is quite wonderful enough. The more we know about it, the much more wonderful it is than any supernatural proposition.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “A good liar must have a good memory. Kissinger is a stupendous liar with a remarkable memory.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Reason is the Devil’s harlot, who can do nought but slander and harm whatever God says and does. – MARTIN LUTHER.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “If I convert it’s because it’s better that a believer dies than that an atheist does.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The quality you most admire in a woman? Courage moral and physical: “anima”-the ability to visualize the mind and need of a man. Also a sense of the absurd.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I personally want to “do” death in the active and not the passive, and to be there to look it in the eye and be doing something when it comes for me.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The most educated person in the world now has to admit – I shall not say confess – that he or she knows less and less but at least knows less and less about more and more.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Pakistan has to export a lot of uneducated people, many of whom have become infected with the most barbaric reactionary ideas.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Cluster bombs are perhaps not good in themselves, but when they are dropped on identifiable concentrations of Taliban troops, they do have a heartening effect.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Prayer: A petition that the laws of nature be suspended in favor of the petitioner; himself confessedly unworthy.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I’m not afraid of being dead, that’s to say there’s nothing to be afraid of. I won’t know I’m dead, would be my strong conviction. And if I find that I’m alive in any way at all, that’ll be a pleasant surprise. I quite like surprises.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The cause of my life has been to oppose superstition. It’s a battle you can’t hope to win – it’s a battle that’s going to go on forever. It’s part of the human condition.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “For the people who ostensibly wish me well or are worried about my immortal soul, I say I take it kindly.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Islam is at once the most and the least interesting of the world’s monotheisms. It builds upon its primitive Jewish and Christian predecessors, selecting a chunk here and a shard there, and thus if these fall, it partly falls also.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I don’t say things like “the grace of God.” All that’s white noise to me, not because I’m an intellectual. For many people, it’s gibberish. Likewise, the idea that the Koran was dictated by an archaic illiterate is a fantasy.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Exercise is a pastime only for those who are already slender and physically fit. It just isn’t so much fun when you have a marked tendency to wheeze and throw up, and a cannonball of a belly sloshing around inside the baggy garments.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The only position that leaves me with no cognitive dissonance is atheism.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The concept of loneliness and exile and self-sufficiency continually bucks me up.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “It’s surprising to me how many of my friends send Christmas cards, or holiday cards, including my atheist and secular friends.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Reagan is doing to the country what he can no longer do to his wife.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The people who must never have power are the humorless. To impossible certainties of rectitude they ally tedium and uniformity.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The brilliant Schiller was wrong in his Joan of Arc when he said against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain. It is actually by means of the gods that we make our stupidity and gullibility into something ineffable.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Henry Kissinger should have the door shut in his face by every decent person and should be shamed, ostracized and excluded.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “It’s much worse to see a woman drunk than a man: I don’t know quite why this is true but it just is. Don’t ever be responsible for it.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Chemotherapy isn’t good for you. So when you feel bad, as I am feeling now, you think, ‘Well that is a good thing because it’s supposed to be poison. If it’s making the tumor feel this queasy, then I’m OK with it.’”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “We live only a few conscious decades, and we fret ourselves enough for several lifetimes.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Primate and elephant and even pig societies show considerable evidence of care for others, parent-child bonding, solidarity in the face of danger, and so on.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Anyone who can look me in the eye and say they prefer the story of Moses or Jesus or Mohammed to the life of Socrates is intellectually defective.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I’m a single-issue voter, to get straight to the point. I’m really only interested in the candidate who’s toughest and least apologetic when it comes to the confrontation with Islamic Jihadism.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Montaigne: “Religion’s surest foundation is the contempt for life.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “In order to terminate a pregnancy, you have to still a heartbeat, switch off a developing brain.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I am so made that I cannot believe.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “A rule of thumb with humor; if you worry that you might be going too far, you have already not gone far enough. If everybody laughs, you have failed.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I’m not particularly a feminist, but if you get women off the animal cycle of reproduction and give them some say in how many children they’ll have, immediately the floor will rise.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Literature, not scripture, sustains the mind and – since there is no other metaphor – also the soul.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Of course, I do everything for money.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Religion is not just incongruent with morality, but in essential ways incompatible with it.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “For me, the life of the angler is an almost flawless example of how not to have a good time.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The moment of near despair is quite often the moment that precedes courage.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Internationalism is the highest form of patriotism.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The suicide-bombing community is not absolutely 100 percent religious, but it is pretty nearly 100 percent religious.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “There are people who cannot forget, as neither do I, the lesson of the years of the Indochina War. Which was, first, that the state is capable of being a murderer. A mass murderer, and a conspirator and a liar.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “You should be nicer to him,? a schoolmate had once said to me of some awfully ill-favored boy. ‘He has no friends.’ This, I realized with a pang of pity that I can still remember, was only true as long as everybody agreed to it.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “It is only those who hope to transform human beings who end up by burning them, like the waste product of a failed experiment.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “As Edward Gibbon observed about the modes of worship prevalent in the Roman world, they were “considered by the people as equally true, by the philosopher as equally false and by the magistrate as equally useful.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I try to deny myself any illusions or delusions, and I think that this perhaps entitles me to try and deny the same to others, at least as long as they refuse to keep their fantasies to themselves.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “It’s no fun to appreciate to the full the truth of the materialist proposition that I don’t have a body, I am a body.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The governor of Texas, who, when asked if the Bible should also be taught in Spanish, replied that ’if English was good enough for Jesus, then it’s good enough for me.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “If you look at any Muslim society and you make a scale of how developed they are, and how successful the economy is, it’s a straight line. It depends on how much they emancipate their women.”
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