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Christopher Hitchens Quotes
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Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The penalty for getting mugged in an American city and losing your ID is that you can’t fly home.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Only the aspirants for president are fool enough to believe what they read in the newspapers.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I don’t think consensus-building politics is what I’m meant to be doing.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Friends call me Hitch. Maybe it can be turned into a 900-phone number. People would pay to talk to me.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “We have millions and millions of North Korean children totally stunted in mind and body and will have to be dealt with at some point, who have been raised to believe that they live in a regime that is run by a god.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “We become accomplices in evil every time we seek to soothe the unslakable appetites of the crime family that sits in Pyongyang.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I became a journalist because one didn’t have to specialise.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Saul of Tarsus on the Damascene road.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I’m very depressed how in this country you can be told “That’s offensive” as though those two words constitute an argument.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Richard Dawkins may have phrased it most pungently when he argued that everybody is an atheist in saying that there is a god – from Ra to Shiva – in which he does not believe. All that the serious and objective atheist does is to take the next step and to say that there is just one more god to disbelieve in.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I could not possibly improve on the sentiment, but I don’t think it ought to depend on the current austerities. Isn’t Christmas a moral and aesthetic nightmare whether or not the days are prosperous?”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The reading public isn’t born that doesn’t think foreigners are either funny or faintly sinister.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I have nowhere claimed nor even implied that unbelief is a guarantee of good conduct or even an indicator of it.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “My challenge: Name an ethical statement or action, made or performed by a person of faith, that could not have been made or performed by a nonbeliever.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Hardest of all, as one becomes older, is to accept that sapient remarks can be drawn from the most unwelcome or seemingly improbable sources, and that the apparently more trustworthy sources can lead one astray.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Ronald Reagan used to alarm his Soviet counterparts by saying that surely they’d both unite against an invasion from Mars.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Every day, the New York Times carries a motto in a box on its front page. “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” it says. It’s been saying it for decades, day in and day out. I imagine most readers of the canonical sheet have long ceased to notice this bannered and flaunted symbol of its mental furniture. I myself check every day to make sure that the bright, smug, pompous, idiotic claim is still there.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Nothing could make me forget what the Reagan years had actually been like.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I must have been one of the least surprised people on earth on September 11. I felt very braced for that. I knew something like that was going to come.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “It must be obvious to anyone who can think at all that the charges against the Hussein regime are, as concerns arsenals of genocidal weaponry, true.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I make preparations both to live and to die every day, but with the emphasis on not dying, and on acting as if I was going to carry on living.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Ronald Reagan used to alarm other constituencies by speaking freely about the End Times foreshadowed in the Bible.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “One of the many dreadful aspects of the Kennedy ‘legacy’ is the now-unbreakable grip of celebrity politics, image-doctoring, stage management, and “torch-passing” rhetoric in general.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “As is so often the case with pieces that appear in the Onion, I honestly could not decide whether this was a clever hoax or not – the arguments were almost exactly as stupid as the real thing.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The road to Damascus was not and is not a one-way street.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I have tried for much of my life to write as if I was composing my sentences to be read posthumously.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Talking, it seemed to me, was the point of adult existence.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I don’t even like showing my stuff to publishers and editors much.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I was taught very early on that the state can be, and is, a liar and a murderer.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “If you’ve led a rather bohemian and rackety life, as I have, it’s precisely the cancer that you’d expect to get. That’s a bit of a yawn.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I’ve proved to be as difficult to convert as I am to hypnotize.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “So far, I have decided to take whatever my disease can throw at me, and to stay combative even while taking the measure of my inevitable decline. I repeat, this is no more than what a healthy person has to do in slower motion.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Nor have I any idea why Said should consider Orwell’s life a ‘comfortable’ one. Having taken a bullet through the throat, and while suffering from a demoralising and ultimately lethal case of TB, he lived on an astonishingly low budget and tried whenever possible to grow his own food and even to make his own furniture. Indeed, if there was anything affected about him, it might be his indifference to bourgeois life, his almost ostentatious austerity.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Religion is, after all, more than the belief in a supreme being. It is the cult of that supreme being and the belief that his or her wishes have been made known or can be determined.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Your ideal authors ought to pull you from the foundering of your previous existence, not smilingly guide you into a friendly and peaceable harbor.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “When mass rapes occurred in the course of aggressive war in Bangladesh and later in Bosnia, Mother Teresa in the first case and the Pope in the second made strenuous appeals to the victims not to abort the seed of the invader and the violator.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I began the project of judging Mother Teresa’s reputation by her actions and words rather than her actions and words by her reputation.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “The great thing about the United States and the historically magnetic effect it has had on a lot of people like me is its generosity, to put it simply.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “In this way he will draw men to him by the strong cords of their passions, made reason-proof by being baptized with the name of piety.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “A lot of people, because of my contempt for the false consolations of religion, think of me as a symbolic public opponent of that in extremis. And sometimes that makes me feel a bit alarmed, to be the repository of other people’s hope.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I’m not that keen on the idea of being unconscious.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “I don’t think souls or bodies can be changed by incantation. Or anything else by the way.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Only the force of American arms, or the extremely credible threat of that force, can bring a fresh face to power.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “My political life has been informed by the view that if there was any truth to religion there wouldn’t really be any need for politics.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Religious ideas, supposedly private matters between man and god, are in practice always political ideas.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “Those who naively credit Gandhi with a conscientious or consistent pacifism might wish to ask if this did not amount to letting the Japanese imperialists do his fighting for him.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “As I’ve said before, you can be an atheist and anything you like.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “As long as the human heart is strong and the human reason weak, royalty will be strong because it appeals to diffuse feeling, and Republics weak because they appeal to the understanding.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “There is no reason at all why there aren’t enough people to guard New Orleans and to help stabilise Baghdad.”
Christopher Hitchens Quote: “People until I was 60 would always say they thought I looked younger, which I think, without flattering myself, I did, but I think I certainly have, as George Orwell says people do after a certain age, the face they deserve.”
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