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Cynthia Hand Quotes
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Cynthia Hand Quote: “We think of happiness as something we can take. But usually it comes from being content with what we have, and accepting ourselves.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “First rule of Angel Club, you do not talk about Angel Club.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “There’s death all around us. Everywhere we look. 1.8 people kill themselves every second. We just don’t pay attention. Until we do.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Sanity is overrated.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “You never know when it’s going to be the last time.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “You must learn to deal with the facts.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Without stories, we’re all just lonely islands... stories let us see and hear and feel what someone else does... they build bridges to the other islands. That’s why stories are so important. They create true empathy.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “He’s waiting. He’s still waiting. He’s given up everything for me. His entire life. His future. Everything, because he wants to keep me safe. Because he believes, in his heart, that he’s my purpose and I’m his.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Who are you calling beef-witted?” she laughed at him. “Your mother was a hamster, and your father stank of elderberries!” And away they went, whirling and stabbing with their brooms, almost dancing as they moved about the field. She.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Forgiveness is tricky, Alexis, because in the end it’s more about you than it’s about the person who’s being forgiven.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “The people we love are never truly gone.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “It’s funny how sometimes you don’t see the obvious things coming.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “All the best things are like that, though, Lex, the most beautiful things. Part of the beauty comes from the fact that they’re short-lived.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “But here’s the thing, that futuristic society where everybody is drugged to be happy all the time no matter what happens, it’s horrible, monstrous even. It’s like the end of humanity, because we are supposed to feel things.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “But if we believe that love is this powerful force that binds us together, and if this belief brings us happiness and stability in this tumultuous world, then what’s the harm?”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “For everyone who knows there was enough room for Leonardo DiCaprio on that door. And.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “You can try to keep the worst things down inside you. You can shove them away, not think about them, not deal. But they bubble up to the surface. They always do.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Stories let us see and hear and feel what someone else does,” she explained. “They build bridges to the other islands. That’s why stories are so important. They create true empathy.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “I understand now that nobody could have saved Ty but Ty. There’s no one else to blame. Not you. Not me. Ty was holding all the cards.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Well, you know, vices are sometimes only virtues carried to excess.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “My fortune read, It’s never too late to become what one could have been.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “No horse jokes,” he said. “My lord, I apologize for the horse joke. If you put down the book – unharmed! – I will give you a carrot.” He brandished the book at her. “Was that a horse joke?” “Neigh.” “Was that a horse joke?”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Armies aren’t very good about carrying libraries with them. I can’t imagine why. We’d fight so much less if everyone would juste sit down and read.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Are you calling me a liar?” “I’m calling you a storyteller.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Of course I’ve been lying. I’m a politician.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Of course, being angry is pointless. Unproductive. They don’t understand yet. That they are all waiting for that one phone call that will change everything. That every one of them will feel like me eventually. Because someone they love will die. It’s one of life’s cruel certainties.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “And there were no secrets between them anymore, save one. G wanted to confess it to his lady before they commenced with the very special hug.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Insert the biggest, most awkward silence in the history of big awkward silences. I stare at him. I’m suddenly exhausted by all the lies I’ve told him. He’s my friend, and I lie to him every day. He deserves better. I wish I could tell him then, more than anything I’ve ever wanted. I wish I could stand in front of him and truly be myself and tell him everything. But it’s against the rules.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “You might have noticed that Edward was a bit of a sexist. You can’t blame him, really, since all his young life he’d been greatly exalted for simply having been born a boy.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “I love you as the plant that never blooms but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “And most of all, she loved the way books could transport her from her otherwise mundane and stifling life and offer the experiences of a hundred other lives.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Who on earth could feel comfortable enough to sleep in a room with no books? Edward.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of it for anyone else’?”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “If there was something strange in your neighborhood, you could, um, write the Society a letter, and they would promptly send an agent to take care of it.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Ah, hello.” He gathered his courage. This was just like reading poetry, but subtract poems and add people casually placing hunting knives and daggers on their tables. One of the women was filing her fingernails into sharp points, like claws. Just like reading poetry.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “He’s not meeting my eyes anymore. “We’re young,” he says. “We’ve got lots of time to fall in love.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “I’ve seen the future all my life,′ she says. ‘It tends to work as a paradox, in my experience. You find out something is going to happen, and then you do it because you know that’s what happens. It’s a chicken-or-the-egg scenario.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “She remained an ass for all the rest of her days, as asses typically do.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “This man, this impostor of a man, can kill my body but he can’t touch my soul.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “My mother always says that love is like a snakebite, a venom slowly spreading through your veins.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “But if you are a bucker of the system, a friend of truth, an ally of love, and a believer in magic, then read on.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “The person who possesses the creative gift owns something of which she is not always the master – something that at times strangely wills and works for itself.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “He thinks I’m having trouble expressing my feelings, which is why he suggested I write in a journal – to get it out, he said, like in the old days when physicians used to bleed their patients in order to drain the mysterious poisons. Which almost always ended up killing them in spite of the doctors’ good intentions, I might point out.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Fox Creek Road. Such a simple, unassuming name for this place where destiny’s going to go down. Now I know the where. And the who, and the what. All I have to figure out is the when. And the why.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “I don’t particularly want Kay to be a good person. I’m perfectly comfortable thinking about her as the wicked witch.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “You don’t know until you know.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Do any of us have a choice where destiny is concerned?”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Mr. Rochester grunted. “Miss Eyre, listen to me. I believe there is a string below your rib, and it stretches across class and age to me, and it is attached beneath my rib. And if you find another suitable position, and leave me, you will pull it out. And I will bleed.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Thanks for picking me to be the one who got to stand in your sunshine for a while.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “I’ll never forget the way he tastes. It’s not anything I can describe, a little sweet and a whole lot of spice, and it feels, in that moment, absolutely right.”
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