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Cynthia Hand Quotes
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Cynthia Hand Quote: “Words were good. But sometimes they were simply inadequate.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “This man, this impostor of a man, can kill my body but he can’t touch my soul.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. Oh. Sorry, G. Not you, of course.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “I am not dead” argued Edward. “There are nefarious villains who would have you believe I died. But any accounts of my demise have been grossly exaggerated, I assure you, for here I am, very much alive.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Behold, Tucker Avery,” she says to me, gesturing up at him.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Only morons smoke.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Fox Creek Road. Such a simple, unassuming name for this place where destiny’s going to go down. Now I know the where. And the who, and the what. All I have to figure out is the when. And the why.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Come on, pretty boy,” he taunts. “Show me what you’ve got.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Tucker doesn’t see me right away. He smiles the way he does when he delivers the punch line for a joke, a wry, knowing little flash of teeth and dimple. I melt seeing that smile, remembering the times when it’s been aimed at me.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “I’ll never forget the way he tastes. It’s not anything I can describe, a little sweet and a whole lot of spice, and it feels, in that moment, absolutely right.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “I’m glad we will not be forced to live by your quill, because I am rather used to having food on the table. But, I appreciate the effort behind those words.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Ah, hello.” He gathered his courage. This was just like reading poetry, but subtract poems and add people casually placing hunting knives and daggers on their tables. One of the women was filing her fingernails into sharp points, like claws. Just like reading poetry.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “A radiant girl with red hair caught Charlotte’s eye. She was dressed in a gorgeous embroidered, jewel-encrusted gown and Elizabethan headdress. In her hand she held a book. She smiled sweetly at Jane, and reached for the man beside her, who, to Charlotte’s total astonishment, suddenly turned into a horse.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “I’ve read all the books we have.” She wrinkled her nose. “Armies aren’t very good about carrying libraries with them. I can’t imagine why. We’d fight so much less if everyone would just sit down and read.” Gifford’s.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “It takes my breath away. Well, that, and I just climbed all those stairs.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “What my wife desires – and what you should have guessed, had you paid attention – is bookcases. And books, of course, to fill them. Not more decorations or useless items. She wants books.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Even the wind had died.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “I just think, we don’t get promised anything good in this life. Bad things happen all the time. They’re happening right now, somewhere out there. They’ll keep happening. Who knows? Maybe this moment, right here, is as good as I’m every going to be.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “But my anger was a slippery thing, like a fish I was trying to keep hold of, and it wiggled out of my grasp.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “She remained an ass for all the rest of her days, as asses typically do.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Brave isn’t something you are. It’s something you do.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “The whole place seemed like the look-don’t-touch kind of home. Perfectly manicured. Never enjoyed.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Insert the biggest, most awkward silence in the history of big awkward silences. I stare at him. I’m suddenly exhausted by all the lies I’ve told him. He’s my friend, and I lie to him every day. He deserves better. I wish I could tell him then, more than anything I’ve ever wanted. I wish I could stand in front of him and truly be myself and tell him everything. But it’s against the rules.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “If it’s all about desire, why do you not desire to be a man?”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “A word is not simply a word.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Everyone’s caught up in their own thing. We’re all the stars of our own movies. Anyways, that’s my big superpower. Mister Invisibility.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Sometimes it had taken her hours or days to recover from a particularly emotional book, but there’d always been another to take her mind off the anguish.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “A light comes on in his eyes. “Sure, why not? A date with Queen Elizabeth.” He smiles.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “But right now, at the wedding supper, a bigger problem was emerging. Every time G thought about how to break the news to her, he gulped down a cup of ale. And he thought about it a lot. Every time he looked at his new bride. And he looked at her a lot.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Everyone started sniffling at that point. Everyone, that is, except me. I never did the crying thing. It would have ruined my makeup.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Without stories, we’re all just lonely islands.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Great,” I answer. It’s fruitless to argue with Dave; he’s so freaking calm. “I’ll get right on that.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Just because we’re girls doesn’t mean you have to coddle us.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Public poetry readings were known to be a rough business, especially when presenting new material. A man could lose a lot more than just his pride.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “The GWBR?” Jane shook her head. “I don’t believe it exists.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Love is a choice I’ve made. A verb. And that, because I believe in it, because I act on it is real. Love is a very real thing to me.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Okay, that was, I have to say, about the cheesiest thing I ever heard in my life,” I say to Angela as we’re milling around afterward. We hug, so Billy can take our picture. “I mean, seriously. Just be? You should write ads for Nike.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “He would have found the whole thing wildly exciting if he wasn’t so tired of things being so wildly exciting.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “We’ve all got our weaknesses.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Even though he knew the Shadow King would trap them both, he couldn’t just leave her to her fate. There’s such a beauty in that. Choosing love, no matter what it costs.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “There are two ways to respond when life hands you something unpleasant,” the grandmother said, smiling down at the infant in her lap. “You can get soft or you can get tough. Our Ethan has just decided to get tough, it seems. But he’ll come around eventually, I think. He’s got a good heart under there somewhere. And he has time – God knows, he’s, what, seventeen now? He has time to get himself on the right path again.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “The pen feels unnatural in my hand. It’s so much weightier than pencil. Permanent. There are no erasers, in life.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “He’s hot. He knows he’s hot. I am taken. He knows I am taken.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Because he was English and that’s what the English do under stress: they drink tea.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “On everyone’s lap rested a book. Any book. In case the wedding got boring.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “She would imagine a different life. She would seek it.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “I’ve seen the future all my life,′ she says. ‘It tends to work as a paradox, in my experience. You find out something is going to happen, and then you do it because you know that’s what happens. It’s a chicken-or-the-egg scenario.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Everything changes. That’s the only constant.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Edward couldn’t imagine his cousin Jane with a husband and a child, even though she was sixteen years old and sixteen was a bit spinsterish, by the standards of the day.”
Cynthia Hand Quote: “Where are you?” I wheeze into the floor. “Where did you go?”
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