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Dean Koontz Quotes
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Dean Koontz Quote: “Unlike the beasts of the wild, the many cruel varieties of human monsters, when at last cornered, seldom fight with greater ferocity. Instead, they reveal the cowardice at the core of their brutality.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “What popped up more than that was the realization that I made as an adult that the world is this incredibly complex, layered, and mysterious place and if you stop and think about it the human cell is literally more complex than a fleet of 747s.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Every writer has his own voice. Other than that I’m always trying to do change-ups and publishers haven’t always been happy about that.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “People couldn’t bear to go on living if they faced every cold truth about themselves.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “She says what holds their marriage together is that she feels too damn sorry for him to ask for a divorce.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “A great deal of phenomenal experience has fostered in me a flexibility of the mind and imagination that some might call madness.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “In my personal life, I’m a comic novel. But then, so are we all, because we’re human beings.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Not everything that happens during the day is an open portending a good or evil development in the future, but everything has meaning to one degree or another, for the world is an ever-weaving tapestry from which no thread can be pulled without destroying the integrity of the cloth.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “No matter what happens, disaster piled on calamity, no matter what, everything will be okay in the long run.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Haven’t you noticed, insanity is the new normal?”
Dean Koontz Quote: “And your three-year-old Ford Explorer,” Terezin said, “bought without your parents’ money, a proud statement of your independence – of course it has a GPS.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Tommy told Sal about the strange white-cloth figure with black stitches that he had found on the front porch. “Sounds like Pillsbury Doughboy gone punk,” Sal said.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “If someone wrote it and it had a peculiar twist, I’ve read it.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Southerners have many fine qualities, charm and civility among them, and a sense of the tragic...”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Few human beings give of themselves to another as a dog gives of itself.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Never waste energy beating yourself up. Other people are always standing in line to do it.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “At the core of every ordered system, whether a family or a factory, is chaos. But in the whirl of every chaos lies a strange order, waiting to be found.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Home is where the heart is. No, nothing quite as simple as that. Home is where you struggle, in a world of endless struggle, to become the best you can be, and it becomes home in your heart only if one day you can look back and say that, in spite of all your faults and failures, it was in this special place where you began to see, however dimly, the shape of your soul.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “As much as I’ve produced it looks to people like I must have written quickly, but it isn’t that – because I put in in a sixty- or seventy-hour week.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Sometimes many publishers prefer that you write the same book every time, but I have a low boredom threshold so that isn’t going to happen.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “I fall down on the side of free will, simply because if you look at where I came from, and what I was able to do in my life, what was able to happen.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “One of the underlying things I like to do in books, is just say, stop and look at this for a moment. Not that you’ve got to believe that Jesus was real, or not to believe in God, but the belief that it isn’t just happenstance.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “I’ve got a long list of books I wish I’d never written-and I’ve kept them all out of print for the past 20 years.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “A short-order cook, just off work, makes easy tracking for lions and worse.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “She never had much in this life, but with the simplest things, she made her corner of the world as beautiful as any king’s palace. We may lack riches, but the greatest fortune is what lies in our hearts.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Furies, Alecto. In classic mythology, Tisiphone and Megaera and Alecto, daughters of the earth goddess Gaea, punished crimes in the name of the victims.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “I do give books as gifts sometimes, when people would rather have one than a new Ferrari.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “There is nothing fatherly about time and what it does to us, either.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Shakespeare again. Once you let him into your head, he takes up tenancy and will not leave.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “One of the things I like enormously about Bob Weinstein is that that he’s the only studio head I have ever known who will change his mind and say he was wrong.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Someone said that everyone should stay back, so as not to stress me, but I said no. I said I wanted to see them all, to see people. I wanted to see not just the people I loved and the people I knew, but also the people I didn’t know. I wanted to see people, because people had been my life, the good and bad, but always so many more good people than bad. They had been my life, and I did not want to die without the faces of people as the last thing I saw of that beautiful and mysterious world.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “I think to myself, I play to myself, and nobody knows what I say to myself.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “There’s never any humongous next draft. I know a writer who every time he finished a novel – you would know his name very well – but his editor would come and live with him for a month. And they would go through the manuscript together.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Of course, I don’t know everything. Considering the infinite amount of knowledge that one could acquire in a virtually innumerable array of intellectual disciplines, it’s probably more accurate to say that I don’t know anything.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “I never discuss a novel while I’m writing it, for fear that talking about it will diminish my desire to write it.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “A politician’s goal is always to manipulate public debate. I think there are some politicians with higher goals. But all of them get corrupted by power.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “I’ve had good publishers and bad publishers, and you’ve got to learn when the advice is sensible and when it’s not.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “I can do what I need to do. I can get where I want to go, no matter how hard it is.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “I believed suddenly not merely in evil as a necessary antagonist in movies and books – bad guys and boogeymen – not merely in evil as the consequence of parental rejection or parental indulgence or social injustice, but in Evil as a presence alive in the world.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “This may be the primary purpose of dogs: to restore our sense of wonder and to help us maintain it, to make us consider that we should trust our intuition as they trust theirs and to help us realize that a thing known intuitively can be as real as anything known by material experience.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “I think it’s perfectly just to refuse service to anyone based on behavior, but not based on race or religion.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Books showed me that there were other ways to live a life.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “I always enjoyed the kids, but I didn’t enjoy the bureaucracy of the educational system.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “What really holds their marriage together are mutual respect of an awesome depth, a shared sense of humor, faith that they were brought together by a force greater than themselves, and a love so unwavering and pure that it is sacred.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “Not all popular novelists are good, but all good novelists are, sooner or later, popular.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “There are days when it seems to me that in literature the most convincing depiction of the world in which we live is to be found in the phantasmagorical kingdom through which Lewis Carroll took Alice on a tour.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “I imagined a life that turned out to be pretty much exactly like the one I’ve had. That fascinates me endlessly. I wake up many mornings, and it almost wouldn’t surprise me if I woke up from it and it was all a dream.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “If you want to publish two books a year under your own name and your publisher doesn’t, maybe you need a different publisher.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “I think it’s the people who have no doubt that every word they put down is gold that probably don’t write very well.”
Dean Koontz Quote: “The desire to write well can never be fulfilled without hard work.”
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