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Top 40 Destination Quotes (2024 Update)

Destination Quotes: “Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.” — Zig Ziglar
Destination Quotes: “The journey is the destination.” — Dan Eldon
Destination Quotes: “Enjoy the journey as much as the destination.” — Marshall Sylver
Destination Quotes: “Enjoy the journey, because the destination is a mirage.” — Steven Furtick
Destination Quotes: “The journey, Not the destination matters...” — T. S. Eliot
Destination Quotes: “If you only walk on sunny days you’ll never reach your destination.” — Paulo Coelho
Destination Quotes: “Its the not the destination, it’s the journey.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
Destination Quotes: “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The best is yet to come.” — Zig Ziglar
Destination Quotes: “Success is not the destination; it’s a way to travel.” — Denis Waitley
Destination Quotes: “You can’t change the wind. But you can adjust the sails to reach your destination.” — Paulo Coelho
Destination Quotes: “Those who walk with God, always reach their destination.” — Henry Ford
Destination Quotes: “Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel.” — Jim Stovall
Destination Quotes: “My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.” — Marcel Proust
Destination Quotes: “It’s impossible to map out a route to your destination if you don’t know where you’re starting from.” — Suze Orman
Destination Quotes: “The search is more important than the destination.” — A. R. Rahman
Destination Quotes: “Direction determines destination.” — Jim Rohn
Destination Quotes: “If you have no destination, you’ll never get there.” — Harvey MacKay
Destination Quotes: “Success is not a destination thing, it’s a daily thing.” — John C. Maxwell
Destination Quotes: “By choosing our path, we choose our destination.” — Thomas S. Monson
Destination Quotes: “Goals reflect your choice of destination.” — Earl Nightingale
Destination Quotes: “Hope is the destination that we seek. Love is the road that leads to hope. Courage is the motor that drives us. We travel out of darkness into faith.” — Dean Koontz
Destination Quotes: “A jet plane cannot mow the lawn, but it can fly to distant destinations. Don’t worry so much about what you can’t do; just do what you can as only you can do it.” — Dan Millman
Destination Quotes: “One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” — John C. Maxwell
Destination Quotes: “Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” — Drake
Destination Quotes: “Some of the great pictures happen along the journey and not necessarily at your destination.” — Steve McCurry
Destination Quotes: “A good leader remains focused. Controlling your destination is better than being controlled by it.” — Jack Welch
Destination Quotes: “Perfection is an impossible destination.” — Tim Ferriss
Destination Quotes: “I have arrived. I am home. My destination is in each step.” — Nhat Hanh
Destination Quotes: “Happiness is a road traveled, not a destination.” — Mike Dirnt
Destination Quotes: “To God, our journey is JUST as important as our destination!” — Beth Moore
Destination Quotes: “Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life.” — Burton Hill
Destination Quotes: “I’m somebody who considers happiness a journey, not a destination.” — Neil Gaiman
Destination Quotes: “My person was hideous and my stature gigantic. What did this mean? Who was I? What was I? Whence did I come? What was my destination? These questions continually recurred, but I was unable to solve them.” — Mary Shelley
Destination Quotes: “We make a lot of detours, but we’re always heading for the same destination.” — Paulo Coelho
Destination Quotes: “What keeps you going isn’t some fine destination but just the road you’re on, and the fact that you know how to drive.” — Barbara Kingsolver
Destination Quotes: “To get more clarity, take a step in the direction of the destination.” — Michael Hyatt
Destination Quotes: “Travel is at its most rewarding when it ceases to be about your reaching a destination and becomes indistinguishable from living your life.” — Paul Theroux
Destination Quotes: “Fascism may be good at making the trains run on time, but you wouldn’t like some of the destinations.” — Terry Pratchett
Destination Quotes: “Happiness, I have grasped, is a destination, like strawberry Fields. Once you find the way in, there you are, and you’ll never feel low again.” — Rachel Simon
Destination Quotes: “Writers and travelers are mesmerized alike by knowing of their destinations.” — Eudora Welty
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