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Intuition Quotes: “Intuition is the whisper of the soul.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Intuition Quotes: “Trust your instincts. Intuition doesn’t lie.” — Oprah Winfrey

Intuition Quotes: “Less rules, more intuition.” — Alan Cohen

Intuition Quotes: “Intuition is the undoubting conception of a pure and attentive mind, which arises from the light of reason alone, and is more certain than deduction.” — René Descartes

Intuition Quotes: “Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind.” — Immanuel Kant

Intuition Quotes: “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect.” — Steve Jobs

Intuition Quotes: “Mathematical reasoning may be regarded rather schematically as the exercise of a combination of two facilities, which we may call intuition and ingenuity.” — Alan Turing

Intuition Quotes: “Trust your intuition. It is the best friend you will ever have.” — Judith Orloff

Intuition Quotes: “Everyone who wills can hear the inner voice. It is within everyone.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Intuition Quotes: “Instinct leads, logic does but follow.” — William James

Intuition Quotes: “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” — Steve Jobs

Intuition Quotes: “Intuition is perception via the unconscious that brings forth ideas, images, new possibilities and ways out of blocked situations.” — C.G. Jung

Intuition Quotes: “Intuition is the discriminative faculty that enables you to decide which of two lines of reasoning is right. Perfect intuition makes you a master of all.” — Paramahansa Yogananda

Intuition Quotes: “Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.” — Florence Scovel Shinn

Intuition Quotes: “Intuition is seeing with the soul.” — Dean Koontz

Intuition Quotes: “Synchronicity is choreographed by a great, pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature, and is manifest in each of us through intuitive knowledge.” — Deepak Chopra

Intuition Quotes: “Listen to your own Self. If you listen to that Self within, then you find the Truth.” — Kabir

Intuition Quotes: “You’ve got to find the force inside you.” — Joseph Campbell

Intuition Quotes: “It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.” — Henri Poincaré

Intuition Quotes: “No matter how deep a study you make. What you really have to rely on is your own intuition and when it comes down to it, you really don’t know what’s going to happen until you do it.” — Konosuke Matsushita

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