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Diana Gabaldon Quote: “There were moments, of course. Those small spaces in time, too soon gone, when everything seems to stand still, and existence is balanced on a perfect point, like the moment of change between the dark and the light, and when both and neither surround you.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “It wasn’t a very likely place for disappearances, at least at first glance.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “And I mean to hear ye groan like that again. And to moan and sob, even though you dinna wish to, for ye canna help it. I mean to make you sigh as though your heart would break, and scream with the wanting, and at last to cry out in my arms, and I shall know that I’ve served ye well.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “But a man is not forgotten, as long as there are two people left under the sky. One, to tell the story; the other, to hear it.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Don’t be afraid. There’s the two of us now.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Your face is my heart, Sassenach,” he said softly, “and love of you is my soul. But you’re right; ye canna be my conscience.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “By blood and by choice, we make our ghosts; we haunt ourselves.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Sometimes our best action result in things that are most regrettable.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “When God closes a door, he opens a window. Yeah. The problem was that this particular window opened off the tenth story, and he wasn’t so sure God supplied parachutes.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I felt adrift, anchorless in a running sea. This is now my home.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Then open your legs for me, there’s a good lass no, a bit wider, aye?” He.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Are some people destined for a great fate, or to do great things? Or is it only that they’re born somehow with that great passion – and if they find themselves in the right circumstances, then things happen? It’s the sort of thing you wonder...”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Damn right I begrudge! I grudge every memory of yours that doesna hold me, and every tear ye’ve shed for another, and every second you’ve spent in another man’s bed!”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Something wrong with short men, is there?” Roger inquired. “They tend to turn mean if they don’t get their way,” Claire answered. “Like small yapping dogs. Cute and fluffy, but cross them and you’re likely to get a nasty nip in the ankle.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “If I were a horse, I’d let him ride me anywhere.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “For where all love is, the speaking is unnecessary. It is all. It is undying. And it is enough.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Nothing is lost... only changed.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart,” I said cheerily, seizing the opening. “The more you eat, the more you fart. The more you fart, the better you feel – so let’s have beans for every meal!”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “The position of sun and moon on the Feast of Beltane” is one, with a list if two hundred paired figures laid out beneath. Similar tables existed for Hogmanay and Midsummer’s Day, and Samhainn, the Feast of All Hallows. The ancient feasts of fire and sun, and Beltane’s sun would rise tomorrow.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “D’ye ken that the only time I am without pain is in your bed, Sassenach? When I take ye, when I lie in your arms-my wounds are healed, then, my scars forgotten.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Dinna fash yourself, Sassenach. Ye canna say more than ye know, but tell me it all, just once more.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “There’s no place on earth with more of the old superstitions and magic mixed into its daily life than the Scottish Highlands.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Aye, beg me for mercy, Sassenach. Ye shallna have it, though; not yet.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “But for the hours of the night, I was helpless; powerless to move as a dragonfly in amber.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “The past is gone-the future is not come. And we are here together, you and I.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “No wonder he was so good with horses, I thought blearily, feeling his fingers rubbing gently behind my ears, listening to the soothing, incomprehensible speech. If I were a horse, I’d let him ride me anywhere.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I said ‘Lord, if I’ve never had courage in my life before, let me have it now. Let me be brave enough not to fall on my knees and beg her to stay.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “There are things that I canna tell you, at least not yet. And I’ll ask nothing of ye that ye canna give me. But what I would ask of ye – when you do tell me something, let it be the truth. And I’ll promise ye the same. We have nothing now between us, save – respect, perhaps. And I think that respect has maybe room for secrets, but not for lies. Do ye agree?”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “We passed the rest of the day in pleasant conversation, wandering among his reminiscences of the dear departed days when men were men, and the pernicious weed of civilization was less rampant upon the bonny wild face of the Highlands.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “You have my name and my family, my clan, and if necessary, the protection of my body as well.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Castle Leoch. Well, at least now I knew where I was. When I had known it, Castle Leoch was a picturesque ruin, some thirty miles north of Bargrennan. It was considerably more picturesque now, what with the pigs rooting under the walls of the keep and the pervasive smell of raw sewage. I was beginning to accept the impossible idea that I was, most likely, somewhere in the eighteenth century.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “There comes a turning point in intense physical struggle where one abandons oneself to a profligate usage of strength and bodily resource, ignoring the costs until the struggle is over. Women find this point in childbirth; men in battle.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Ute McGillivray looked like a Valkyrie on a starchy diet;.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I work on multiple projects at a time because it keeps me from getting writer’s block.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I like ye fat, Sassenach,” he said softly. “Fat and juicy as a plump wee hen. I like it fine.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Tell him I hate him to his guts and the marrow of his bones!”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “There aren’t any answers, only choices.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I said I was a virgin, not a monk,” he said, kissing me again. “If I find I need guidance, I’ll ask.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “A Highlander in full regalia is an impressive sight – any Highlander, no matter how old, ill-favored, or crabbed in appearance. A tall, straight-bodied, and by no means ill-favored young Highlander at close range is breath-taking.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “But what I would ask of ye- when you do tell me something, let it be the truth. And I’ll promise ye the same. WE have nothing now between us, save- respect, perhaps. And I think that respect has maybe room for secrets, but not for lies.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “If it was killing-and it was- then I thought it not murder, but a justifiable homicide, undertaken in desperate self defense.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “You’re beautiful to me, Jamie,” I said softly, at last. “So beautiful, you break my heart.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “There was a curious peace in this day, a sense of things working quietly in their proper courses, nothing minding the upsets and turmoils of human concerns. Perhaps it was the peace that one always finds outdoors, far enough away from buildings and clatter. Maybe it was the result of gardening, that quiet sense of pleasure in touching growing things, the satisfaction of helping them thrive.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “When I kept silence, my bones waxed old through my roaring all the day long.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “St Paul says “Let a woman be silent, and –”’ ‘You can mind your own bloody business,’ I snarled, sweat dripping behind my ears, ’and so can St Paul.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “The colors of living things begin to fade with the last breath, and the soft, springy skin and supple muscle rot within weeks. But the bones sometimes remain, faithful echoes of the shape, to bear some last faint witness to the glory of what was.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Oh, they call me Rab the Ranter, and the lassies all go daft, When I blow up my chanter.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “And if your life is a suitable exchange for my honor, why is my honor not a suitable exchange for your life?”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Oh. It’s Fraser. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “He kissed my forehead gently. “Loving you has put me through hell more than once, Sassenach; I’ll risk it again, if need be.” “Bah,” I said. “And you think loving you has been a bed of roses, do you?” This time he laughed out loud. “No,” he said, “but you’ll maybe keep doing it?” “Maybe I will, at that.” “You’re a verra stubborn woman,” he said, the smile clear in his voice.”
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