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Diana Gabaldon Quote: “At least we were not set upon by highwaymen, we encountered no wild beasts, and it didn’t rain. By the standards I was becoming used to, it was quite dull.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “But just then, for that fraction of time, it seems as though all things are possible. You can look across the limitations of your own life, and see that they are really nothing. In that moment when time stops, it is as though you know you could undertake any venture, complete it and come back to yourself, to find the world unchanged, and everything just as you left it a moment before. And it’s as though knowing that everything is possible, suddenly nothing is necessary.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Has he come armed, then?” she asked anxiously. “Has he brought a pistol or a sword?” Ian shook his head, his dark hair lifting wildly in the wind. “Oh, no, Mam!” he said. “It’s worse. He’s brought a lawyer!”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “They’re girls,” she replied briefly. “They were born in danger and will live their lives in that condition, regardless of circumstance.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I kept havin’ terrible lewd dreams about ye, all the night long,” he explained, twitching his breeks into better adjustment. “Every time I rolled over, I’d lie on my cock and wake up. It was awful.” I burst out laughing, and he affected to look injured, though I could see reluctant amusement behind it. “Well, you can laugh, Sassenach,” he said. “Ye havena got one to trouble ye.” “Yes, and a great relief it is, too,” I assured him.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “There was nothing frightening about the dead man; there never is. No matter how ugly the manner in which a man dies, it’s only the presence of a suffering human soul that is horrifying; once gone, what is left is only an object.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I mean to take my time about it, aye?”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Father to son. And with that thought, all the disconnected, fragmentary, scattered fancies in his brain dropped suddenly into a single, vivid image: Jamie Fraser, seen from the back, looking over the horses in the paddock at Helwater. And beside him, standing on a rail and clinging to a higher one, William, Earl of Ellesmere. The alert cock of their heads, the set of their shoulders, the wide stance – just the same.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I’m not entirely sure the Scots realize they lost that one,” I interrupted, sitting up and trying to subdue my hair. “I distinctly heard the barman at that pub last night refer to us as Sassenachs.” “Well, why not?” said Frank equably. “It only means ‘Englishman,’ after all, or at worst, ‘outlander,’ and we’re all of that.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I felt simultaneously wonderful and wretched, and didn’t know from moment to moment which feeling was uppermost.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Because, Sassenach,” he said, very dryly indeed, “when ye’re a man, a good bit of what ye have to do is to draw up lines and fight other folk who come over them. Your enemies, your tenants, your children – your wife. Ye canna always just strike them or take a strap to them, but when ye can, at least it’s clear to everyone who’s in charge.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “You underestimate your own merits, John – as always. Of course, nothing becomes manly virtue more than simple modesty.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Oh, foisted, is it?” cried Mr. Ormiston in righteous indignation. “Such a word! And if it means what I think it does, young man, you should get down on your knees and thank God for such foistingness!”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Ye must always give money for a new blade,” he explained, half smiling. “So it kens ye for its owner, and willna turn on ye.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “It’s only a moment, but ye feel as though it will last forever. Strange, is it no?” he said thoughtfully. “Ye can almost see the light go as ye watch – and yet there’s no time ye can look and say ‘Now! Now it’s night.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Open your eyes and tell me yourself, Sassenash,” said a deep urgent voice somewhere close.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Boldness in battle is nothing out of the way... but to face down fear in cold blood is rare in any man.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Jealousy had nothing to do with logic.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I’ve spent more than twenty years looking for answers, Roger, and I can tell you only one thing: There aren’t any answers, only choices. I’ve made a number of them myself, and no one can tell me whether they were right or wrong.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “There was a rustle near his ear, and he turned his head to see the crow. It stood on the grass a foot away, a blotch of wind-ruffled black feathers, regarding him with a bead-bright eye. Deciding that he posed no threat, it swiveled its neck with casual ease and jabbed its thick sharp bill into Jack Randall’s eye.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Cows?” he asked, “Was it really cows, or was I dreaming?”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “If you find him,” she whispered, “when you find my father – give him this.” She bent and kissed me, fiercely, gently, then straightened and turned me toward the stone. “Go, Mama,” she said, breathless. “I love you. Go!”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Gave me terrible cramps, and I had wind for days.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “It was a hot summer – there wasn’t any other kind in Boston.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Mm, you’re nice to croodle wi’,” he murmured, doing what I assumed was croodling.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “His mouth tightened up and he says, ‘I thought this was the young man who only a week past was shouting that he wasn’t afraid to die. Surely a man who’s not afraid to die isn’t afraid of a few lashes?’ and he gives Jamie a poke in the belly wi’ the handle of the whip. “Jamie met Randall’s eye straight on then, and said, ‘No, but I’m afraid I’ll freeze stiff before ye’re done talking.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Doom, or save. That I cannot do. For I have no power beyond that of knowledge, no ability to bend others to my will, no way to stop them doing what they will. There is only me.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Knowing from experience how difficult it was to distract Frank’s attention from this sort of discussion, I simply picked up his hand, wrapped his fingers about the stem of the glass and left him to his own devices.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “It was what you did when someone died; turned toward God and at least acknowledge the fact.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Be careful, Sassenach,” he said, still grinning. “Ye dinna want to knock off any more pieces; ye’ll only have to stick them back on, aye?”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “But as spring blooms, the birds grow drunk with love and the bushes riot with their songs. Far, far into the night, darkness mutes but does not silence them, and small melodious conversations break out at all hours, invisible and strangely intimate in the dead of night, as though one overheard the lovemaking of strangers in the room next door.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I wept bitterly, surrendering momentarily to my fear and heartbroken confusion, but slowly I began to quiet a bit, as Jamie stroked my neck and back, offering me the comfort of his broad, warm chest. My sobs lessened and I began to calm myself, leaning tiredly into the curve of his shoulder. No wonder he was so good with horses, I thought blearily, feeling his fingers rubbing gently behind my ears, listening to the soothing, incomprehensible speech. If I were a horse, I’d let him ride me anywhere.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Feel my heart,” he said. His voice sounded thick to his own ears. “Tell me if it stops.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “So ye’ve come back to him,” he said happily. “God, that’s romantic!”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “He looked like Bree, didn’t he? He was like her?” “Yes.” He breathed heavily, almost a snort. “I could see it in your face – when you’d look at her, I could see you thinking of him. Damn you, Claire Beauchamp,” he said, very softly.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Its appearance was greeted with cries of rapture, and following a brief struggle over possesion of the volume, William rescued it before it should be torn to pieces, but allowed himself to be induced to read some of the passages aloud, his dramatic rendering being greeted by wolflike howls of enthusiasim and hails of live pits.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Just as my grandmother taught me, and her grandmother before her.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “A party at which the guests are all of the beautiful persuasion tends to be dull indeed, as they have no conversation that does not pertain to themselves. A successful gathering requires a number of the ill-favored but clever. The beautiful are but ornaments – desirable, but dispensable.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Doom, or save. That I cannot do. For I have no power beyond that of knowledge, no ability to bend others to my will, no way to stop them doing what they will. There is only me. I shook the snow from the folds of my cloak, and turned to follow Maisri down the path, sharing her bitter knowledge that there was only me. And I was not enough.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Seeing them, Jamie reached for a remnant of bread, and tossed it with considerable accuracy into the middle of the flock, which exploded like shrapnel, all fleeing the sudden intrusion.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Well, I say it is the place of science only to observe,” he said. “To seek cause where it may be found, but to realize that there are many things in the world for which no cause shall be found; not because it does not exist, but because we know too little to find it. It is not the place of science to insist on explanation – but only to observe, in hopes that explanation will manifest itself.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “No,” I agreed dryly. “I don’t suppose he’d have been pleased, no matter what you said.” “He wasn’t. He backhanded me across the mouth, to shut me up.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Grey was modest about his own endowments, but also honest enough to admit that he possessed some and that his person was reasonably attractive to women.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “God kens well enough that boys need to be smacked, or he’d no fill them sae full o’ the de’il.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Stephan’s hand left his breast, and reached out. Grey took it, and felt love flow between them. He thought that heart and body must be entirely melted – if only for that moment.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “We dangled our feet in the water, moving from shade to sun and back to shade as we grew too warm, talking of this and that and not much of anything, both aware of each other’s smallest movement, both content to wait until chance should bring us to that moment when a glance should linger, and a touch should signal more.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “This wife you have, Bird said at last, deeply contemplative, did you pay a great deal for her? She cost me almost everything I had, he said, with a wry tone that made the others laugh. But worth it.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “He reached out a long arm and drew me in, holding me close against him. I put my arms around him and felt the quiver of his muscles, exhausted, and the sheer hard strength still in him, that would hold him up, no matter how tired he might be. We stood quite still for some time, my cheek against his chest and his face against my hair, drawing strength from each other for whatever might come next. Being married.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Did the ancient Gaels not wear undergarments?” Frank leered. “You’ve never heard that old song about what a Scotsman wears beneath his kilts?”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I always wake when you do, Sassenach; I sleep ill without ye by my side.”
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