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Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Please,” she said, “don’t mention Jamie Fraser to my daughter.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “My parents would take my sister and me out for dinner now and then, and while waiting for the food to be served, would point out the oldest, most harried looking waitress in the place, saying sternly, “Be sure you get a good education, so you don’t have to do that when you’re fifty!”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “BILIOUS HUMOURS.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Ye need not be scairt of me,” he said softly. “Nor anyone here, so long as I’m with ye.” – Jaime.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Turd-eating son of a flying tortoise.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “When you hold a child to your breast to nurse, the curve of the little head echoes exactly the curve of the breast it suckles, as though this new person truly mirrors the flesh from which it sprang.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “People assume that science is a very cold sort of profession, whereas writing novels is a warm and fuzzy intuitive thing. But in fact, they are not at all different.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Come to me. Cover me. Shelter me, a bhean, heal me. Burn with me, as I burn for you.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Not for the first time, I reflected that intimacy and romance are not synonymous.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “It was not Monsieur Arouet, but a colleague of his – a lady novelist – who remarked to me once that writing novels was a cannibal’s art, in which one often mixed small portions of one’s friends and one’s enemies together, seasoned them with imagination, and allowed the whole to stew together into a savory concoction.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I felt deeply betrayed that the man I depended on as friend, protector, and lover intended to do such a thing to me. And my sense of self-preservation was quietly terrified at the thought of submitting myself to the mercies of someone who handled a fifteen-pound claymore as though it were a flywhisk.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “He was dead. However, his nose throbbed painfully, which he thought odd in the circumstances.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Feelings aren’t truth.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “While Fergus was possessed of dark good looks and a dashing manner that might well win a young girl’s heart, he lacked a few of the things that might appeal somewhat more to conservative Scottish parents, such as property, income, a left hand, and a last name.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “To have ye with me again, to talk wi’ you, to know I can say anything, not guard my words or hide my thoughts. God, Sassenach the Lord knows I am as lust-crazed as a lad, and I canna keep my hands from you, or anything else. But I would count that all well lost, had no more than the pleasure of havin’ ye by me, and to tell ye all my heart.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “We stood wrapped in each other’s arms, taking comfort from our family below, yearning for the others we might never see again, at once at home and homeless, balanced on a knife edge of danger and uncertainty. But together.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I am a Highlander,” Jamie said bleakly. He glanced once more at the far bank, where occasional glimpses of tartan showed through the mist, and then back. The shouting echoed from the fog. “And I am the sire of Americans.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Men hate things to change,” her mother had once casually told her. “Unless it’s their idea, of course. But you can make them think it is their idea, sometimes.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “A conclusion is simply the point at which you give up thinking. He gave up, and as he rose stiffly to his feet, found that a conclusion had indeed formed itself in his mind, much as a pearl forms inside an oyster.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I loved Frank... I loved him alot. But by that time, Jamie was my heart and the breath of my body. I couldn’t leave him. I couldn’t.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “It’s like a little fortress, where the most private part of you lives – maybe it’s your soul, maybe just that bit that makes you yourself and not anyone else.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “The man that takes her in unholy embrace will have his privates blasted like a frostbitten apple,” he said, with relish, “and his soul will burn forever in hell.” He bared his teeth at his grandfather, and drew back his hand. “Like this.” The beechwood teeth landed in the midst of the fire with a plop, and at once began to sizzle.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “You’re real,” he whispered. I had thought him pale already. Now all vestiges of color drained from his face.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Mmphm,” I said, sounding self-consciously Scottish.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I relaxed my grip on the knife; she could hardly attack me with a lapful of goat.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I knelt at Ellen’s feet, as I kneel now by yours, And I swore to her by the name o’ the threefold God, that I would follow ye always, to do your bidding, and guard your back, when ye became a man grown, and needing such service. Aye, lad. I do cherish ye as the son of my own loins.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I was dead, my Sassenach – and yet all that time, I loved you.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Owls are keepers of the dead, but not just the dead. They’re messengers between worlds.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Scots have long memories, and they’re not the most forgiving of people. There’s a clan stone out there with the name of MacKenzie carved on it, and a good many of my relatives under it. I don’t feel quite so personal about it as some, but I haven’t forgotten either. – Roger MacKenzie Wakefield.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “It was in a way a comforting idea; if there was all the time in the world, then the happenings of a given moment became less important.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “It’s always better if they see. Then they don’t imagine things. So I didn’t imagine, I remembered.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Lord that she might be safe. She and my children.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “To stand against a crowd would take something more than ordinary courage; something that went beyond human instinct. And I feared I did not have it, and fearing, was ashamed.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I prayed all the way up that hill yesterday,” he said softly. “Not for you to stay; I didna think that would be right. I prayed I’d be strong enough to send ye away.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Healing comes from the healed; not from the physician.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Idleness would have seemed not only a sign of moral decay, but an affront to the natural order of things.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Stones of protection; amethyst, emerald, turquoise, lapis lazuli, and a male ruby.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Jamie stood quite still, feeling his heart beat, watching. It was one of those strange moments that came to him rarely, but never left. A moment that stamped itself on heart and brain, instantly recallable in every detail, for all of his life. There was no telling what made these moments different from any other, though he knew them when they came.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Lord, he’d said. Let me be enough. That prayer had lodged in my heart like an arrow when I’d heard it and thought he asked for help in doing what had to be done. But that wasn’t what he’d meant at all – and the realization of what he had meant split my heart in two. I took his face between my hands, and wished so much that I had his own gift, the ability to say what lay in my heart, in such a way that he would know. But I hadn’t.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Do ye want me to be a horse, a bear, or a dog?” “A hedgehog.” “A hedgehog? And just how does a hedgehog make love?” he demanded. No, I thought. I won’t. I will not. But I did. “Very carefully,” I replied, giggling helplessly. So now we know just how old that one is, I thought.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “He hadn’t worn the kilt since Culloden, but his body had not forgotten the way of it.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Dangerous thing, infatuation.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “It’s a rare plant,” he said, touching the sprig in my open hand. “Flowers, fruit and leaves all together at the one time. The white flowers are for honor, and red fruit for courage – and the green leaves are for constancy.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I was born for you,” I simply said, and held out my arms to him.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “I read all the time. People ask, ‘Do you read while you work?’ And I say, ‘I better.’ I take two or three years to finish one of my enormous books, and I can’t go that long without reading.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “Frank made a face; an Englishman to the bone, he would rather lap water out of the toilet than drink tea made from teabags. The Lipton’s had been left by Mrs. Grossman, the weekly cleaning woman, who thought tea made from loose leaves messy and disgusting.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “He said the greatest thing in a man’s life is to lie wi’ a woman he loves,” he said softly. He smiled at me, eyes blue as the sky overhead. “He was right.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “When you kissed me like that well maybe you weren’t so sorry to be marrying me after all.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “To stand against a crowd would take something more than ordinary courage; something that went beyond human instinct.”
Diana Gabaldon Quote: “For if you feel for me as i do for you – then I am asking you to tear out your heart and live without it.”
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