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Elon Musk Quotes
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Elon Musk Quote: “My vision is for a fully reusable rocket transport system between Earth and Mars that is able to re-fuel on Mars – this is very important – so you don’t have to carry the return fuel when you go there.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Constantly think about how you could be doing things better.”
Elon Musk Quote: “The overarching goal of Tesla is to help reduce carbon emissions and that means low cost and high volume. We will also serve as an example to the auto industry, proving that the technology really works and customers want to buy electric vehicles.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Boeing just took $20 billion and 10 years to improve the efficiency of their planes by 10 percent. That’s pretty lame. I have a design in mind for a vertical liftoff supersonic jet that would be a really big improvement.”
Elon Musk Quote: “In order for us to have a future that’s exciting and inspiring, it has to be one where we’re a space-bearing civilization.”
Elon Musk Quote: “The thing that’s worth doing is trying to improve our understanding of the world and gain a better appreciation of the universe and not to worry too much about there being no meaning. And, you know, try and enjoy yourself. Because, actually, life’s pretty good. It really is.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Obviously Tesla is about helping solve the consumption of energy in a sustainable manner, but you need the production of energy in a sustainable manner.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Trying to read our DNA is like trying to understand software code – with only 90% of the code riddled with errors. It’s very difficult in that case to understand and predict what that software code is going to do.”
Elon Musk Quote: “The problem is that at a lot of big companies, process becomes a substitute for thinking. You’re encouraged to behave like a little gear in a complex machine. Frankly, it allows you to keep people who aren’t that smart, who aren’t that creative.”
Elon Musk Quote: “In order to have your voice be heard in Washington, you have to make some little contribution.”
Elon Musk Quote: “The key test for an acronym is to ask whether it helps or hurts communication.”
Elon Musk Quote: “I’m personally a moderate and a registered independent, so I’m not strongly Democratic or strongly Republican.”
Elon Musk Quote: “So, there’s quite a big keep-out zone, and when you factor the keep-out zone into account, the solar panels put on that area would typically generate more power than that nuclear power plant.”
Elon Musk Quote: “I think there are more politicians in favor of electric cars than against. There are still some that are against, and I think the reasoning for that varies depending on the person, but in some cases, they just don’t believe in climate change – they think oil will last forever.”
Elon Musk Quote: “The primary means of energy generation is going to solar. It will at least be a plurality, and probably be a slight majority in the long term.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Winning ‘Motor Trend’ Car of the year is probably the closest thing to winning the Oscar or Emmy of the car industry.”
Elon Musk Quote: “I think it’s very unwise to be shorting Tesla. There’s a tsunami of hurt for those holding a short position. It’s going to be very unpleasant. I advise people to exit while there is still time.”
Elon Musk Quote: “I always invest my own money in the companies that I create. I don’t believe in the whole thing of just using other people’s money. I don’t think that’s right. I’m not going to ask other people to invest in something if I’m not prepared to do so myself.”
Elon Musk Quote: “I’d like to dial it back 5% or 10% and try to have a vacation that’s not just e-mail with a view.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Well, my motivation behind Tesla is really to do as much good as possible for the environment and the electric-vehicle revolution. I think there is still a lot of work to do and if we were to sell to a big company, I’m not sure it would progress at the same pace.”
Elon Musk Quote: “I feel very strongly that SpaceX would not have been able to get started, nor would we have made the progress that we have, without the help of NASA.”
Elon Musk Quote: “In the case of Apple, they did originally do production internally, but then along came unbelievably good outsourced manufacturing from companies like Foxconn. We don’t have that in the rocket business. There’s no Foxconn in the rocket business.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Government isn’t that good at rapid advancement of technology. It tends to be better at funding basic research. To have things take off, you’ve got to have commercial companies do it.”
Elon Musk Quote: “I’m increasingly inclined to think there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish.”
Elon Musk Quote: “It was obvious to me that we could never colonize Mars without reusability, any more than America would have been colonized if they had to burn the ships after every trip.”
Elon Musk Quote: “For all the supporters of Tesla over the years, and it’s been several years now and there have been some very tough times, I’d just like to say thank you very much. I deeply appreciate the support, particularly through the darkest times.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Some companies out there quote a start of production that is substantially in advance of when customers get their cars.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Technology breakthrough: turns out chemtrails are actually a message from time-traveling aliens describing the secret of teleportation.”
Elon Musk Quote: “There’s nothing – I’ve bought everything I want. I don’t like yachts or anything; you know, I’m not a yacht person, and I’ve got pretty much the nicest plane I’d want to have.”
Elon Musk Quote: “My opinion is it’s a bridge too far to go to fully autonomous cars.”
Elon Musk Quote: “A Prius is not a true hybrid, really. The current Prius is, like, 2 percent electric. It’s a gasoline car with slightly better mileage.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Selling an electric sports car creates an opportunity to fundamentally change the way America drives.”
Elon Musk Quote: “What I’m trying to do is, is to make a significant difference in space flight. And help make space flight accessible to almost anyone.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Silicon Valley has evolved a critical mass of engineers and venture capitalists and all the support structure – the law firms, the real estate, all that – that are all actually geared toward being accepting of startups.”
Elon Musk Quote: “People will buy the car just because it’s a great car. We want them to think it’s excellent value for money and then, oh yeah, it happens to be electric.”
Elon Musk Quote: “You can just reload, propel it and fly again. This is extremely important for revolutionizing access to space because as long as we continue to throw away rockets and space crafts, we will never truly have access to space.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Automotive franchise laws were put in place decades ago to prevent a manufacturer from unfairly opening stores in direct competition with an existing franchise dealer that had already invested time, money and effort to open and promote their business.”
Elon Musk Quote: “You could warm Mars up, over time, with greenhouse gases.”
Elon Musk Quote: “You should take the approach that you’re wrong. Your goal is to be less wrong.”
Elon Musk Quote: “When the zombie apocalypse happens, you’ll be glad you bought a flamethrower. Works against hordes of the undead or your money back!”
Elon Musk Quote: “Buy an overpriced Boring Company fire extinguisher! You can definitely buy one for less elsewhere, but this one comes with a cool sticker.”
Elon Musk Quote: “They were building a Ferrari for every launch, when it was possible that a Honda Accord might do the trick.”
Elon Musk Quote: “The Boring Company flamethrower guaranteed to liven up any party!”
Elon Musk Quote: “I take the position that I’m always to some degree wrong, and the aspiration is to be less wrong.”
Elon Musk Quote: “I really like computer games, but then if I made really great computer games, how much effect would that have on the world.”
Elon Musk Quote: “One of the really tough things is figuring out what questions to ask. Once you figure out the question, then the answer is relatively easy.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Obviously, a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don’t buy one.”
Elon Musk Quote: “Also, I want to be clear that a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don’t buy one. Unless you like fun.”
Elon Musk Quote: “You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve.”
Elon Musk Quote: “[The Flamethrower] May not be used on Boring Company decorative lacquered hay bales or Boring Company dockside munitions warehouses.”
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