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Emily Dickinson Quotes
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Emily Dickinson Quote: “Publication – is the auction of the mind...”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “But it is growing damp and I must go in. Memory’s fog is rising.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “He ate and drank the precious Words, his Spirit grew robust; He knew no more that he was poor, nor that his frame was Dust.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “God’s little Blond Blessing we have long deemed you, and hope his so-called Will will not compel him to revoke you.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Dare you see a Soul at the White Heat?”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “There are depths in every Consciousness, from which we cannot rescue ourselves – to which none can go with us.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “There is no Frigate like a book to take us lands away nor any coursers like a page of prancing Poetry.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “At least to pray is left – is left Oh Jesus – in the Air – I know not which thy chamber is – I’m knocking everywhere.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “It is also November. The noons are more laconic and the sunsets sterner, and Gibraltar lights make the village foreign. November always seemed to me the Norway of the year. – – is still with the sister who put her child in an ice nest last Monday forenoon. The redoubtable God! I notice where Death has been introduced, he frequently calls, making it desirable to forestall his advances.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Common sense is almost as omniscient as God.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “I am very busy picking up stems and stamens as the hollyhocks leave their clothes around.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “The truth dazzles gradually, or else the world would be blind.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “When the best is gone, I know that other things are not of consequence. The heart wants what it wants, or else it does not care.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Experiment has a stimulus which withers its fear.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Angels in the early morning may be seen the dews among. Stooping, plucking, smiling, flying. Do the buds to them belong?”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “The career of flowers differs from ours only in inaudibleness. I feel more reverence as I grow for these mute creatures whose suspense or transport may surpass my own.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “None cannot find who seeketh, on this terrestrial ball...”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Beauty crowds me till I die.” Emily Dickinson.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Afraid? Of whom am I afraid? Not death. For who is he?”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “I hide myself within my flower, That wearing on your breast, You, unsuspecting, wear me too – And angels know the rest.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “I notice where Death has been introduced, he frequently calls, making it desirable to forestall his advances.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “An ill heart, like a body, has its more comfortable days, and then its days of pain, its long relapse, when rallying requires more effort than to dissolve life, and death looks choiceless.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “I am glad you have an hour for books, those enthralling friends, the immortalities...”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Consciousness is the only home of which we know.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “His Cheek is his Biographer- As long as he can blush.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Con finezas tan nimias como libros o flores se plantan semillas de sonrisas que van a florecer entre las sombras.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Harm is one of those things that I always mean to keep clear of, but somehow my intentions and me don’t chime as they ought, and people will get hit with stones that I throw at my neighbor’s dogs...”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “I need you more and more, and the great world grows wider, and dear ones fewer and fewer, every day that you stay away. My heart goes wandering around and calls for Susie... My heart is full of you; none other than you are in my thoughts, yet when I seek to say to you something not for the world, words fail me. If you were here, we need not talk at all for our eyes would whisper for us and, your hand fast in mine, we would not ask for language.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Tis not that dieing hurts us so- tis living- hurts us more.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Art is a house that tries to be haunted.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Fulfilling absolute decree in casual simplicity.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “The Dark – felt beautiful –.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “To die before one fears to die may be a boon.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “When I lost the use of my Eyes it was a comfort to think there were so few real books that I could easily find some one to read me all of them.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, -.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “If Aims impel these Astral Ones The ones allowed to know Know that which makes them as forgot As Dawn forgets them now.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “When we think of his lone effort to live and its bleak reward, the mind turns to the myth “for His mercy endureth forever,” with confiding revulsion.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “BEQUEST. You left me, sweet, two legacies, – A legacy of love A Heavenly Father would content, Had He the offer of; You left me boundaries of pain Capacious as the sea, Between eternity and time, Your consciousness and me.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “I only know that when you shall come back again, the Earth will seem more beautiful, and bigger than it does now, and the blue sky from the window will be all dotted with gold – though it may not be evening, or time for the stars to come.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Oh Susie, I often think that I will try to tell you how very dear you are, and how I’m watching for you, but the words won’t come, though the tears will, and I sit down disappointed. Yet, darling, you know it all – then why do I seek to tell you? I do not know. In thinking of those I love, my reason is all gone from me, and I do fear sometimes that I must make a hospital for the hopelessly insane, and chain myself up there so I won’t injure you.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “Life is death we’re lengthy at.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “The soul should always stand ajar.”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “It’s a great thing to be “great,” Loo, and you and I might tug for a life, and never accomplish it, but no one can stop our looking on, and you know some cannot sing, but the orchard is full of birds, and we all can listen. What if we learn, ourselves, some day!”
Emily Dickinson Quote: “I’ll tell you how the Sun rose.”
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