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Erica Jong Quote: “I think I’ve become more cynical about sex. Meaning, I don’t think sex in and of itself leads to an epiphany.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Ken, my husband, just smelled like he belonged to me. I’m not talking about hygiene. I’m talking about when you hug him, he either feels like a member of your tribe or not. It’s their scent.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Having stopped expecting truth, we rarely get it.”
Erica Jong Quote: “All people believe their suffering is greater than others.”
Erica Jong Quote: “When I met my husband, I refused to invite him home for Passover because I was embarrassed my mother might serve all the catered dishes in the wrong order.”
Erica Jong Quote: “If you’ve been a pretty woman and always pursued by lovers, losing that and not having that – it feels like a great loss.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Writing has often been accompanied by terror, silences, and then wild bursts of private laughter that suddenly make all the dread seem worthwhile.”
Erica Jong Quote: “All natural disasters are comforting because they reaffirm our impotence, in which, otherwise, we might stop believing. At times it is strangely sedative to know the extent of your own powerlessness.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Singularity shows something wrong in the mind.”
Erica Jong Quote: “She was mine and not-mine all at once. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and the most terrifying.”
Erica Jong Quote: “And what if I don’t want forgiveness?”
Erica Jong Quote: “The trick is not how much pain you feel – but how much joy you feel. Any idiot can feel pain. Life is full of excuses to feel pain, excuses not to live, excuses, excuses, excuses.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Blush like you mean it.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Someday every woman will have orgasms- like every family has color TV- and we can all get on with the business of life.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Pregnancy seemed like a tremendous abdication of control. Something growing inside you which would eventually usurp your life.”
Erica Jong Quote: “To name oneself is the first act of both the poet and the revolutionary.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Silence is the bluntest of blunt instruments.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Famous people complain about fame, but they never want to give it back, myself included.”
Erica Jong Quote: “I am never so calm as after I have written. And the next morning I will feel the familiar anxiety and I will have to begin the process all over again.”
Erica Jong Quote: “I’ve become more conservative about sex as I’ve gotten older.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Before things are written down they don’t exist in quite the same way. The act of fixing them in words gives them a kind of currency that can be traded.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Sadly, because of the enormous gap between rich and poor, some mothers can afford helpers, but many can’t. Those who can would be kinder to refrain from criticizing other women.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Sex has the unparalleled power to make us absurd to ourselves. It also has the power to make us understand transcendence.”
Erica Jong Quote: “I was surprised by my daughter’s generation and how they were rebelling against the ’70s idea that sex was perfect and it should be sought.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Every country gets the circus it deserves. Spain gets bullfights. Italy the Church. America Hollywood.”
Erica Jong Quote: “As a past president of the Writers Guild, I think women shouldn’t write for free. Maybe you have to do it for a time, to make a reputation, but I think the idea of giving your work away is the beginning of authors not being able to make a living.”
Erica Jong Quote: “My generation had Doris Day as a role model, then Gloria Steinem – then Princess Diana. We are the most confused generation.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Without the gods, how would I sing?? I asked. With your own voice,? he said.”
Erica Jong Quote: “I have ne’er been in a chamber with a lawyer when I did not wish either to scream with desperation or else fall into the deepest of sleeps, e’en when the matter concern’d my own future most profoundly.”
Erica Jong Quote: “We were not human beings going through spiritual experiences; we were spiritual beings going through human experiences, in order to grow.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Women tend to be preservers of the social structure, of marriage. They don’t want to upset their husbands or their significant others. They don’t want to hurt people.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Many, many people have done a lot more sexual experimentation than I have.”
Erica Jong Quote: “I never became a writer for the money. I am a poet first. Even getting published is a miracle for poets.”
Erica Jong Quote: “The future is merely a shadow which blocks out the joys of the present and emphasizes the miseries of the past.”
Erica Jong Quote: “I do believe that in every age there are people whose consciousness transcends their own time and that these people, whether fictional or historical, are those with whom we most closely identify and those about whom we most enjoy reading.”
Erica Jong Quote: “I think poetry is the best thing I do. It’s certainly the purest. I seem to switch gears without too much trouble. Non-fiction is in many ways the easiest to write.”
Erica Jong Quote: “I write slowly by hand. Publishing is effectively bankrupt for you unless you are Danielle Steele. It takes a year to write book and advances are going down or disappearing.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Gossip is the opiate of the oppressed.”
Erica Jong Quote: “If we can be sufficient unto ourselves, we need fear no entangling webs.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Since flesh can’t stay, we pass the words along.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Though my friends envied me because I always seemed so cheerful and confident, I was secretly terrified of practically everything.”
Erica Jong Quote: “I thought to spend my declining years writing poetry and teaching – but that won’t pay the Bergdorf’s bill. I think I’ll move to somewhere life is cheaper.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Never joke with the press. Irony does not translate into newsprint.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Driving me away is easier than saying goodbye.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Sex and creativity are often seen by dictators as subversive activities.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Is there no Villain in this World who doth not regard himself as a poor abus’d Innocent, no She-Wolf who doth not think herself a Lamb, no Shark who doth not fancy that she is a Goldfish?”
Erica Jong Quote: “I have forgotten my rave reviews and memorized my vicious ones – like most writers.”
Erica Jong Quote: “Art keeps one young, I think, because it keeps one perpetually a beginner, perpetually a child.”
Erica Jong Quote: “You must have a certain amount of maturity to be a poet. Seldom do sixteen-year-olds know themselves well enough.”
Erica Jong Quote: “What I would like to give my daughter is freedom. And this is something that must be given by example, not by exhortation.”
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