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Erica Jong Quote: “As long as women are denied the priesthood, we will try to make our own rituals at our own kitchen altars and we will sew our own magical capes at our own sewing machines.”
Erica Jong Quote: “I quickly learned that a book carefully arranged before your face was a bulletproof shield, an asbestos wall, a cloak of invisibility. I learned to take refuge behind books, to become, as my mother and father called me, ‘the absentminded professor-’ They screamed at me, but I couldn’t hear. I was reading. I was writing. I was safe.”
Erica Jong Quote: “I had noticed, for example, how all my infatuations dissolved as soon as I really became friends with a man, became sympathetic to his problems, listened to him kvetch about his wife, or ex-wives, his mother, his children. After that I would like him, perhaps even love him – but without passion.”
Erica Jong Quote: “You must be very specific in your wishes or they’ll come back to haunt you.”
Erica Jong Quote: “I am unimaginably old – fifty. Only witches live to be fifty! Good women die in childbirth at seventeen as I nearly did. By fifty I should be dead or a crone – with my dark looks and my somewhat crooked spine – which I have always disguised with capes of multicolored silk. My youth is gone, but my vanity is not. How can I still dream of love at fifty? I must be mad!”
Erica Jong Quote: “Your love, a sword made of moonlight and blood.”
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