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Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Was he a sentiment hanging unspoken or a path not taken or a closed door left unopened?”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Passionate love stories that were manipulated into the vacancies between raindrops and vanished with the end of the storm.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “And so the son of the fortune-teller does not find his way to the Starless Sea. Not yet.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “It is like remembering a different girl. A girl in a book she read and not a girl she was herself.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Disoriented and woozy, his mind a second behind his body, like pulling himself through crystal-clear mud. As though he’s still drunk but doing it wrong.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “All this comfort shouldn’t feel so uncomfortable.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “This is not even in the top one hundred ways he expected to die. Not even close.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “It won’t be the same when you get back,” Eleanor says. “Sometimes you can’t go back to the same old place, you have to go to the new ones.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Yesterday it felt like it always does. Like almost, not quite, home. Today he feels like an imposter.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “You want to think that you did or that you were supposed to but you always had a choice.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “He thinks I feel like I have known you forever but he doesn’t say it and so they only hold each other’s gaze, not needing to say anything.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “They say that every hundred years – some versions say every five hundred, or every thousand – the sun disappears from the daytime sky at the same time the moon vanishes from the night. They say their absence is coordinated so that they may meet in a secret location, unseen by the stars, to discuss the state of the world and compare what each has seen over the past hundred or five hundred or thousand years.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The absurdity of the matter does not make it less true.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “She focuses only on him, pulling everything that he is with her as she breaks herself apart. Holding on to the memory of every touch of his skin against hers, every moment she had spent with him. Carrying him with her.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “When you were five years old you turned a laundry tub into a pirate ship and launched an attack against the hydrangeas in my garden.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “It will take a great deal more than that charming smile of yours to seduce me.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Zachary Ezra Rawlins stares at the miniature versions of the same symbols he once contemplated in an alleyway behind his mother’s store and wonders how, exactly, he is supposed to continue a story he didn’t know he was in.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The climb was long but the day was bright, the wolves asleep, or perhaps the wolves were a thing that people talked about and not a thing that was.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The door remembers the time when it was complete.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Being dead should not feel this perilous.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “They go deeper than any resident, any acolyte. They light their own candles. They see what no one else sees. They see what has come before. They may not ask questions. They may simply observe.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “He glances at the Tenniel illustration of a gryphon over the bar and wonders if anyone ever names bars after the Mock Turtle.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “That who he is, or who he thinks he is, is just a collection of references to other people’s art and he is so focused on story and meaning and structure that he wants his world to have all of it neatly laid out and it never, ever does and he fears it never will.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “He tries to decide if he’s changed since this all started because isn’t that the point and he feels different than he did but he can’t weigh feeling different versus having changed from inside himself with no heartbeat, standing on a shore with no shoes.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “We are words on paper,” he says softly, turning the book over in his hands. “We are coming to the end.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Maybe his story began and ended that day in that alleyway. Maybe his story is about missed opportunities that cannot be recaptured.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Striving for uniqueness in a world of sameness.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “There’s magic in that. It’s in the listener, and for each and every ear it will be different, and it will affect them in ways they can never predict. From the mundane to the profound. You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone’s soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows what they might do because of it, because of your words. That is your role, your gift.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “I sometimes feel like I have one foot on both sides. I am intimately familiar with so much of it, and yet it is always surprising.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Hacer que lo increible parezca creible.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The nights were long... The innkeeper could not travel to his village, but he was well supplied. He made soups and stews. He sat by the fire and read books he had been meaning to read... He drank whiskey and wine. He read more books.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “If you believe enough to try to open a painted door you’re more likely to believe in wherever it leads.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “This is where we leave them, in a long-awaited kiss upon the Starless Sea, tangled in salvation and desire and obsolete cartography.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “I suppose in a way, I made the Wishing Tree for you. I had thought you might like it.′ ‘I do like it.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Inside the tower room the small girl looked at the darkness and the darkness looked back.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “So far so good, but I never like to commit to an opinion until the end of the book because you never know what might happen.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “I have felt what you are feeling myriad times. It does not get any easier, it simply becomes... familiar.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Supongo que intentan que no nos sintamos atrapados. No percibimos los barrotes hasta que nos damos de bruces contra ellos.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “I’ve spent a great deal of my life doing what other people wanted for me and not what I wanted myself and I’m trying to change. Impulse decisions. No shoes. It’s refreshing in a terrifying sort of way.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Maybe everything is burning, has burned, will burn.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The book is mis-shelved in the fiction section, even though the majority of it is true and the rest is true enough.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Are you all right Mister Rawlins what is the matter you should be happy you like this story you like us you are our key you are our friend you love us you said you did. “I did not.” You did you did we gave you cupcakes.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Neither of them has the words for this moment in this story, not in any language.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Change is what a story is, after all.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “All stories do, no matter what form they take. Something was, and then something changed. Change is what a story is, after all.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The night of the anniversary party,” she says. “The night you kissed me. I thought it that night. I didn’t want to play anymore, I only wanted to be with you. I thought I would ask you to run away with me and I meant it. The very moment I convinced myself that we could manage it, I was in so much pain I could barely stand. Friedrick didn’t know what to make of me, he sat me in a quiet corner and held my hand and did not pry when I couldn’t explain because that’s how kind he is.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Many more have had their lives taken by time before they could lose them in other fashions.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Maybe once you go to wonderland you’re supposed to stay there because nothing will ever be the same in the real world, in the other world, afterward. Afterworld.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “And there are always those who would watch Alexandria burn. There always have been. There always will be. So there are always guardians.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Zachary puts the candy on his tongue. He was right, peppermint. No, steel. Cold steel. The story unfolds in his head more than in his ears and there are words but there aren’t, pictures and sensations and tastes that change and progress from the initial mint and metal through blood and sugar and summer air. Then it’s gone.”
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