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Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Los nombres no son de tanta importancia como las personas han de suponer, una etiqueta asignada para identificarte.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “They seek each other out, these people of such specific like mind... They sit over their drinks, smiling like children and they relish being surrounded by kindred spirits, if only for an evening. When they depart, they shake hands and embrace like old friends, even if they have just met, and as they go their separate ways they feel less alone then they had before.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Passing off manipulations as tricks and illusion. Charging admission.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Tal vez simplemente hacemos cosas similares de maneras diferentes.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The parliament of owls told their decision to the stars and the stars agreed. The moon did not, but on this night she was dark and could not offer her opinion.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “To be a guardian is to be trusted. To be trusted, all must be tested.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Each door will lead to a Harbor on the Starless Sea, if someone dares to open it.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “A few include disturbingly worded marriage proposals.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Everyone is a part of a story, what they want is to be part of something worth recording. It’s that fear of mortality, ‘I Was Here and I Mattered’ mind-set.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “There is a pirate in the basement.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Skyrim-inspired sweet rolls and classic BioShock cream-filled cakes and maraschino truffle odes to Pac-Man cherries.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “They tell of how they found the circus, how those first few steps were like magic. Like stepping into a fairy tale under a curtain of stars.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Thank you,” she says to Tsukiko as they leave. “I enjoyed that more than I had expected to.” “The finest of pleasures are always the unexpected ones,” Tsukiko replies.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “You have no friends. And all of this is a fabrication. Your brain’s feeble attempt to preserve itself. Telling itself a story with love and adventure and mystery. All of those things you wanted in your life that you were too busy playing your games and reading your books to go out and find. Your wasted life is ending, that is why you are here.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “An accumulation of unforeseen circumstances.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Tell me a story,” she says. The pirate obliges her.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Is he a boy or a man? She is not sure how to tell the difference.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Elena laughs and one of the other librarians shushes her. Zachary gives her a wave as he leaves, relishing the librarian-on-librarian shushing.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The librarians always seem more enthusiastic during J-term, when they can spend more time with books and less with frazzled students and irate faculty.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “I would wager that he is more interested in the contents than the gown itself.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Doors are closing, taking possibilities with them. The story is recorded even when she is unsure of how it goes and now someone else follows after her, reading. Looking for the ending.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “A man this far into a story has his path to follow. There were many paths, once, in a time that is past, lost many miles and pages ago. Now there is only one path.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “There was a daring rescue and bondage and tea and a fire and two-thirds of us got poisoned.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “When they depart, they shake hands and embrace like old friends, even if they have only just met, and as they go their separate ways they feel less alone than they had before.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “It won’t be the same when you get back,” Eleanor says. “Sometimes you can’t go back to the same old place, you have to go to the new ones.” “I’m not trying to get back to the place,” Dorian says. “I’m trying to get back to a person.” Admitting it aloud feels like an affirmation. “People change, too, you know.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “It’s important to you, isn’t it?” Eleanor asks. “Yes, it is.” “Important things hurt sometimes.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The girl spends one night, and then another. By the end of the second night she can see the ghosts again. By the third she has no desire to leave, for who would leave their home once they had found it? She is there, still.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “If the boy turns the painted knob and opens the impossible door, everything will change. But he does not.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Everywhere there are doors leading to new spaces and new stories and new secrets to be discovered and everywhere there are books.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “It is one thing to put two competitors alone in a ring and wait for one to hit the ground. It is another to see how they fare when there are other factors in the ring along with them. When there are repercussions with every action taken.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “I wanted to read it,” Simon explains, though it seems obvious. What else would he want to do with a book? Though it is not quite true. He wants to do more than read it. He wants to study it. He wants to savor it. He wants to use it as a window to see inside another person. He wants to take book into his home, into his life, into his bed because he cannot do the same with the girl who gave it to him.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “I made a bad first impression, I fear. Knocking you down in the snow. First impressions are so important. You had superior meet-cutes with the others, no wonder you like them both better. You’ve cast me as a villain.” “You tied me to a chair,” Zachary repeats.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The heart of the tale and the ideas behind it are simple. Time has altered and condensed their nuances, made them more than story, greater than the sums of their parts.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “I believed once that I was here to read and not to be read but the story has changed.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Drank rosemary for remembrance. Looked for a cat. Danced with the king of the wild things. Excellent-smelling man told me a story in the dark. Cat found me.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “She carved her dreams and her desires and her fears and her nightmares and let them mingle.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “They live and they work and they play and they love and if they ever miss the world above they rarely admit it. This is their world, starless and sacred. They think it impervious. Impenetrable and eternal. Yet all things change in time.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “We proceed at different rates but we area ll moving into the future.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “For some reason laundry concerns drag him back to the reality of the situation, dreams or hallucinations probably don’t involve such mundane problems.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it, no paper notices plastered on lampposts and billboards. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Should have brought a book, he thinks as he always does while waiting somewhere without one before he remembers and reaches into his jacket.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The part of him that still believes in magic expects it to be warm despite the chill in the air. Expects the image to have fundamentally changed the brick. Makes his heart beat faster even as his hand slows down because the part of him that thinks the other part is being childish prepares for disappointment.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “Important things hurt sometimes.” Dorian smiles at the statement, despite the truth of it or because of it.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “It arrived only a few days ago and is still a novelty. Had it been present for longer, Caroline likely would have chosen a different dare, but the circus is currently the talk of the town, and Caroline likes to keep her dares en vogue.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The air in his lungs is crisp and bright and difficult to breathe. Everything feels too much. Too wide and too open. Too cold and too strange.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “He wonders if he has stumbled upon a place where girls do not play games, where there are not unspoken rules to follow. No expectations. No chaperones. He wonders if his mother was like that. Wonders what makes a woman a witch.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “And there are always those who would watch Alexandria burn.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “There are no more battles between good and evil, no monsters to slay, no maidens in need of rescue.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “I don’t know,′ she says. ‘I feel. It’s not the same.”
Erin Morgenstern Quote: “The fountain in the centre cascades down a carved stone wall, flowing into a round pond full of koi. Their scales glow in the moonlight, bright splashes of white and orange in the dark water.”
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