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Ernest Hemingway Quotes
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Ernest Hemingway Quote: “A writer should write what he has to say and not speak it.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Your blood coagulates beautifully.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Don’t you drink? I notice you speak slightingly of the bottle. I have drunk since I was fifteen and few things have given me more pleasure.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “What I learned constructive about women is that no matter how old they get, always think of them the way they were on the best day they ever had.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “In war, one cannot say what one feels.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Real seriousness in regard to writing is one of two absolute necessities. The other, unfortunately, is talent.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “I am thee and thou art me and all of one is the other.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “And who understands? Not me, because if I did I would forgive it all.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Hombre, there are bodegas open all night long.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Everything you have is to give. Thou art a phenomenon of philosophy and an unfortunate man.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “I am glad we do not have to try to kill the stars.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “I read my own books sometimes to cheer me when it is hard to write, and then I remember that it was always difficult, and how nearly impossible it was sometimes.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Writing is the clumsy attempt to find symbols for wordlessness.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “No one ever stopped when they were winning.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “We thought of wine as something as healthy and normal as food and also as a great giver of happiness and well being and delight.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “The better the writers the less they will speak about what they have written themselves.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “You never understand anybody that loves you.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Don’t you like to write letters? I do because it’s such a swell way to keep from working and yet feel you’ve done something.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “You should only read what is truly good or what is frankly bad.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Everybody is friends when things are bad enough.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “We have come out of the time when obedience, the acceptance of discipline, intelligent courage and resolution were most important, into that more difficult time when it is a man’s duty to understand his world rather than simply fight for it.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Everything that’s innocent to us is crazy to them.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “In those days, there was no money to buy books.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “The one who is doing his work and getting satisfaction from it is not the one the poverty bothers.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “For a war to be just three conditions are necessary – public authority, just cause, right motive.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Each day of not writing, of comfort, of being that which he despised, dulled his ability and softened his will to work so that, finally, he did no work at all.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Why should anybody be interested in some old man who was a failure?”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “There can be no great literature in America until her writers have learned to trust her implicitly and love her devoutly.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Though there is one part of writing that is solid and you do it no harm by talking about it, the other is fragile, and if you talk about it, the structure cracks and you have nothing.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Things may not be immediately discernible in what a man writes, and in this sometimes he is fortunate; but eventually they are quite clear and by these and the degree of alchemy that he possesses he will endure or be forgotten.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “If a writer stops observing, he is finished.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “In every port in the world, at least two Estonians can be found.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “This was a big storm and he might as well enjoy it. It was ruining everything, but you might as well enjoy it.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Summer is a discouraging time to work – you don’t feel death coming on the way it does in the fall when the boys really put pen to paper.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Never write about a place until you’re away from it, because it gives you perspective. Immediately after you’ve seen something you can give a photographic description of it and make it accurate. That’s good practice, but it isn’t creative writing.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “In the fall the war was always there but we did not go to it any more.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “I would walk along the quais when I had finished work or when I was trying to think something out. It was easier to think if I was walking and doing something or seeing people doing something that they understood.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “There is no night life in Spain. They stay up late but they get up late. That is not night life. That is delaying the day.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “A writer is like a gypsy. He owes no allegiance to any government. If he is a good writer he will never like any government he lives under. His hand should be against it and its hand will always be against him.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Have faith in the Yankees my son. Think of the great DiMaggio.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “She is kind and very beautiful. But she can be so cruel and it comes so suddenly and such birds that fly, dipping and hunting, with their small sad voices are made too delicately for the sea.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Remember to get the weather in your damn book-weather is very important.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “Romance was a game, like bridge, in which you said things instead of playing cards. Like bridge you had to pretend you were playing for money or playing for some stakes.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “His talent was as natural as the pattern that was made by the dust on a butterfly’s wings. At one time he understood it no more than the butterfly did and he did not know when it was brushed or marred.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “He did not say that because he knew that if you said a good thing it might not happen.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “There was no really good true war book during the entire four years of the war. The only true writing that came through during the war was in poetry. One reason for this is that poets are not arrested as quickly as prose writers.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “You’re my religion. You’re all I’ve got.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “You could omit anything if you knew that the omitted part would strengthen the short story and make people feel something more than they understood.”
Ernest Hemingway Quote: “I am so in love with you that there isn’t anything else.”
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