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Frank Herbert Quote: “Words can carry any burden we wish. All that’s required is agreement and a tradition upon which to build.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “A voice hissed: “He sheds tears!” It was taken around the ring “Usal gives moisture to the dead!” He felt fingers touch his damp cheek, heard the awed whispers.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Moral decisions are always easy to recognize,” Odrade said. “They are where you abandon self-interest.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “You have a nicety of awareness of the difference between a blade’s edge and its tip.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Prophets have a way of dying by violence.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Life is not an option, it is a gift. Death is the option.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Always prepare secondary ways of dealing with problems.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “You never talk of likelihoods on Arrakis. You speak only of possibilities.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Leaders made mistakes. And those mistakes, amplified by the numbers who followed without questioning, moved inevitably toward great disasters.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Your own emperor bestowed Arrakis on House Atreides. I am House Atreides.” The.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Why is it that foolishness repeats itself with such monotonous precision?”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Stilgar put a hand on Idaho’s shoulder. “All men are interlopers, old friend.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The man without emotions is the one to fear.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “One who rules assumes irrevocable responsibility for the ruled. You are a husbandman. This demands, at times, a selfless act of love which may only be amusing to those you rule.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Culture! They dispense culture the better to rule. Beauty! They promote the beauty which enslaves. They create a literate ignorance – easiest thing of all. They leave nothing to chance. Chains! Everything they do forges chains, enslaves. But slaves always revolt.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Knowing was a barrier which prevented learning.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “A leader, you see, is one of the things that distinguishes a mob from a people.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “His voice was low, charged with unspeakable adjectives.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Thinking you know something is a sure way to blind yourself.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Is your religion real when it costs you nothing and carries no risk? Is your religion real when you fatten upon it? Is your religion real when you commit atrocities in its name?”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Educational bureaucracies dull a child’s questing sensitivity.” Odrade explaining. “The young must be damped down. Never let them know how good they can be. That brings change. Spend lots of committee time talking about how to deal with exceptional students. Don’t spend any time dealing with how the conventional teacher feels threatened by emerging talents and squelches them because of a deep-seated desire to feel superior and safe in a safe environment.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “I’ve heard enough sad histories of gods and messiahs. Why should I need special powers to forecast ruins of my own like all those others?”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The most perfect barrier to learning a thing is the belief that is it already known.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “As with all priests, you learned early to call the truth heresy.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Your habits always come hunting after you. The self you construct will haunt you. A ghost wandering around in search of your body, eager to possess you. We are addicted to the self we construct.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Try to hold on to youth and it mocks you while it sprints away.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Don’t sit with your back to any doors.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “I live in an apocalyptic dream. My steps fit into it so precisely that I fear most of all I will grow bored reliving the thing so exactly.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Each man is a little war.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “All rebellions are ordinary and an ultimate bore. They are copied out of the same pattern, one much like another. The driving force is adrenalin addiction and the desire to gain personal power. All rebels are closet aristocrats. That’s why I can convert them so easily. Why.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “To be sighted in the land of the blind carries its own perils.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “I’m the well-trained fruit tree. Full of well-trained feelings and abilities and all of them grafted onto me.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “She looked at patches of blackness. Black is a blind remembering, she thought.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “As you well know, the secret of community lies in suppression of the incompatible.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “This world has emptied me of all but the oldest purpose: tomorrow’s life. I live now for my young Duke and the daughter yet to be. She.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Most humans are not strong enough to find freedom within.” Sister.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Then she said a good ruler has to learn his world’s language, that it’s different for every world. And I thought she meant they didn’t speak Galach on Arrakis, but she said that wasn’t it at all. She said she meant the language of the rocks and growing things, the language you don’t hear just with your ears.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Is God troubled?” And her companion replied: “The sins of this universe would trouble anyone.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Is evolution just another name for God?”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Give me a lamp so I can find the day.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “I told my nephew of the great esteem our Emperor holds for you, Count Fenring,” the Baron said. And he thought: Mark him well, Feyd! A killer with the manners of a rabbit – this is the most dangerous kind.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “A single obscure decision of prophecy, perhaps the choice of one word over another, could change the entire aspect of the future. He tells us “The vision of time is broad, but when you pass through it, time becomes a narrow door.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Ultimately, all things are known because you want to believe you know.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “We are questioning more than the philosophy behind our dependence upon limited and limiting systems. We question the power structures that have grown up around such systems.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “To see eternity was to be exposed to eternity’s whims, oppressed by endless dimensions.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “In politics, the tripod is the most unstable of all structures.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “But the tripod upon which Eternity swings is composed of flesh and thought and emotion.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “I have another kind of sight. I see another kind of terrain: the available paths. The.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Piter spoke to Jessica. “I’d thought of binding you by a threat held over your son, but I begin to see that would not have worked. I let emotion cloud reason. Bad policy for a Mentat.” -Piter De Vries.”
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