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Frank Herbert Quote: “Mood’s a thing for cattle or for making love. You fight when the necessity arises, no matter your mood.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “No matter how much we ask after the truth, self-awareness is often unpleasant. We do not feel kindly toward the Truthsayer.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “I should’ve suspected trouble when the coffee failed to arrive.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Once, men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “There’s no such thing as equal justice anywhere. It’s unsettling to a society when you try to achieve such a false balance.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Umman Kudu: scissors-line of jaw muscles, chin like a boot toe – a man to be trusted because the captain’s vices were known.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “And that day dawned when Arrakis lay at the hub of the universe with the wheel poised to spin.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “And those who pray for dew on the deserts edge; shall bring forth the deluge.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Democracy is susceptible to being led astray by having scapegoats paraded in front of the electorate.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Love is not a mood, but a dynamic way of being.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Do as she says, you wormfaced, crawling, sand-brained piece of lizard turd!”
Frank Herbert Quote: “It is said in the desert that possession of water in great amount can inflict a man with fatal carelessness.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “I’m the well-trained fruit tree, he thought. Full of well-trained feelings and abilities and all of them grafted onto me – all bearing for someone else to pick.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “It is a wise man that does know the contented man is never poor, whilst the discontented man is never rich.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Power attracts the corruptible. Absolute power attracts the absolutely corruptible. This is the danger of entrenched bureaucracy to its subject population.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The whole universe sat there, open to the man who could make the right decisions.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “But let us not rail about justice as long as we have arms and the freedom to use them.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Does the prophet see the future or does he see a line of weakness, a fault or cleavage that he may shatter with words or decisions as a diamond-cutter shatters his gem with a blow of a knife? –.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The oracle cannot chance upon what it cannot understand.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “He realized suddenly that it was one thing to see the past occupying the present, but the true test of prescience was to see the past in the future. Things persisted in not being what they seemed.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The night is a tunnel, she thought, a hole into tomorrow...”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Gurney says there’s no artistry in killing with the tip, that it should be done with the edge.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles – the CHOAM Company.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “You should fear me, Mother. I am the Kwisatz Haderach.” Jessica.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Climb the mountain just a little bit to test that it’s a mountain. From the top of the mountain, you cannot see the mountain.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Do not count a human dead until you’ve seen his body. And even then you can make a mistake.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Most discipline is hidden discipline, designed not to liberate but to limit. Do not ask Why? Be cautious with How? Why? leads inexorably to paradox. How? traps you in a universe of cause and effect. Both deny the infinite.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Reason is valuable,” he said, “only when it performs against the wordless physical background of the universe.” Her.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “What matters most is the search itself. This is more important than the searchers. Consciousness must dream, it must have a dreaming ground – and, dreaming, must invoke ever new dreams.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The proximity of a desirable thing tempts one to overindulgence. On that path lies danger.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The vision of time is broad, but when you pass through it, time becomes a narrow door.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Any path which narrows future possibilities may become a lethal trap. Humans are not threading their way through a maze; they scan a vast horizon filled with unique opportunities.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The Zensunni approach to birth,” he said, urging her even faster, “is to wait without purpose in the state of highest tension. Do not compete with what is happening. To compete is to prepare for failure. Do not be trapped by the need to achieve anything. This way, you achieve everything.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “They compose poems to their knives.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The concept of progress acts as a protective mechanism to shield us from the terrors of the future.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “To the soul’s desires The body listens What the flesh requires Keeps the heart imprisoned.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “To accept a little death is worse than death itself.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Seeing all the chattering faces, Paul was suddenly repelled by them. They were cheap masks locked on festering thoughts – voices gabbling to drown out the loud silence in every breast.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Anything and anyone can fail,” he said, “but brave good friends help.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Forgive you?” Leto’s voice was full of sweet reason. “Of course I forgive you. That is your God’s function. Your crime is forgiven. However, your stupidity requires a response.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “What the eyes had seen could not be erased.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “What is justice? Two forces collide. Each may have the right in his own sphere. And here’s where an Emperor commands orderly solutions. Those collisions he cannot prevent – he solves.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Do not be trapped by the need to achieve anything. This way, you achieve everything.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Axiom: the best place to conserve your water is in your body. It keeps your energy up. You’re stronger. Trust your stillsuit.” She.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “What does a mirror look at?”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The singular multiplicity of this universe draws my deepest attention. It is a thing of ultimate beauty. Leto II.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The wise man molds himself – the fool lives only to die.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Can you remember your first taste of spice?” “It tasted like cinnamon.” “But never twice the same,” he said. “It’s like life – it presents a different face each time you take it. Some hold that the spice produces a learned-flavor reaction. The body, learning a thing is good for it, interprets the flavor as pleasurable – slightly euphoric. And, like life, never to be truly synthesized.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The future remains uncertain and so it should, for it is the canvas upon which we paint our desires.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “War is the most readily available form of chaos.”
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