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Frank Herbert Quotes
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Frank Herbert Quote: “I’m the well-trained fruit tree, he thought. Full of well-trained feelings and abilities and all of them grafted onto me – all bearing for someone else to pick.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Irreverence is a most necessary ingredient of religion. Not to speak of its importance in philosophy. Irreverence is the only way left to us for testing our universe.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Sir, I honor and respect the personal dignity of any man who respects my dignity.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The concept of progress acts as a protective mechanism to shield us from the terrors of the future.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “To accept a little death is worse than death itself.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The past is no farther away than your pillow.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “What delicious abandon in the sleep of the child. Where do we lose it?”
Frank Herbert Quote: “All around the Lady Jessica – piled in corners of the Arrakeen great hall, mounded in the open spaces – stood the packaged freight of their lives: boxes, trunks, cartons, cases – some partly unpacked.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Give me the judgment of balanced minds in preference to laws every time. Codes and manuals create patterned behavior. All patterned behavior tends to go unquestioned, gathering destructive momentum.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “War is behavior with roots in the single cell of the primeval seas. Eat whatever you touch or it will eat you.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The singular multiplicity of this universe draws my deepest attention. It is a thing of ultimate beauty. Leto II.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Once more the drama begins.′ – The Emperor Paul Muad’dib on his ascension to the Lion Throne.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Dune Messiah, Frank Herbert’s first sequel to Dune, was published in 1969. In that book, he flipped over what he called the “myth of the hero” and showed the dark side of Paul Atreides. Some readers didn’t understand it. Why would the author do that to his great hero? In interviews, Dad spent years afterward explaining why, and his reasons were sound. He believed that charismatic leaders could be dangerous because they could lead their followers off the edge of a cliff.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “You shall be known among us as Usul, the base of the pillar. This is your secret name, your troop name. We of Sietch.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Thinking you know something is a sure way to blind yourself.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Prophets have a way of dying by violence.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Life produces a different taste each time you take it.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “This world has emptied me of all but the oldest purpose: tomorrow’s life. I live now for my young Duke and the daughter yet to be. She.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The people must learn how well I govern them. How would they know if we didn’t tell them?”
Frank Herbert Quote: “You should fear me, Mother. I am the Kwisatz Haderach.” Jessica.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Knowing was a barrier which prevented learning.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Can you remember your first taste of spice?” “It tasted like cinnamon.” “But never twice the same,” he said. “It’s like life – it presents a different face each time you take it. Some hold that the spice produces a learned-flavor reaction. The body, learning a thing is good for it, interprets the flavor as pleasurable – slightly euphoric. And, like life, never to be truly synthesized.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “War is the most readily available form of chaos.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The one-eyed view of our universe says you must not look far afield for problems. Such problems may never arrive. Instead, tend to the wolf within your fences. The packs ranging outside may not even exist. –.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “I live in an apocalyptic dream. My steps fit into it so precisely that I fear most of all I will grow bored reliving the thing so exactly.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “One who rules assumes irrevocable responsibility for the ruled. You are a husbandman. This demands, at times, a selfless act of love which may only be amusing to those you rule.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “But that’s the function I expect of you, cousin. It’s why I chose you. I’ll make it official. I will give you a new name. From this moment, you’ll be called Breaking of the Habit, which in our tongue is Harq al-Ada. Come, cousin, don’t be obtuse. My mother taught you well. Give me your Sardaukar.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Culture! They dispense culture the better to rule. Beauty! They promote the beauty which enslaves. They create a literate ignorance – easiest thing of all. They leave nothing to chance. Chains! Everything they do forges chains, enslaves. But slaves always revolt.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Listening carefully to the teacher, one acquires an education.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Just as individuals are born, mature, breed, and die, so do societies and civilizations and governments.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “For now is my grief heavier than the sands of the seas, she thought. This world has emptied me of all but the oldest purpose: tomorrow’s life.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “As with all priests, you learned early to call the truth heresy.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “His voice was low, charged with unspeakable adjectives.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “He realized suddenly that it was one thing to see the past occupying the present, but the true test of prescience was to see the past in the future. Things persisted in not being what they seemed.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Words can carry any burden we wish. All that’s required is agreement and a tradition upon which to build.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The Zensunni approach to birth,” he said, urging her even faster, “is to wait without purpose in the state of highest tension. Do not compete with what is happening. To compete is to prepare for failure. Do not be trapped by the need to achieve anything. This way, you achieve everything.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “It is another kind of marriage – the marriage of privilege and duty. It is the aristocrat’s explanation and his excuse.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “What the eyes had seen could not be erased.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The most perfect barrier to learning a thing is the belief that is it already known.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Most discipline is hidden discipline, designed not to liberate but to limit. Do not ask Why? Be cautious with How? Why? leads inexorably to paradox. How? traps you in a universe of cause and effect. Both deny the infinite.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Ultimately, all things are known because you want to believe you know.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “One cannot have a single thing without its opposite.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “He could close his eyes and recall the shouts of the crowds. So that is what they hope, he thought. And he remembered what the old Reverend Mother had said: Kwisatz Haderach. The memories touched his feelings of terrible purpose, shading this strange world.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The greatest and most important problems of life cannot be solved. They can only be outgrown.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Can you collect chaos? Not collecting, that is the ultimate gathering. What can you gather without gathering yourself.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Fragmentation is the natural destiny of all power.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “Dune was a world of paradox now – a world under siege, yet the center of power. To come under siege, he decided, was the inevitable fate of power.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “The future remains uncertain and so it should, for it is the canvas upon which we paint our desires.”
Frank Herbert Quote: “You never talk of likelihoods on Arrakis. You speak only of possibilities.”
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