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Garry Kasparov Quotes

Garry Kasparov Quote: “At the end of the day, it’s all about money.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “All women are inferior to men.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “It is better to have a bad plan than no plan.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “If you don’t take risks, you don’t drink champagne.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “If you wish to succeed, you must brave the risk of failure.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Winning is not a secret that belongs to a very few, winning is something that we can learn by studying ourselves, studying the environment and making ourselves ready for any challenge that is in front of us.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Chess is one of the few arts where composition takes place simultaneously with performance.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Chess is mental torture.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Few things are as psychologically brutal as chess.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Chess helps you to concentrate, improve your logic. It teaches you to play by the rules and take responsibility for your actions, how to problem solve in an uncertain environment.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “I’ve seen – both in myself and my competitors – how satisfaction can lead to a lack of vigilance, then to mistakes and missed opportunities.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “A master looks at every move he would like to make, especially the impossible ones.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “A grandmaster needs to retain thousands of games in his head, for games are to him what the words of their mother tongue are to ordinary people, or notes or scores to musicians...”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Attackers may sometimes regret bad moves, but it is much worse to forever regret an opportunity you allowed to pass you by.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “The ability to work hard for days on end without losing focus is a talent. The ability to keep absorbing new information after many hours of study is a talent.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “When your house is on fire, you cant be bothered with the neighbors. Or, as we say in Chess, if your King is under attack you don’t worry about losing a Pawn on the Queen’s side.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Question the status quo at all times, especially when things are going well.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “A game of chess holds many secrets. Fortunately! That is why we cannot clearly state whether chess is science, art, or a sport.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “To become good at anything you have to know how to apply basic principles. To become great at it, you have to know when to violate those principles.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Next to the intellectual stimulation of chess, the educational value is of great importance. Chess teaches logic, imagination, self-discipline, and determination.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “One does not succeed by sticking to convention. When your opponent can easily anticipate every move you make, your strategy deteriorates and becomes commoditized.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “It’s not enough to be talented. It’s not enough to work hard and to study late into the night. You must also become intimately aware of the methods you use to reach your decisions.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Ultimately, what separates a Winner from a Loser at the Grandmaster level is the Willingness to do the Unthinkable.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “The public must come to see that chess is a violent sport. Chess is mental torture.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Tactics involve calculations that can tax the human brain, but when you boil them down, they are actually the simplest part of chess and are almost trivial compared to strategy.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “A brilliant strategy is, certainly, a matter of intelligence, but intelligence without audaciousness is not enough.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “One does not succeed by sticking to convention.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Losing can persuade you to change what doesn’t need to be changed, and winning can convince you everything is fine even if you are on the brink of disaster.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “In chess, bigamy is acceptable but monarchy is absolute.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “There are fixed rules in chess, and no one knows how the game will end.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “This is the essential element that cannot be measured by any analysis or device, and I believe it’s at the heart of success in all things: the power of intuition and the ability to harness and use it like a master.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “My nature is that I have to excite myself with a big challenge.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “This obligation to move can be a burden to a player without strategic vision.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Russia is a mafia state today, and Putin is its top godfather.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “The highest Art of the Chess player lies in not allowing your Opponent to show you what he can do.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Chess strength in general and chess strength in a specific match are by no means one and the same thing.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Sometimes the hardest thing to do in a pressure situation is to allow the tension to persist. The temptation is to make a decision, any decision, even if it is an inferior choice.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Nervous energy is the ammunition we take into any mental battle. If you don’t have enough of it, your concentration will fade. If you have a surplus, the results will explode.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “With each success the ability to change is reduced. My longtime friend and coach Grandmaster Yuri Dokhoian, aptly compared it to being dipped in bronze. Each victory added another coat.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Chess is a unique cognitive nexus, a place where art and science come together in the human mind and are then refined and improved by experience.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Enormous self-belief, intuition, the ability to take a risk at a critical moment and go in for a very dangerous play with counter-chances for the opponent – it is precisely these qualities that distinguish great players.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “The loss of my childhood was the price for becoming the youngest world champion in history. When you have to fight every day from a young age, your soul can be contaminated. I lost my childhood. I never really had it. I have to be careful not to become cruel, because I became a soldier too early.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “The most hopeful approach to peace in Ukraine is the Minsk Agreement, which includes Moscow.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Throughout my chess career I sought out new challenges, looking for things no one had done before.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “I’m not paranoid, but I am cautious. I don’t drink tea with strangers, I don’t fly Aeroflot and I avoid certain countries with close ties to Russia.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “I used to attack because it was the only thing I knew. Now I attack because I know it works.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “For me, chess is a language, and if it’s not my native tongue, it is one I learned via the immersion method at a young age.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “We think about time as something not to waste, not as something to invest.”
Garry Kasparov Quote: “Weaknesses of character are normally shown in a game of chess.”
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