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Gloria Steinem Quote: “Allowing women the power to decide when and whether to have children is the only way to solve the 7 billion human load on this planet that threatens to destroy it. Women’s equality is also men’s survival.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Power is being redefined. Women often explain with care that we mean power to control our lives, but not to dominate others.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “I’m also now immune to politicians who say, “I’ve traveled the length and breadth of this great land, and I know... ” I’ve traveled more than any of them, and I don’t know.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “I took a part-time editing job to pay the rent. It was work I could do at home, but when suddenly I was expected to spend two days a week in the office, I quit, bought an ice cream cone, and walked the sunny streets of Manhattan.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “White people should have sued for being culturally deprived in a white ghetto. When humans are ranked instead of linked, everyone loses.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “It’s not that women are less corruptible than men are, it’s that women have had less chance to become corrupt.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “When the past dies, we mourn for the dead. When the future dies, we mourn for ourselves.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “I was being measured against the expectation that any feminist had to be unattractive in a conventional sense – and then described in contrast to that stereotype. The subtext was: If you could get a man, why would you need equal pay?”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Women are always better liked if we sacrifice ourselves for something bigger – and something bigger always means including men, even though something bigger for men doesn’t usually mean including women.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “She acquired a lifetime aversion to the phrases bless your heart and poor dears.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “There is a healthier self within each of us, just wating for encouragement.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “The same big TV antenna dwarfed each roof, as though life here could only be bearable if lived elsewhere in the imagination.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “What we’re told about this country is way too limited by generalities, sound bites, and even the supposedly enlightened idea that there are two sides to every question. In fact, many questions have three or seven or a dozen sides.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “I’ve noticed that great political leaders are energized by conflict. I’m energized by listening to people’s stories and trying to figure out shared solutions. That’s the work of an organizer.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “I also noticed that humor was even more of a survival tactic here than in most women’s groups. As one asked: What did Columbus call primitive? Answer: Equal women.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “As always, self-esteem had created an ability to be generous.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “If time is relative, doing new things actually makes us feel we’ve lived a longer life.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “It’s endlessly interesting to be organizing and hearing possible solutions or thinking of possible solutions and how to put efforts together. It makes everything else boring, actually.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “I can go on the road – because I can come home. I come home – because I’m free to leave. Each way of being is more valued in the presence of the other.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Prejudice marks a mental landmine.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Like the spider spinning its web, we create much of the outer world from within ourselves. The universe is a joint product of the observer and the observed.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Laughter is a rescue. p.204.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Always look at what people do, not who they are.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “So many of us are living out the unlived lives of our mothers.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Secrets have power only as long as they are secret.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Forget about party labels. Just vote on the issues and for candidates who support equality.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “If you find yourself drawn to an event against all logic, go. The universe is telling you something.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Perhaps because women are seen as good listeners, I find that a traveling woman – perhaps especially a traveling feminist – becomes a kind of celestial bartender.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “In fact, there are many unique satisfactions here. One is that Americans seem to outstrip every nation for hope. Perhaps because so many of us came in flight from something worse, or rose from poverty here, or absorbed the fact and fiction of the “land of opportunity,” or just because optimism itself is contagious – whatever the reason, hopefulness is what I miss the most when I’m not here. It’s the thing that makes me glad to come home. After all, hope is a form of planning.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “I never quite trust futurists because I think they’re kind of telling us what they think our future should be.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “In the same way that individual women are often underestimated, a movement of women is also understimated, but the truth is that, if people realize someone is willing to talk about these deep and daily concerns, they show up.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Among their first questions was said to be: Where are the women?”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Clearly no one knows what leadership has gone undiscovered in women of all races, and in black and other minority men.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “In the words of so many daughters who don’t yet know that a female fate is not a personal fault, I told myself: I’m not going to be anything like my mother.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Sometimes when I’m in the midst of all this, I can hear my mother saying, ‘Democracy is just something you must do every day, like brushing your teeth.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “I remember Spider Woman from the first page of Leslie’s novel Ceremony. She is the Thought Woman who names things and so brings them into being. Until then, I had imagined myself alone in believing that spiders should be the totem of writers. Both go into a space alone and spin out of their own bodies a reality that has never existed before.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Taking away the good is even more lethal than pointing out the bad.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “I think we each come out of the womb with some unique way of looking at the world and if we don’t express it, we loose faith in ourselves.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “I don’t think there’s any country that has equal pay, not even Sweden or Iceland.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “The highest use of the Web is getting the information and identifying the places and the possibility of being together physically.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “In my own mind, I am still a fat brunette from Toledo, and I always will be.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “As Zapata rides to his destiny, his wife hangs on to his boot, dragging in the dust, imploring him to stay home. Since I couldn’t yet admit to myself that I was more interested in going to sea and the revolution than in staying home as the mother or the wife, I just vowed silently that I would never become an obstacle to any man’s freedom.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “I definitely think men can be leaders. I see an analogy in the case of what helped me think about racism, which was to find parallels with sexism. In other words, I don’t think I was such a great ally until I got mad on my own behalf.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Perhaps that’s the first Survival Lesson we need to remember if we are to keep going: serious opposition is a measure of success. Women have been trained to measure our effectiveness in love and approval, not in conflict and resistance.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Having lived his life in the belief that something great could be just around every corner, did he realize for the first time that no more corners could be turned? p.18.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Not even in a movie had I ever seen a wife with a journey of her own. Marriage was always the happy end, not the beginning. It was the 1950s, and I confused growing up with settling down.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Flo especially took me in hand. When I felt I had to prove the existence of discrimination with statistics, for instance, she pulled me aside. ‘If you’re lying in the ditch with a truck on your ankle,’ she said patiently, ’you don’t send someone to the library to find out how much the truck weighs. You get it off!”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “As Dr. King once said, “Justice too long delayed is justice denied.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “If I could, I would leave an open space for your story on every page.”
Gloria Steinem Quote: “Since learning causes our brains to grow new synapses, I like to believe that the road is sharpening my mind and lengthening my life with surprise.”
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