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Top 300 Harlan Coben Quotes (2024 Update)

Harlan Coben Quote: “Man plans. God laughs.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “You bring your own weather to the picnic.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Memories, you see, hurt. The good ones most of all.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Sometimes the loudest cries for help are silent.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Years fly by, but the heart stays in the same place.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “This is the price you pay for having a great father. You get the wonder, the joy, the tender moments – and you get the tears at the end, too.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Dreams never die. Sometimes you think they are dead, but they are just hibernating lie some old bear. And, if the dream has been hibernating for a long time, that bear is going to wake up grumpy and hungry.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “You can’t have an up without a down, a right without a left, a back without a front – or a happy without a sad.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Every person has hopes and dreams.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Perception is often more important than reality.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “The faded engraving read: A Ma Vie de Coer Entier, which was a fifteenth-century French saying, “You Have My Whole Heart for My Whole Life.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “The ugliest truth, in the end, was still better than the prettiest of lies.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “There are few times that I feel more at peace, more in tune, more Zen, if you will, than when I force myself to unplug.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Genius is a curse. That’s how I look at it. Some think that the brilliant comprehend the universe in a way the rest of us can’t. They see the world how it truly is – and that reality is so horrible the lose their minds. Clarity leads to insanity.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Those who had easy answers, be they on the right or the left, were always wrong. The world is complex. It is never one-size-fits-all.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “I love stories. When I’m writing, what I pretend subconsciously is that we’re cavemen, we’re sitting around the fire, and I’m telling you stories. If I bore you, you’re probably going to pick up a big club and hit me over the head.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Amazing what we can self-rationalize when we really want something.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Hope is cruel. Hope reminds me of what almost was. Hope makes the physical ache return.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Painful memories didn’t just ease back in-they shoved the door open hard, all of them and all at once.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “No characters in ‘Stay Close,’ including the leads, are black and white. I want them to be grey. I think that makes for a much more interesting reading experience, something that will stay with you a little bit longer.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Its funny how you can let yourself forget for seconds, how even in the heat of the horrible, you can have moments when you fool yourself into thinking it might all be okay.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Kids don’t do what their parents say-they do what they see their parents do. So who was to blame here?”
Harlan Coben Quote: “In the end, we know what makes us happy. We also know what makes us unhappy. That’s the irony. We know and yet we still mess it up. That’s part of the human condition, no, and why we need to work on it.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “You want this so badly – this second chance, this chance at real redemption – that you can’t see the truth.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “No, I don’t live in heartache. I don’t cry myself to sleep or any of that. I am, I tell myself, over it. But I do feel a void, icky as that sounds. And – like it or not – I still think about her every single day.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Hope can be the most wonderful thing in the world or it can crush your heart like an eggshell.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “William Goldman’s Marathon Man was a novel that taught me about suspense. I was maybe 16 years old when I read it and I remember thinking, “You could put a gun to my head and I wouldn’t put this book down.” I loved that feeling – and want to give it others.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Tragedy is a hell of a teacher. It’s much too strict, but it’s a hell of a teacher.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Part of the human condition is that we all think that we are uniquely complex while everyone else is somewhat simpler to read. That is not true, of course. We all have our own dreams and hopes and wants and lust and heartaches. We all have our own brand of crazy.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “If you want to experience love, then you have to be ready for pain. One doesn’t come without the other. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t have to worry about losing you. If you want laughter, expect tears.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “I’m thinking of taking up golf, but the idea of spending time with golfers frightens me.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “We pay attention to what works with our narrative. We tend to dismiss that which does not.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “You don’t worry about happiness and fulfilment when you’re starving.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “So basically your plan is to flail about helplessly.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “When you like something and you’re pretty good at it and you can make a living doing it, you don’t ask why. You just count your blessings and go with it.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Acceptance of the inevitable, a sign of a wise man.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “This was life though, wasn’t it? Death made you crave life. The world is nothing but a bunch of thin lines separating what we think are extremes.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Life may not always fall into neat chapters, and you may not always get the satisfying ending you’re looking for, but sometimes a good explanation is all the rewrite you need.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “I like to see the difference between good and evil as kind of like the foul line at a baseball game. It’s very thin, it’s made of something very flimsy like lime, and if you cross it, it really starts to blur where fair becomes foul and foul becomes fair.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Death sucks. Death sucks, mostly because it forces those who stay behind to survive. Death isn’t merciful enough to take you too. Instead, death constantly jams down your throat the awful lesson that life does indeed go on, no matter what.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “I pretty much only wear Lilly Pulitzer ties because my best friend owns the company.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Don’t show me paradise and then burn it down.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Im 48 years old, not a kid anymore by any definition, but here is a universal truth that every adult at some point will realize: We are all always 17 years old, waiting for our lives to begin.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “And I love the twist. I love to fool you once, I love to fool you twice, and on the very last page, quite often – very last paragraph sometimes – I like to just play with your perception one more time in a way that makes everything that came before just a little bit different.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “I once worked as a tour guide in the Costa del Sol of Spain.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Myron lay sprawled next to a knee-knockingly gorgeous brunette clad only in a Class-B-felony bikini, a tropical drink sans umbrella in one hand, the aqua clear Caribbean water lapping at his feet, the sand a dazzling white powder, the sky a pure blue that could only be God’s blank canvas, the sun a soothing and rich as a Swedish masseur with a snifter of cognac, and he was intensely miserable.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Daisy wore a clingy black dress with a neckline so deep it could tutor philosophy.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “We all think that we are uniquely complex, that no one can see what we are thinking – yet we also believe that we have the rare ability to read others. This fascinates me at the moment.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “I shall drink no wine before its time. Okay, it’s time.”
Harlan Coben Quote: “Some people claim that money is the root of all evil. Could be. Others say that money can’t buy you happiness. That may be true. But if you handle it right, money buys you freedom and time, and those are a lot more tangible than happiness.”
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