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Top 140 Ilchi Lee Quotes (2024 Update)

Ilchi Lee Quote: “Now is a time for change, a time to become the greatest version of yourself. And a time to to make your grandest vision of the world .”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “You must believe you have limitless potential in order to manifest your genius fully. Tell yourself every day, “I am a genius,” and believe it.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Your mind creates everything. Your conscious mind has much greater power than you can ever imagine. Your mind can create blessings or disasters, can heal or harm, can bring abundance or absence. It is up to your mind whether the world looks hopeful or hopeless.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “I believe in the goodness of fellow human beings. We have a true desire for greatness and genuine good intention to be helpful to others. That’s enough. Change is possible.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “We may not be able to create or control all of the events that impact our lives but we can create and control our responses to everything that we experience.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “The energy of life entering and leaving your body flows evenly throughout the universe. With that current, the mind of the cosmos communicates with all things.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “We live with many thoughts, emotions, and habits, but at the same time we have other eyes, another mind capable of watching all of these things. Those who practice self-cultivation find that mind; they live with it and they die with it.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “To see truth as truth, we don’t need a lot of study. It’s not complicated. What we need is pure observation. An open mind and fresh eyes will serve us well.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Life is a long journey meant for leaping beyond loneliness to find unchanging freedom and truth.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “The best way to become more creative is to create nothing. By this, I mean that you should return to zero point. Rid yourself of all the mental and emotional blocks that keep you from manifesting your full creative potential.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “The human brain represents the infinity opportunity our powers are endless if we understand, harness, and empower ourselves to look inside and educate ourselves on our potential.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “When you find the absolute values, you are important to this world because you know what is important. Those who know what is truly important are helpful to this world, because they won’t put their personal concerns before what is important to all.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Recalibration of the mind means clearing our perceptions and recovering our capacity for pure observation.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “People’s hearts color the heart of the earth and the earth colors the hearts of people.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Our exclusive dependence on rational thought and language has obscured our natural ability to sense the flow of energy.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Truth is truth, not the explanations of Truth. Truth is a living, moving process. Truth is constantly undulating and vibrating. You can become one with the Truth, but you cannot adequately explain it.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Choice is the doorway to our creative power. To unleash this power, we must begin from the state of beingness.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Find your own rhythm, and confidently go with that rhythm. When you become one with the rhythm and flow of your own life, you will encounter the rhythm of the universe that bestows harmony and order upon all things: the pulse of the cosmos, Yullyeo.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Your body is a flower that life let bloom...”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Change is the very nature of nature.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “In order to be the master of your life, you must first recognize that you are the rightful master of your brain, its owner and operator.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Create the temperature of your passion!”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Even when it encounters an obstacle, flowing water always goes on its intended way. If it meets a rock, even if it parts, it goes around and around again and keeps flowing. If there is no path, it makes one.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Attention has its most powerful expression in purposeful action.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “The sensation of energy expands with increasing relaxation.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Because we have a sense of completion within us, and because we have the will and desire to reach that state of completion, human beings have the potential for greatness and can become greater at any time.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Dreams are reality that has not become true. However, in the hearts of some people, they have already come true. People whose dreams are already achieved in their hearts, and who can see that as they boldly throw themselves into it, have true courage.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Observing is not just seeing. It is watching with attention.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “The key to meditation is to exist one hundred percent in the here and now.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “The key to solving problems such as violence, discrimination, inequality, human rights violations, and environmental destruction is to be found not in systems or technology but in recovering empathy.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Believe in the life inside you, believe in the great and holy mind within you, and push forward with the dream you have chosen until you make it.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Meditation is earnest prayer, and when prayer progresses, it becomes true meditation.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Sit down comfortably. As you control your breathing, have your mind watch your body. And tell yourself, “It’s okay.” Then your soul will find rest, and your body, too, will find comfort and new strength.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “When we are aware that we are eternal beings, when we become enlightened to the fact that our life is something eternal that cannot be harmed by anything, then we have no attachments to the past of anxiety about the future and are able to focus on the present moment the now.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “When we stop dreaming and believing in our dream, we stop being human.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “It will be impossible for us to maintain the health of the organism called the earth unless we feel and care for other organisms as we do for ourselves – and unless we take action.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Everyone has a “greatness within” to be of service and to benefit their family, friends, neighbors, their community and humanity. From that “Greatness,” the beautiful and holy intention to benefit all life springs forth. At that moment when you have heard your inner voice, what did you do? The moment you became aware of your greatness within, what did you do? Did you acknowledge and accept it? Or did you turn away from it?”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Death is a stage on which our souls can be completed. We must one day take the stage of death, which is already prepared for us. Will you crawl onto that stage, trembling in fear, or will you walk out into the spotlight with boldness and confidence?”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Even if certain suffering is in the future, you have to take the path that your real True Self wants. Until you take that path, your soul will feel its thirst forever.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “The umbilical cord is a precious lifeline that began in my primal mother and has come down to me.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “To take another breath, we must first exhale. When we have breathed out and emptied our lungs, we can breathe in again.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Everything in existence undergoes constant change. The things that surround us, even our selves are temporary manifestations of Ki energy.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Now the choices you make are not about finding your path. Rather, they are choices to open the path you have found.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Sedona is a apace of infinite creation in your heart, your greatest dream, and the most sacred moments of your life. And it is the power of your choice to choose hope even in the most difficult moments.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “If we follow the ancestral line of our umbilical cord from our mother, to her mother’s mother, her mother’s mother’s mother, and so on, eventually we will reach our primal mother – the one we all share.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “I existed before I received this body. I am the external and fundamental life energy of the universe.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “You can encounter the great life within you when you recover the zero point. When you encounter that great life, all limits created by the thoughts and emotions vanish and infinite creativity springs forth.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Confucius said, “at 15 I set my heart on learning; at 30 I firmly took my stand; at 40 I had no delusions; at 50 I knew the mandate of heavan; at 60 my ear was attuned; at 70 I followed my heart’s desire without overstepping the boundaries of what was right.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “Recalibration comes from experiencing Nothingness, opening our awareness to emptyness as the ultimate reality and our essential nature.”
Ilchi Lee Quote: “A soul can finally fly free as a bird only after its energy is lighter and has been purified.”
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