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Jackson Pollock Quotes

Jackson Pollock Quote: “I do not paint nature. I am nature.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “Art is coming face to face with yourself.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “I can control the flow of paint: there is no accident.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “Love is friendship set to music.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “Energy and motion made visible – memories arrested in space.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “I am doubtful of any talent, so whatever I choose to be, will be accomplished only by long study and work.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “There is no accident, just as there is no beginning and no end.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “The painting has a life of its own.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “A method of painting is a natural growth out of a need. I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them. Technique is just a means of arriving at a statement.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “My painting does not come from the easel.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “When I am in my painting, I’m not aware of what I’m doing.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “It doesn’t matter how the paint is put on, as long as something is said.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “My concern is with the rhythms of nature I work inside out, like nature.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “If people would just look at the paintings, I don’t think they would have any trouble enjoying them. It’s like looking at a bed of flowers, you don’t tear your hair out over what it means.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “Painting is no problem. The problem is what to do when you’re not painting.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “Abstract painting is abstract. It confronts you. There was a reviewer a while back who wrote that my pictures didn’t have any beginning or any end. He didn’t mean it as a compliment, but it was.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “A real friend is someone you say a sentence to and they know ten thousand words behind that sentence.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “I’ve been thinking of death a lot, and I am amazed by its inevitability, frightened, as we all are, of the totally unknown, and yet feel a long sleep is somehow earned by those of us who live on the edge.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “It is only when I lose contact with the painting that the result is a mess. Otherwise there is pure harmony, an easy give and take, and the painting comes out well.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “I don’t work from drawings and colour sketches into a final painting. Painting, I think, today – the more immediate, the more direct – the greater the possibilities of making a direct – of making a statement.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “The process is only a means to an end-creating the painting I want. It doesn’t mean anything itself. It’s only a way of creating a result.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “I don’t work from drawings. I don’t make sketches and drawings and color sketches into a final painting.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “The modern artist is working with space and time, and expressing his feelings rather than illustrating.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “You can’t learn techniques and then try to become a painter. Techniques are a result.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “People have always frightened and bored me consequently I have been within my own shell.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “A man’s life is his work; his work is his life.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “The painter locks himself out of his own studio. And then has to break in like a thief.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “A canvas is an arena in which to act.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “How do you know when you’re finished making love?”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “I don’t use the accident – ’cause I deny the accident.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “The pictures I contemplate painting would constitute a halfway state and attempt to point out the direction of the future – without arriving there completely.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “On the floor I am more at ease. I feel nearer, more part of the painting, since this way I can walk around it, work from the four sides and literally be in the painting.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “I continue to get further away from the usual painter’s tools such as easel, palette, brushes, etc. I prefer sticks, trowels, knives and dripping fluid paint or a heavy impasto with sand, broken glass or other foreign matter added.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “I have no fear of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “Technic is the result of a need new needs demand new technics total control denial of the accident States of order organic intensity energy and motion made visible memories arrested in space, human needs and motives acceptance.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “When I say artist I mean the man who is building things – creating molding the earth – whether it be the plains of the west – or the iron ore of Penn. It’s all a big game of construction – some with a brush – some with a shovel – some choose a pen.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “The strangeness will wear off and I think we will discover the deeper meanings in modern art.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “Technique is just a means of arriving at a statement.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “Abstract painting is abstract. It confronts you...”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “When I’m painting, I’m not aware of what I’m doing. It’s only after a get acquainted period that I see what I’ve been about. I’ve no fears about making changes for the painting has a life of its own.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “He drove his kind of realism at me so hard I bounced right into nonobjective painting.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “I’ve had a period of drawing on canvas in black – with some of my early images coming thru -, think the non-objectivists will find them disturbing – and the kids who think it simple to splash a ‘Pollock’ out.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “My paintings do not have a center, but depend on the same amount of interest throughout.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “I’m very representational some of the time, and a little all of the time. But when you’re painting out of your unconscious, figures are bound to emerge.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “Today painters do not have to go to a subject matter outside of themselves. Most modern painters work from a different source. They work from within.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “Bums are the well-to-do of this day. They didn’t have as far to fall.”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “Well, painting today certainly seems very vibrant, very alive, very exiting. Five or six of my contemporaries around New York are doing very vital work, and the direction that painting seems to be taken here – is – away from the easel – into some sort, some kind of wall, wall painting...”
Jackson Pollock Quote: “As to what I would like to be, it is difficult to say. An artist of some kind. If nothing else I shall always study the Arts.”
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