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Sam Harris Quote: “A puppet is free as long as he loves his strings.”

Sam Harris Quote: “Consider it: every person you have ever met, every person will suffer the loss of his friends and family. All are going to lose everything they love in this world. Why would one want to be anything but kind to them in the meantime?”

Sam Harris Quote: “You are not controlling the storm, and you are not lost in it. You are the storm.”

Sam Harris Quote: “As an atheist, I am angry that we live in a society in which the plain truth cannot be spoken without offending 90% of the population.”

Sam Harris Quote: “To not believe in God is to know that it falls to us to make the world a better place.”

Sam Harris Quote: “Either God can do nothing to stop catastrophes like this, or he doesn’t care to, or he doesn’t exist. God is either impotent, evil, or imaginary. Take your pick, and choose wisely.”

Sam Harris Quote: “It is important to realize that our inability to answer a question says nothing about whether the question itself has an answer.”

Sam Harris Quote: “You don’t get anything worth getting, by pretending to know things you don’t know.”

Sam Harris Quote: “Atheism is just a way of clearing the space for better conversations.”

Sam Harris Quote: “Atheism is not a philosophy; it is not even a view of the world; it is simply a refusal to deny the obvious. Unfortunately, we live in a world in which the obvious is overlooked as a matter of principle.”

Sam Harris Quote: “The habit of spending nearly every waking moment lost in thought leaves us at the mercy of whatever our thoughts happen to be. Meditation is a way of breaking this spell.”

Sam Harris Quote: “The core of science is not a mathematical modeling – it is intellectual honesty. It is a willingness to have our certainties about the world constrained by good evidence and good argument.”

Sam Harris Quote: “We are all prisoners of our thoughts.”

Sam Harris Quote: “If someone doesn’t value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide that proves they should value evidence. If someone doesn’t value logic, what logical argument would you invoke to prove they should value logic?”

Sam Harris Quote: “Theology is ignorance with wings.”

Sam Harris Quote: “It is time we admitted that we are not at war with terrorism. We are at war with Islam.”

Sam Harris Quote: “I know of no society in human history that ever suffered because its people became too desirous of evidence in support of their core beliefs.”

Sam Harris Quote: “You are using your own moral intuitions to authenticate the wisdom of the Bible – and then, in the next moment, you assert that we human beings cannot possibly rely upon our own intuitions to rightly guide us in the world.”

Sam Harris Quote: “The truth is that we simply do not know what happens after death.”

Sam Harris Quote: “People who harbor strong convictions without evidence belong at the margins of our societies, not in our halls of power.”

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