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Isaac Asimov Quotes
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Isaac Asimov Quote: “I expect death to be nothingness and, for removing me from all possible fears of death, I am thankful to atheism.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “You can’t assert an answer just because it’s not something else.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “No one can possibly have lived through the Great Depression without being scarred by it. No amount of experience since the depression can convince someone who has lived through it that the world is safe economically.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “If you ask for too much, you lose even that which you have.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “All life is nucleic acid; the rest is commentary.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Nothing interferes with my concentration. You could put on an orgy in my office and I wouldn’t look up. Well, maybe once...”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “It’s humbling to think that all animals, including human beings, are parasites of the plant world.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “The easiest way to solve a problem is to deny it exists.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “The advance of genetic engineering makes it quite conceivable that we will begin to design our own evolutionary progress.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “And above all things, never think that you’re not good enough yourself. A man should never think that. My belief is that in life people will take you at your own reckoning.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “There is no belief, however foolish, that will not gather its faithful adherents who will defend it to the death.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “The closer to the truth, the better the lie, and the truth itself, when it can be used, is the best lie.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Any fool can tell a crisis when it arrives. The real service to the state is to detect it in embryo.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Inspect every piece of pseudoscience and you will find a security blanket.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “When I die I won’t go to heaven or hell; there will just be nothingness.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Oh, for a pin that would puncture pretension!”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Science is a set of rules to keep us from telling lies to each other. All scientists really have is a reputation for telling the truth.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Theories are not so much wrong as incomplete.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “The true artist is quite rational as well as imaginative and knows what he is doing; if he does not, his art suffers.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Unfortunately, in many cases, people who write science fiction violate the laws of nature, not because they want to make a point, but because they don’t know what the laws of nature are.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “You show me someone who can’t understand people and I’ll show you someone who has built up a false image of himself.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Experimentation is the least arrogant method of gaining knowledge. The experimenter humbly asks a question of nature.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “You wait for the war to happen like vultures. If you want to help, prevent the war. Don’t save the remnants. Save them all.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “It takes more than capital to swing business. You’ve got to have the A. I. D. degree to get by – Advertising, Initiative, and Dynamics.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Finished products are for decadent minds.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “No vision of God and heaven ever experienced by the most exalted prophet can, in my opinion, match the vision of the universe as seen by Newton or Einstein.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Surely no child, and few adults, have ever watched a bird in flight without envy.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Having no unusual coincidence is far more unusual than any coincidence could possibly be.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “If you have talent, you will receive some measure of success – but only if you persist.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “It is change continuing change, inevitable change that is the dominant factor in society today.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “If you’re born in a cubicle and grow up in a corridor, and work in a cell, and vacation in a crowded sun-room, then coming up into the open with nothing but sky over you might just give you a nervous breakdown.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “I type 90 words per minute on the typewriter; I type 100 words per minute on the word processor. But, of course, I don’t keep that up indefinitely – every once in a while I do have to think a few seconds.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “All humanity could share a common insanity and be immersed in a common illusion while living in a common chaos. That can’t be disproved, but we have no choice but to follow our senses.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “It pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Old people think young people haven’t learned about love. Young people think old people have forgotten about love.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “The tyranny that now exists is actual. That which may exist in the future is potential. If we are always to draw back from change with the thought that the change may be for the worse, then there is no hope at all of ever escaping injustice.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “My feeling is, quite simply, that if there is a God, He has done such a bad job that he isn’t worth discussing.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Human beings sometimes find a kind of pleasure in nursing painful emotions, in blaming themselves without reason or even against reason.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “I don’t subscribe to the thesis, ‘Let the buyer beware,’ I prefer the disregarded one that goes, ‘Let the seller be honest.’”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “There is no more desire to live past one’s time than to die before it.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Nothing has to be true, but everything has to sound true.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Every religion seems like a fantasy to outsiders, but as holy truth to those of the faith.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “We all know we fall. Newton’s discovery was that the moon falls, too-and by the same rule that we do.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics,” and here they are: 1. A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “The whole business is the crudest sort of stratagem, since we have no way of foreseeing it to the end. It is a mere paying out of rope on the chance that somewhere along the length of it will be a noose.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “The vast majority, who believe in astrology and think that the planets have nothing better to do than form a code that will tell them whether tomorrow is a good day to close a business deal or not, become all the more excited and enthusiastic.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “After years of finding mathematics easy, I finally reached integral calculus and came up against a barrier. I realized that this was as far as I could go, and to this day I have never successfully gone beyond it in any but the most superficial way.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “The Earth should not be cut up into hundreds of different sections, each inhabited by a self-defined segment of humanity that considers its own welfare and its own “national security” to be paramount above all other consideration.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Saying something is ‘too bad’ is easy. You say you disapprove, which makes you a nice person, and then you can go about your business and not be interested anymore. It’s a lot worse than ‘too bad.’ It’s against everything decent and natural.”
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