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Isaac Asimov Quotes
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Isaac Asimov Quote: “The City was the acme of efficiency, but it made demands of its inhabitants. It asked them to live in a tight routine and order their lives under a strict and scientific control.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “They are useful, but they are too strong – and too uncontrolled. They are Outlanders, educated apart from religion. On the one hand, we put knowledge into their hands, and on the other, we remove our strongest hold upon them.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “There are always individuals who pit their minds against the general modes of thought and who are arrogant enough to feel that they alone are right and that the many are wrong.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “He slept that night the sleep of a successfully stubborn man.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “The Foundation has secrets. They have books, old books – so old that the language they are in is only known to a few of the top men. But the secrets are shrouded in ritual and religion, and may use them.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Battling a sickness of the spirit was like standing in a quickstand and beating it with a stick.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Anything could be found in figures if the search were long enough and hard enough and if the proper pieces of information were ignored or overlooked.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “There was so much more in the past, so much less in the future, that the mind turned away from the looming shadow ahead to contemplate the safety of what had gone before.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “When one begins by expressing lack of competence in a given field, it usually implies that a flat opinion in that field will follow almost immediately.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Once, when a religionist denounced me in unmeasured terms, I sent him a card saying, “I am sure you believe that I will go to hell when I die, and that once there I will suffer all the pains and tortures the sadistic ingenuity of your deity can devise and that this torture will continue forever. Isn’t that enough for you? Do you have to call me bad names in addition?”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “It was almost inevitable. Those who worked directly for the Squires were only too glad to identify themselves with the rulers and make up for their real inferiority by a tighter adherence to the rules of segregation, a harsh and haughty attitude toward their fellows.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Mr. Advocate, the rotten tree-trunk, until the very moment when the storm-blast breaks it in two, has all the appearance of might it ever had. The storm-blast whistles through the branches of the Empire even now. Listen with the ears of psychohistory, and you will hear the creaking.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “People tended to avoid the humiliation of failure by joining the obviously winning side even against their own opinions.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Beliefs can’t be shaken short of a major shock, in which case, a fairly complete mental discruption results. Mild cases – hysteria, morbid sense of insecurity. Advanced cases – madness and suicide.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “An incompetent traitor is no danger. It is rather the capable men who must be watched.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “There is nothing straight about you; no motive that hasn’t another behind it; no statement that hasn’t three meanings.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Here in the Periphery they’ve lost nuclear power. In Gamma Andromeda, a power plant has undergone meltdown because of poor repairs, and the Chancellor of the Empire complains that nuclear technicians are scarce. And the solution? To train new ones? Never! Instead they’re to restrict nuclear power.” And for the third time: “Don’t you see? It’s Galaxy-wide. It’s a worship of the past. It’s a deterioration – a stagnation!”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “It’s really disheartening, the universal stupidity. I think that I wouldn’t grieve at mankind’s suicide through sheer evilness of heart, or through mere recklessness. There’s something so damned undignified at going to destruction through sheer thickheaded stupidity. What’s the use of being men if that’s how you have to die.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “If nuclear power makes them dangerous, a sincere friendship through trade will be many times better than an insecure overlordship, based on the hated supremacy of a foreign spiritual power, which, once it weakens ever so slightly, can only fall entirely and leave nothing substantial behind except an immortal fear and hate.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “You are never too old to learn more than you already know and to become able to do more than you already can.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “To Baley, it seemed not that the Aurorans were growing more humane in their attitude out of a liking for the humane, but that they were denying the robotic nature of the objects in order to remove the discomfort of having to recognize the fact that the human beings were dependent upon objects of artificial intelligence.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “To Mankind And the hope that the war against folly may someday be won after all.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Yet because they did not know one another, and could not understand one another, and dared not trust one another, and felt from infancy the terrors and insecurity of that ultimate isolation – there was the hunted fear of man for man, the savage rapacity of man toward man.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “The fact of the matter is that young men lack skill and experience and are very likely to approach a girl as though she were a sack of wheat. It is the old man – suave, debonair, maturely charming – who knows exactly what to do and how to do it, and is therefore better at it.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “It was a long time since he’d done any actual clinical work, and obviously his sojourn among the academics at Saro University had attenuated the professional detachment that allows members of the healing arts to confront the ill without being overwhelmed by compassion and sorrow. He was surprised at that, how tenderhearted he seemed to have become, how thin-skinned.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “There are many people, many worlds who believe in supernaturalism in one form or another... religion, if you like the word better. We may disagree with them in one way or another, but we are as likely to be wrong in our disbelief as they in their belief. In any case, there is no disgrace in such belief and my questions were not intended as insults.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “It was a sign of decaying culture, of course, that dams had been built against the further development of ideas.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Through hyper-space, that unimaginable region that was neither space nor time, matter nor energy, something nor nothing, one could traverse the length of the Galaxy in the interval between two neighboring instants of time.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Life is not like a murder mystery. In mysteries people always do the same thing. Then when some little thing is out of line, some wise-guy amateur detective makes big deductions. In real life, people don’t do the same things all the time. They do different things at different times. In real life, people are crazy.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Look heah, now, I’ve got the wuhks of all the old mastahs – the gweat ahchaeologists of the past. I wigh them against each othah – balance the disagweements – analyze the conflicting statements – decide which is pwobably cowwect – and come to a conclusion. That is the scientific method. At least” – patronizingly – “as I see it.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “A human being born at one of Uranus’s poles would be a middle-aged man at sunset and a very old man before it was time for a second sunrise.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Well, there is one – a new one. In this past year or two, there has come word of a strange man whom they call the Mule.” “The Mule?” She considered. “Ever hear of him, Torie?”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “The Scientist – with capital letters and no smile.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “The Dantean conceptions of Inferno were childish and unworthy of the divine imagination: fire and torture. Boredom is much more subtle. The inner torture of a mind unable to escape itself in any way, condemned to fester in its own exuding mental pus for all time, is much more fitting.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Some day, with all that the Cities could do, the available calories per person would simply fall below basic subsistence level.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “An atom-blaster is a good weapon, but it can point both ways.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “It is in meeting the great tests that mankind can most successfully rise to great heights. Out of danger and restless insecurity comes the force that pushes mankind to newer and loftier conquests. Can you understand that? Can you understand that in averting the pitfalls and miseries that beset man, Eternity prevents men from finding their own bitter and better solutions, the real solutions that come from conquering difficulty, not avoiding it?”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “People say ‘It’s as plain as the noise on your face.’ But how much of the nose on your face can you see, unless someone hold a mirror up to you?”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “For the first time the specific and express thought came to him. And though he pushed it away in horror, he knew that, having once come, it would return. The thought was simply this: That he would ruin Eternity, if he had to. The worst of it was that he knew he had the power to do it.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “A strong offensive is indicated. The stalemate you seem to be satisfied with is fatal. It would be a confession of weakness to all the worlds of the Periphery, where the appearance of strength is all-important, and there’s not one vulture among.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “We abandoned the appearance of power to preserve the essence of it.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Now tell me what happened – in words. I want your translation of the mathematics.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “When one’s home has a really excellent computer capable of reaching other computers anywhere in the Galaxy, one scarcely needs to budge, you know.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Being helpless is one of the things that isn’t altogether amusing.” – Gilbert.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “To the philosophical mind, these items might seem scarcely worth any great trouble to acquire. Yet no one, however philosophical, could give up those privileges, once acquired, without a pang. That was the point.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “It’s just that old people always think young people haven’t really learned about love; and young people think that old people have forgotten about love; and, you know, they’re both wrong.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Suppose that we are wise enough to learn and know – and yet not wise enough to control our learning and knowledge, so that we use it to destroy ourselves? Even if that is so, knowledge remains better than ignorance. It is better to know – even if the knowledge endures only for the moment that comes before destruction – than to gain eternal life at the price of a dull and swinish lack of comprehension of a universe that swirls unseen before us in all its wonder. That was the choice of Achilles, and it is mine, too.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “But emotion had come upon him after all. Not for fifty billion people. What in Time did he care for fifty billion people? There was just one. One person.”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “I have the shape of a human being and organs equivalent to those of a human being. My organs, in fact, are identical to some of those in a prosthetized human being. I have contributed artistically, literally, and scientifically to human culture as much as any human being now alive. What more can one ask?”
Isaac Asimov Quote: “Even Magnifico was put to work on the calculating machine for routine computations, a type of work, which, once explained, was a source of great amusement to him and at which he was surprisingly proficient.”
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